With the 2019-20 NBA season gearing up, we sneaker fans also have a lot to look forward to. Signature shoes from the top athletes will be rolling out over the next few months, meaning lots of opportunities for you to make bank in the resell market.

One of the shoes to keep an eye out for is the Lebron 17 “Future Air.” Arguably one of the greatest athletes to ever play the game, Lebron continues to develop his signature line with Nike. It returns with the latest model, another fantastic shoe that’s already getting a lot of buzz.

Lebron 17 Future Air
Lebron 17 Future Air via Nike

We’re already familiar with Lebron’s billion-dollar lifetime contract with Nike. He doesn’t have to be the only person lining his pockets with cash from his shoes. We’ll dive into the details of the latest Lebron 17 to see if it will be a good cop to flip.

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Brief History of the Lebron 17

The Lebron signature sneaker collection is one of the top models for active athletes.

While Lebron may not be sitting at the sketch table coming up with new shoe designs, he does play a significant role in the design of each shoe.

The Lebron 17 introduces a lot of favorite style elements and technology suitable for the King himself.

If you’ve followed the collection over the years, you’ll notice lots of changes in the silhouettes.

Lebron’s have gone through several changes, improving the technology each year and also adapting to trends in the NBA to have more statement shoes. You’ll be glad to know that the Lebron 17 might be the most stylish model yet, fitting for on- and off-court action.

The Lebron 17 “Future Air” delivers a futuristic look. The white shoe features bright orange accents, translucent accessories, and holographic details to give the shoe an extra pop. Additionally, one of the first noticeable features of the shoe is an ode to one of Lebron’s favorite models of NIKE.

Lebron 17 Future Air Detail
Lebron 17 Future Air Detail via Nike

It’s no secret that Lebron is a NIKE Air Max fan. The Lebron 17 incorporates elements from the shoe with the massive air bubble on the bottom, the largest yet on a pair of Lebron’s. The front sole of the shoe also includes two large airpods.

The Lebron 17’s are designed to player specifications, creating a shoe to handle the high-action performance of LBJ game after game. Slip ’em on, and you can feel just like Lebron during your next pick up game. Or leave them dead’s tick to wait for the perfect timing to flip for a nice profit.

Lebron 17 Future Air Soles
Lebron 17 Future Air Soles via Nike

Lebron 17 Release Date

The Lebron 17 “Future Air” colorway released on September 27th. Nike debuted this first colorway shortly before the release in anticipation for the Friday drop.

Lebron even showcased his excitement for the shoes by unboxing his pair of the Future Air on his Instagram Stories. Based on his reaction, it’s a pair that he’s been looking forward to. Getting the stamp of approval from Lebron can only mean good news for the demand of the shoes.

Several other colorways of the Lebron 17 have circulated the web.

The particular “LakeShow” colorway, designed in the Laker’s team colors are grabbing lots of attention. Rumors are that Lebron will wear these during the opening games of the season before they’re officially released.

Lebron 17 Lakers Release Info

Unreleased Lebron 17 Lakes via Nike
Unreleased Lebron 17 Lakes via Nike

The upcoming “Laker” colorway for the Lebron 17 may be worthwhile to keep an eye out for the release, as it may be a more sought-after colorway than the Future Air.

A Nike official detailed look at the heels of the “Lakers” version of the new Lebron 17.

After the success of the “Future Air” which sold out almost instantly and flipped for solid prices, we’re expecting a similar opportunity for the “Laker” colorway given the team switching controversy surrounding the King–not unlike the theme of Kawhi Leonard and his thousand dollar New Balance collabs.

Lebron 17 Pricing and Resale Value

The price tag of the Lebron 17’s is just as attention-grabbing as the shoes themselves. The shoes hit the shelves with a retail price of $200. At that price, they are one of the highest-priced retail for signature shoes, more than most Air Jordans.

It’s nothing new that these are high end. The unique technology and name recognition with King James could all be contributing factors.

In the sneaker resell game, it’s not about how much you pick up the sneakers for as much as it is how much you can turn around and resell them for.

Is it worth grabbing them for $200 to flip on the secondary market?

Lebron 17 Future Air Pricing via StockX
Lebron 17 Future Air Pricing via StockX

With the sneakers already sold out in most places, you were lucky to pick them up for the retail price. Or were you? Just a few days after the release, the Lebron 17’s are already trending above retail on sites like StockX and eBay, but not by much.

The current resell price for the sneakers is in the range of $243-$297, but the average is at $258.

If you’re a high volume seller, this shoe may be worthwhile to resell if you bought them when they first came out.

For beginning resellers or one-off pairs, you should wait before rushing to get the Future Air.

By the time you factor in shipping and seller fees, you might be lucky to breakeven at the current price.

Quick reseller pro tip:

One thing to look out for is returns. Many people who purchased the shoes with hopes of flipping for a nice profit might turn around and return them for their money back. It’s surely a lot less work than reselling for the same amount. If the shoes begin to reappear on shelves, we can expect the price to drop like many of the recent Lebron shoes.

The Lebron 16 is a great example of a shoe with a lot of buzz but a flop for resellers. The shoes also retailed for $175-$200, but after the demand disappeared, the shoes remain at retail price or lower.

How to Buy the Lebron 17 Lakers

The latest Lebron signature sneakers released at select Nike retailers and online.

The shoes are currently sold out on the official Nike site and at retailers including Footlocker.

If you don’t mind paying a premium on the shoes, you can still pick them up on the secondary market at StockX or other legit resale platforms. The shoes on these sites are already marked up by other resellers, and it’s a risky purchase if you hope to hold them for a while to potentially sell for a higher profit.

We’re unsure if there will be an official restock on the shoes.

Now that the shoes are officially released, we can start to track the trends of the shoes.

Nike official image from the top showing a Lakers themed insole.

We can see how they are currently performing and make a better prediction of how they may perform in the future for resellers. While the shoes are a move in the right direction when it comes to style, the demand is still hit or miss for Lebron’s.

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