The Air Jordan 3 Black Cement is a legendary shoe. It’s the very first Jordan sneaker created by iconic designer Tinker Hatfield, who arguably saved the Nike brand with his game changing collaborations with Michael Jordan.

If you haven̵7;t yet seen it, check out the Netflix original documentary series “Abstract: The Art of Design”, and watch the season that features Tinker Hatfield. You’ll not only get insight into a world class mind of a designer, but you’ll learn why Jordans are pieces of modern art and command such high resale value.

The original release of the shoe was in 1988, and although 4 re-releases were seen in the meantime, the most recent in 2011, each one has been a valuable opportunity for diehard sneakerhead collectors and resellers alike.

This variation of the OG Air Jordan 3 Black Cement is special for a number of reasons. Not only is this hot shoe dropping on Michael Jordan’s 55th birthday, it’ll be the its 30th anniversary of its original release.

It’s set to drop on Saturday February 27 2018.

If you’re reading this after the release day and would like to check out how to get more rare shoes like this, we have an exclusive five part Hypemaster Playbookk avilable here that will answer all of your questions.

Here are 2 ways you can secure the coveted pair of the shoes:

Nike SNKRS App

Do you know of any apps that are entirely free and are able to make you money?

Well the Nike SNKRS App is one of them. You can make money if you can secure a rare pair of shoes and sell them with the correct knowledge.

Many lucrative opportunities have existed on the app from its debut in 2015, from old time favorites like the Mirror Foamposite Ones ($800+ value at the time), the PSNY Jordan 12’s ($750+ value at the time), and more recently, the entire lineup of the Off White x Air Jordan “The Ten” (an amazing opportunity —see this last post about a $10,000+ month opportunity in reselling streetwear) and the Air Jordan 4 Levi’s Collaboration ($600+ opportunity).

Now you’ll have your chance of securing this sought after kick on the SNKRS App via the draw. Although your odds are slim, it’s absolutely worth the try to snag these. I’ve gotten many rare releases using the app including many that netted a 100% profit or more.

Boutique Air Jordan Brand stores

The obvious choice is to head to Nike’s Launch section of their site or another major retailer like Foot Locker, but those options are too crowded and filled with the pros that you don’t stand a chance against, those know how to use sneaker bots

Check less crowded boutique stores like Xhibition and Social Status, or any other low key high fashion boutique that may very well be in your area if you live in a major US city, even if it’s not NYC, LA or Miami (Xhibition and Social Status have stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina).

Your best bet is to get these in person at the store, whether it’s a raffle or waiting in line. Although the stores mentioned have not formally announced the stocking of Air Jordan 3 yet, it’s expected that they will. Be sure to stay up to date with their social media accounts, like their Instagram, where they typically first formally announce the drop of rare releases in their storefront.


How much money will I make off of this release?

With a $200 retail price, the Air Jordan 3 has historically sold at $400+ in the past. However, with many re-releases in between the original and this variation, the expected resale value will be in the $300-$330 level, with its peak during the weekend of the release on February 27 2018. If you’re able to get multiple pairs, this should still be a good weekend for you.

Keep this on the backburner as there are many opportunities in between this release and the time of this writing, including the more profitable 2018  OVO Jordan 8’s, the Air Jordan 1 Metallic Gold, 2 pairs of Adidas x Pharrell NMD Human Race, which will all require expert knowledge to acquire, but your overall profit should be $2,000+ even before you take into account these classics.

There’s a white colorway of the Air Jordan 3 releasing on Valentine’s day that’s worth going after as well. Although it won’t make you as much money as getting the black cement’s , you should expect solid resale value off of these shoes that are releasing as part of Nike’s All Star Weekend collection.

It’s not always about the aftermarket money though.This is also a great opportunity to add to or begin your sneaker collection as this is an icon that absolutely every sneakerhead should own as it is a very meaningful part of sneaker history–if you missed out in the past, now is your opportunity to get this pair of shoes at the unbeatable retail price for you to keep.

Take your reselling game to the next level




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