As we settle into the grace of summer, we’re seeing the sneaker market displaying a pattern of promoting light and vibrant colorways across the board. The jumpman brand is operating no differently. Once again displaying their commitment to its women fan base, Nike is set to release the Air Jordan 1 Mid Digital Pink on the 25th of June for a retail value of $125.

With the EU release of the Jordan 1 Tie-Dye on the 11th of June, we’re expecting the Digital Pink to perform in the same category i.e. A High Resale Category. At the moment the release date of the Digital Pink is tentative and subject to supply chain restrictions.

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However, as of this moment, we’re seeing a huge surge in demand for women’s exclusive Jordan. Now some of you might already feel as if it’s too late to get a jump on this. However, if you join our cook group, you’ll be privy to valuable insider information.

What this means for you is that you’ll get priority notices about the latest drops and whether or not they’re worth copping for resale. The sneaker resale industry is set to reach a $6 Billion valuation by 2025, so the only question is- what are you waiting for?

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Now, back to the topic at hand.

Feel free to skip to the Conclusion to read a condensed version of the entire article and find out the resale value of the Jordan 1 Mid Digital Pink.

Jordan 1 Mid Digital Pink

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Releasing (tentatively) on the 25th of June for a retail price of $125, this Jordan 1 Mid features an array of shades of pink on the upper.

The Digital Pink showcases a suede toe box, a silky ankle collar, along with a basketball-textured leather that covers the collar and heel overlays. Whilst the heel and collar features darker shades of pink, we see a transition towards the lighter shade in the mid foot.

air jordan 1 mid digital pink cw5379 600 release date 03

To top it all off the classic Swoosh on the laterals is accompanied with the Air Jordan basketball wings logo on the heel. Taking a look at the insoles, we witness the Jumpman logo. And that about does it for the shoe.

Where To Buy?

Now given that there is a rather good amount of demand for this Jordan 1, a lot of websites and retailers are going to be stocking this pair. Following are the list of places where you can get your hands on the Jordan 1 Mid Digital Pink.

At Resale Value:



Resale Value

Now we get to the juicy bit of the steak. Can you make money reselling the Jordan 1 Mid Digital Pink? The short answer? Yes!

Usually I am skeptical about Women’s exclusive because the market is rather limited and there’s not many buyers. But when the jumpman brand keeps dropping colorways such as the Tie-Dye and Digital Pink, I’m seeing a resale value twice that of the retail price.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Tie Dye W

The Jordan 1 Retro High Tie-Dye is currently being resold on an average price of $309 – that is a price premium of 67.6%! The peak resale value at one point was $580 and at a retail price of $170, that is just peak profits, my fellow sneakerheads.

The Jordan 1 Mid Digital Pink has not even been released as of yet, and there have been 788 resales on StockX! This is what is known as HYPE, ladies and gentlemen! Looking at the Sales data, we see that the resale value has actually been increasing since the 25th of May.

The average resale value is around $300 and we expect it to increase as soon as the release date becomes official. The most popular sizes for resale are 8.5 and 9.5, and the sellers know this well. Therefore, they are marking a high price premium for these sizes.

There is not much discrepancy between the Ask and Bid price which means that market is at an equilibrium. And that the buyers are willing to pay whatever the sellers want them to.

According to our estimates, the resale value of the Jordan 1 Mid Digital Pink lies between $325-375. If you’re lucky, you can sell them for $400 but that is not likely. Still, the profits on resale of the Digital Pink are high indeed.


Sneaker: Jordan 1 Mid Digital Pink

Release Date: 25th of June 2020 (tentative)

Retail Price: $125

Resale Value: $325-375

Profitable Sizes: 8.5 and 9.5

Get into the Sneaker Resale game

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Haider first discovered the sneaker market a few years back by accident and has ever since been intrigued by how the market flows and moves. His favorite sneaker is the Jordan 1.


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