2019 is fast coming to a close and we have witnessed some absolutely amazing drops thus far and there is still time before the year is out!

One of the most hyped 9s-resale-release-sneaker/">releases of October 2019 is the Air Jordan 7 Patent Leather.

There have been multiple colorway drops from the big houses of Nike and Adidas along with collaborations with some of the most influential designers and celebrities around the globe. All of the Travis Scott drops (the 6’s, 1 lows and 1 highs), Jordan x Trophy Room 5’s, Fear of God x Nike 1’s , Off White x Nike Air Force 1 Volts and Black/Whites, SACAI Waffle Blazers, Yeezy Reflective’s in Static Black, Cloud Whites, Antila, Synth and Lundmark just to name a few.


While the above releases have been amazing for resale, the going has been tough if you are female wanting to sport a personal pair on foot.

For a while now the majority of releases have been based around male sized shoes. Any female readers out there would know if they wanted to rock a certain colorway or silhouette not directly made for them, they would need to be spending a bunch of time checking comparable male sizes to see if they would fit or even look good!

The growth in women getting themselves into the sneaker game as well as the resale market has exploded in the last few years- if you check out any raffle line up or hype retail release of sneakers or streetwear you wouldn’t be hard pressed to find a considerable about of women lining up alongside the guys.

This trend is one that many of the major brands have started to work to their advantage – we have seen Adidas tap into the market by expanding most of their drops into full size family runs as well as starting to drop women’s only colorways.

Growth of the WMNS only Jordan’s

Whilst women wearing Jordan’s has never been rare, it has always been more difficult as the sizes for women aren’t always available, the colorways have always been fairly male dominant and collaborators have almost always been male centric. However, in 2019 Jordan Brand really has been focussing heavily on women’s only releases. To date we have seen at least 14 women’s releases in 2019 including some of the most sought after colorways that have generated some extremely high resale prices including the Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe and the stunning Air Jordan 1 Retro High UNC Patent.

The trend all started at the release of the 2018 NBA All Star uniforms where the Women’s only Nike line was debuted to the world.  Sitting alongside a panel of mostly male counterparts was then 25-year-old Aleali May who was the first female collaborator on a pair of Jordan’s. Releasing in October 2018 the Air Jordan 1 x Aleali May set the tone for more women’s centric drops.

The surge in women’s only size drops has been somewhat hit and miss regarding hype and resale – to date the Air Jordan 1 Satin Black Toe and Air Jordan 1 Retro High UNC Patent have not only produced the best amount of hype but also the highest resale. This could be linked to the ultra-popular Jordan 1 silhouette on the inclusion of the patent leather uppers.

Best yet still expected for release in 2019 are the Air Jordan 1 OG Fearless Metallic Rose Gold and the Jordan Patent Raptor 7’s. The Raptor 7’s will be the first to drop expected to release 31st October alongside a host of Halloween themed men’s silhouettes and colorways.

Nike Air Jordan: Patent Raptor 7’s

The Raptor 7’s are a fairly unique take on the men’s Raptor 7’s that we know and love – dressed in an all-black patent leather upper with purple and orange throughout the colorway this take on the Raptors appears to be following suit with previous all women’s only drops focussing heavily on the patent leather. Pops of color are located in the same locations as the men’s version; vibrant orange and purples are seen across the heel pull tab, midsole, tongue, inside and the bottom sole to really contrast the patent leather uppers. Hits of Jordan branding are located on the heel in the form of a diagonal Jordan ‘23’,  JumpMan on the outer heels and ‘J.O.R.D.A.N’ stitched on the tongue.

This unique take on the Raptor 7 really makes the colorway a bold statement – without a doubt this will draw attention to what you have on foot, but keep in mind the Jordan7’s have never been an overly sleek silhouette.  The 7’s has always been a chunky shoe, no matter the colorway that is released be it the Jordan 7 Patta Shimmer, Jordan 7 Retro Premio, Jordan 7 Patta Icicle  or the Jordan 7 OG Bordeaux  the 7’s will always have a larger on foot look than its counterparts like the Jordan 1’s and with a less than sleek silhouette in comparison to other Jordan models that resale of the 7’s has never really hit hard in the resale market.

Raptor 7 Patent Leather – Resale Value

The occasional Jordan 7 release has provided profit to those who have acquired the more desirable sizes the above-mentioned colorways provided decent resale prices but that could be mainly allocated to their overall stock quantity on release. If we take a look at the more recent Raptor 7 releases to date the resale price has generally hit somewhere in the 1.0 – 1.5x times retail price;

Style Retail PriceResale Price (10M)Profit
Jordan 7 Retro Raptors (2002)$125$250$125
Jordan 7 Retro DMP Raptors (2009)$155$229$74
Jordan 7 Retro Raptors (2012)$160$275$115

Don’t expect the Raptor 7’s to provide $100’s and $100’s in resale price – the hype just isn’t there yet. The resale on these will firm closer to the drop date but as the silhouette isn’t as desirable as that of the Jordan 1s so you can expect the resale price to sit close to around the $250 mark or just above after the drop. As with most women’s only drops the real profit is going to be in the smaller women’s sizes (US5W – US 6.5W) and the larger sizes (US8.5W+).

With any women’s drop the larger sizes will more than likely provide you with greater returns – if the colorway peaks enough interest you will get guys chasing sizes that will fit them until hopefully a men’s drop is scheduled for later in the year! If you take a look at some of the hottest women’s only releases, there is still profit to be made – naturally the more hyped the silhouette and colorway the higher the profit but if you are able to snag a number of pairs in volume of the larger sizes there will still be profit to be made.

Whilst the colorway isn’t anything special – the inclusion of the patent leather will certainly add some desire for the shoes, the last 3x drops of women Jordan’s that included a patent leather had some sky-high resale prices (see below Satin Shattered Backboard, Sating Black Toe and UNC Patent). Whilst this likely won’t be the same for the Raptor 7’s it will certainly add a little extra to the expected resale of this colorway, expect the resale to sit around the $250 -$280 range after the drop date.


StyleRetail PriceResale Price (10W)Profit
Jordan 1 Satin Shattered Backboard (W)$160$1072$912
Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Black Toe (W)$160$704$544
Jordan 1 Retro High UNC Patent (W)$160$441$281
Jordan 6 Retro Aleali May (W)$190$469$279
Jordan 1 Retro High Twist (W)$160$300$140
Jordan 4 Retro Fossil (W)$190$215$25

Release date: 31.10.19  (TBC)

Retail price: $190

Resell price: $250 – $280


Air Jordan, Raptor 7 Patent Leather – Where to buy

Getting yourself or your family a pair of Raptor 7’s should be fairly easy – currently slated to drop online at;  Nike, Snkrs and most if not all major Jordan brand retailers including; FootAction, FootLocker, Champs and EastBay.

You shouldn’t see many if any retailers offering raffles for these as the hype isn’t really there for them compared to other major drops, you may see a FCFS style sale as we have seen with previous women’s only releases. As we get closer to the drop date keep an eye out for more retailers (online and instore) to start notifying everyone if they will be getting stock for the Raptor 7’s.

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