Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day – Price and Resale Value?

SNKRs – the application that we all have come to love and hate at the same time is having its very own day of celebration on August 8th. We’ve all taken quite a few losses on this website and rarely won but it still feels good to try from time to time.  

In honor of the infamous SNKRs day, Nike is releasing two brand new colorways of the Air Max 1! I’m not saying most of us will be able to get them considering our experience with SNKRs but who doesn’t want to know what their resale value will be?  

History of the Nike Air Max 1  

Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day Black/White
Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day Black/White

1987 – the year that we would be first exposed to the Nike Air Max 1. I strongly believe that this shaped the course of Nike’s product innovation for generations to come. It has been 33 years since the first Air Max 1 dropped and it’s become a brand of its own!  

Nike has no one to thank but the legendary shoe designer – Tinker Hatfield. A fun fact is that Hatfield wasn’t a designer at all. He was an architect hired by Nike to design their headquarters in Oregon for them.  

A few years down the line, Hatfield was called and requested by Nike to work with them on a sneaker. Hatfield obliged and wanted to do something out of the box because during the ’80s Nike’s competition was creeping upon them and their existing product line was simply not “inspiring” enough for the consumers.  

Hatfield took a trip to Paris to feed his creative appetite and somehow project that into the shoe design. He walked across the city, looking at architecture when a building suddenly caught his eye. The entire foundational elements of the building were exposed to the public. It seemed as if the building was still a work in progress and thus was considered by many individuals as unpleasing.  

At the time, the Nike Air unit had already been incorporated inside the sneakers, but the consensus back then was to cover it up. Nike must have felt that no one wants to see the workings of the sneaker. But Hatfield came up with a sketch that exposed the Air Unit.  


He was embarking on a revolution and faced resistance. However, the Director of Cushioning Innovation, David Forland supported Hatfield’s “crazy” idea and Nike released the first Air Max 1 in March 1987.  

The sneaker was part of the company’s first TV advert and since then has formed a loyal fan base. The exposed Air Unit became a symbol and the Air Max 1 went on to inspire an entire line of Air Max products.  

Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day 

Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day Tan-Brown
Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day Tan-Brown

33 years since the first Air Max 1 was released, we have seen a whole lot of releases of the Air Max series. Nike understands the importance of the Air Max brand and is thus releasing two exclusive pairs on August 8th (for an undisclosed price as of yet).  

The first pair comes in a tan and brown upper in the form of leather and mesh. The second pair comes in grey and white with translucent overlays and reflective swooshes. Both are completed with the SNKRS Day date of 8.8.20 on the heels along with “Got ‘Em!” SNKRS branding on the insoles. 

Where to Buy?  

Since it is launching on the Nike SNKRS Day, it is obvious that it will be available on the SNKRs app. I can’t say you’ll get a Dub, but if you join our winner’s circle – you might just have a chance!  

Resale Value  

Likely, the retail price of the Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day edition will be $160 because that’s the current average price. However, due to the lack of data, it is not easy to estimate the resale value. Therefore, proceed with caution!  

The Air Max 1 has seen some extremely high resales when it collapsed with exclusive figures such as Sean Wotherspoon. But we doubt that this will be the case for these pairs.  

According to our estimates, the Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day (considering a retail price of $160) will be resold at around $200-240.  


  • Sneaker: NIKE AIR MAX 1 SNKRS DAY  
  • Colorways: Tan-Brown / Grey-White 
  • Release Date: August 8th 2020 
  • Retail Price: $160 (TBC)  
  • Resale Value: $200-$240 
Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day
Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day

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Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day
Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day
Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day 3
Nike Air Max 1 SNKRS Day


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