The Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork features a same creative feature of the recently released Nike Dunk Low Clot X Fragment.

Just last week June 14, Juice’s website and select juice stores released the Nike Dunk Low Clot x Fragment. This is one of the most coveted Nike Dunk collaborations of the year 2023.

The Nike Dunk Low is still popular with the right hype colorway or collaboration. Nowadays you will see regular colorways sitting in Nike stores. That is why the release of the Clot brand feels late in the game.

Can this Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork bring some noise and turn some necks with its customizable Nike swoosh?

Nike Dunk Low Clot x Fragment

Style: FN0315-110


Retail Price: $150

Resale Price: $250 – $300

Release Date:06/14/2023

The mere mention of Clot and Fragment elevates the Nike Dunk Low to a level of superiority unmatched by any other collaboration.

Taking inspiration from Hiroshi Fujiwara’s beloved CLOT shoe from the past twenty years, the iconic CLOT x Nike Silk Air Force 1, is commonly referred to as the “White Silk” edition of 2018.

Nike Dunk Low Clot X Fragment
Nike Dunk Low Clot X Fragment

Featuring an exquisite all-white silk upper adorned with CLOT’s renowned Silk Royale pattern, the sneakers are complemented by an opaque sole, exuding a pristine aesthetic.

The tongue, lace stay, and heel tab branding showcase a sleek black hue, resulting in a captivating black and white colorway reminiscent of pandas, a cherished memory from Fujiwara and Chen’s visit to the Chengdu reservation.

Notably, the insole proudly bears the CLOT20 logo, signifying its exclusivity as a special edition release. As a delightful bonus, each pair of the Nike Dunk Low Clot x Fragment is accompanied by black and blue laces, offering versatile styling options.

The enchantment doesn’t cease there. Revealing a tearaway silk upper adorned with a captivating tapestry of iconography intricately woven into the fabric.

Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork


Retail Price: $150

Resale Price: $250 -$300

Release Date: 06/23/2023

This latest release truly embraces self-expression and unleashes creativity with its innovative features. The Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork arrive accompanied by a collection of six detachable velcro Swooshes, providing a platform for personalization and individuality as they wrap around the heels.

Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork
Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork

To commemorate CLOT’s remarkable 20-year journey, the Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork showcases a CLOT20 logo on the sock liner, while the heels proudly display the years “2003” and “2023” in Arabic numerals and Chinese characters.

These thoughtful details add depth and meaning to the design, celebrating the brand’s rich history and cultural significance.

CLOT Founder and Creative Director Edison Chen said,

“This shoe is supposed to be a blank canvas for you to dream big, and for you to realize your dreams and put your own little motif on a Nike,”

Experience the power of self-expression and unleash your creativity with the Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork.

Untitled Design 15 2
Creative Director Edison Chen

This extraordinary collaboration invites individuals to embark on a journey of personalization, enabling them to customize their very own Swoosh and present a one-of-a-kind statement of style. Embracing individuality, this shoe serves as the ultimate platform for expressing diverse dreams and ideas.

With its remarkable design and profound message of creative aspirations, the CLOT x NIKE CORK DUNK empowers wearers to showcase their unique sense of style and make a bold statement in the world of fashion.

Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork Resale Analysis

With a popular name coming from a streetwear brand, the Nike Dunk Low Clot Cork will do good white it is still hot. Resellers should take the opportunity to grab and sell it fast since the hype is alive.

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