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Nike has gotten in bed with the hottest designers, whether they’re literally attractive human beings like -mid-fearless-melody-ehsani-resale-release-guide-sitelist/">Melody Esahni with her hyped up 1’s, or name droppable brands like Off-White.

This sort of legacy is what has driven and will continue to drive this growing billion dollar shoe resale market that’s making sneaker fans rich.

Not all sneakers resell, but just about every collaboration is noteworthy even if they don’t make a profit.

Let’s take a look at one of the latest collabs, with Japanese brand Undercover and Nike’s Air Max 720


undercover tokyo store image inside
Undercover’s store in Tokyo with a bold tagline as seen on Google Maps.

“We Make Noise Not Clothes”

This tagline is seen in Japanese streetwear company Undercover’s Tokyo store.

It’s no wonder then that this company has gone on to make a now large impact since its founding by Jun Takahashi in 1993.

exclusive nike official image daybreak undercover black
A nice on foot look from Nike of the black undercover daybreak

A clean and definitely underrated shoe (on the resale market at least) from 2019 with Nike and Undercover was on the classic”Daybreak” silhouette which dropped back in June 2019.

This time around, Undercover is slapping its name on a newer iteration of Nike, the AM 720.

Air Max 720

The Air Max 720 hit the scene in March 2019 as the newest addition to the brand’s now nearly 30 year old Air Max line, which actually has its own day of the year.

At a retail price of $180, it is on the higher end when it comes to running shoes, but in the realm of Jordans and Yeezys, is actually pretty affordable.

ON Foot and Exclusive Pictures

We first saw these alongside now classics like the Sacai x Nike collection in January 2019 at Paris Fashion Week.

An on foot look at Paris Fashion Week of the Yellow colorway of these 720s.
Image from Kicksonfire
From Sneakernews

Release Details: Undercover x Nike Air Max 720

Like many hype drops, there has been mixed news regarding the exact release date.

The release date of Thursday, October 31st 2019 held true across multiple retailers.

However, Sneakernews is still publicizing a November 30th drop–perhaps there will be a restock, or a drop of the Yellow colorway which hasn’t been seen yet, even after the October 31st drop.

In addition to Nike Launch/SNKRS, this shoe was available at select boutique retailers.

Readers of the Hypemaster Playbook and members of our private cook group  have all up to date and current links to retailers like Xhibition, which had these in stock hours after they sold out on other sites.

As seen late in the afternoon on October 31st, the Undercover x Air Max 720 in red still in stock on Xhibition.

This model was debuted in 3 colors: Red, Black and Yellow.

Although the Red and Black variations have released, we are still waiting for a wider release of the Yellow colorway, meaning these will likely resell for good money.

Resale InfO

StockX price for the red pair. Check current price here. 

Maybe you will be surprised to learn that not just this model, but many shoes than Nike and Adidas make every month have resale value.

It’s this constant churning out of different and rare models that mints new successful sneaker resellers every day.

StockX price for the red pair. Check current price here. 

As you can see from all these pictures from StockX, profits of up to $100 over the retail price could be had, depending on size and demand.

From early November 2019. Check price now here.

Prices on the resale market are subject to change, and in the case of these Undercover Nike Air Max 720’s, a $200 profit per pair is within reach as aftermarket prices go up.

To learn more about this game, check out our post on Profitable Sneaker Investing 101.

How to Buy and Resell

Sneaker reselling. If it were easy–everyone would be doing it. And believe me, many people than you’d think of are trying.

Having a slight edge by putting odds in your favor by combining all techniques and getting the hang of bots and other technical aspects of the game will allow you to make money sooner rather than later.

When it comes to these Undercover Air Max 720s, we would call this a medium difficulty drop, and an excellent one to start with as your very first pair to buy and sell to give you the hang of how things work.

We go through the specifics of setting up a real, scalable sneaker business in the Hypemaster Playbook which is also well known as a resource for gaining general entrepreneurial skills, which help inside and outside of the sneaker world.

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