Coming up on its 30th anniversary is the 4th model in the Retro Jordan line. We have the Jordan 4 What The

Made infamous in the huge sneaker resale market mostly by Eminem̵7;s version worth $20,000+ per pair, the Retro 4 has been a staple in the sneakerhead community even in its more low-key and less pricey drops. For November of 2019, we’re getting a tasteful mashup with a nod to the history of what started the shoe as a significant model with the “What The” Air Jordan 4.

Jordan 4 What The
Jordan 4 What The

Let’s learn why these are valuable and how you can buy them, including a site list and some insider pro tips towards the end.

Air Jordan 4: Back to 1989

It’s insane how Jordans have defied time and remained timeless in basically every single one of its retro iterations. The Jordan 4 came out in 1989 and has since cemented (pun intended) in history with its classic colorways: the White Cement, Fire Red, and Military Blue.

Jordan 4 What The StockX
Jordan 4 What The StockX

30 years later, Nike’s mashing all three of these up in what is probably the most low-key “What The” model (for a typically loud recent example, check out this What the Air Force). You can either pay big bucks as a collector getting each of these individually or get them in sort of a 3 in 1 package which is what the “What The” 4 offers. Sneakerheads love and respect the history, so it’s no wonder that these are on the radar of OG fans and resellers alike.

Detailed Look: What The Jordan 4

Fortunately, there are tons of pictures out there for us to admire these works of art before we ever get them in hand, including plenty that are on feet from plugged-up early pair individuals.

A look at the official Nike images above shows that from the top and sides, these are pretty standard-looking if you aren’t paying much attention.

Only from the back do you see a super clear mismatch.

Most “What The” Nike’s are way louder and cluttered, so this shoe may sway some first-time buyers who normally stick to traditional colorways.

Check out these on-foot flicks below:

Detailed Look What The Jordan 4
Jordan 4 What The Side view
Jordan 4 What The Rear view
Jordan 4 What The Quarter view
Detailed Look Jordan 4 What The

The subtle mismatch on the bottom is a nice touch, but overall this is a fairly conservative colorway, respecting the history and looking true to form, and certainly well executed on Nike’s end.

Although these are harder to get than any normal pair of Jordans, they’re of medium to low difficulty for those who know what they’re doing (the Hypemaster Playbook is a good all-in-one resource).

Let’s move on to where to actually buy these “What The” Air Jordan 4’s.

Release Details and Sitelist

The Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 “What The” has a release date of Saturday, November 23rd, 2019. Its retail price is $200. The official colorway name is White/Fire Red-Tech Grey-Military Blue, with a style code of CI1184-146.

If you want to know where to buy, you’re in luck compared to more limited drops like Off-White; the site list is quite large. Here’s a list of sites dropping these retro 4’s (full list with live links available to members of our private winner’s circle):

Jordan 4 What The StockX 
Buy Jordan 4 What The On StockX
Jordan 4 What The StockX

How to buy

As we stated earlier, the easy-to-medium level of difficulty can mean a win on these sneakers can be as simple as logging into your computer on one of the sites listed above at the exact release time.

You can use techniques like Autofill in addition to using site list links (full breakdown of manual methods here). Advanced users can go for sneaker bot usage, which opens up the door for multiple pairs and gaining true plug status which can equate to a few thousand dollars in profit in one weekend alone.

If we’re honest, most people are buying these so they can make a quick flip on them. Although going for these What The 4’s is nice practice for beginner shoe resellers, you have to analyze whether or not there is potential profit in these. Let’s take a look here if these 4’s have money-making potential.

Resale Value: What the Air Jordan 4

The stock number of these is much larger than the most limited releases, so resale value is not expected to be enormous but the demand is definitely high and dollars can be made.

It is a possibility that unworn, new pairs of the Retro 4 “What The” will rise in price in the future, especially given that this is a 30th-anniversary version, making it collectible to future shoe collectors and investors (how to beat the stock market by investing in shoes here).

Jordan 4 What The
Jordan 4 What The

Profit may dip below retail, and especially when you account for fees, these may not be worth it for the flip if you don’t have in-person connections and cannot sell for cash–this is why we address how to build this kind of profitable client network in the Playbook.

However, if you’re in it to keep these, you’re in luck that the price is not set to be super inflated in the $400+ range per pair like some sneakers can be.

That’s it for this model.

For a full list of the most profitable drops of November 2019, check out our post here–we make lists like these every month.

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