Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 Release Details, Estimated Resell, and Images

Originally believed to be “The 20”, Nike and Virgil Abloh have recently revealed 50 brand-new Nike Dunk Lows! The Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 has a release date of August 9th while the retail price is set at $150 per pair.

Stick around for all the details!

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Off-White and Nike sneakers have always been incredibly popular and profitable. Before we take a detailed look at the Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 collection, let me walk you through a bit of history.

Virgil Abloh x Nike

Virgil Abloh x Nike

Starting off in 2017, Nike and Virgil Abloh released the “The Ten” collection. A portfolio of original Nike and Air Jordan sneakers with touches from the man himself, Virgil Abloh.

These sneakers sold out instantly and are currently reselling for extremely high resale values. This started off as a long-term partnership with various sneakers released every year.

The Off-White Air Jordan 4 Sail and the Off-White Air Jordan 5 are examples of how hyped these sneakers can get even today. Building off the duo’s Off White x Nike Dunk Low lineup, they’re set to drop 50 more colorways in variating textures. This collection includes Nike Dunks with 2 kinds of uppers. Leather/Canvas and Hairy Suede/Leather.

  • Leather/Canvas (1-10)
  • Hairy Suede/Leather (11-20)
  • Leather/Canvas (21-30)
  • Hairy Suede/Leather (31-40)
  • Leather/Canvas (41-50)

Let’s head over to our estimate section to see what they might resell for!

Off White x Nike Dunk Rubber Dunk UNC

  • Retail Price: $190
  • Peak Resell: $1,400
  • Release Date: 10/01/2020
  • Colorway: White/University Blue
Off White x Nike Dunk Rubber Dunk UNC

Released back in 2020, the Off White Rubber Dunks were released in 3 colorways and were quite highly sought after.

Uppers on the UNC colorway feature mesh, synthetic leather, and rubber with Virgil’s signature detailing. Gum rubber soles finish off the look.

The average selling price for these sneakers is around $340. I believe the Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 sneakers will have a similar resale value. Except for numbers 01 and 50 which are expected to be much more hyped.

Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 | A Closer Look

  • Retail Price: $150
  • Estimated Resell: $350-600+
  • Release Date: Monday, August 9th, 2021
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50

This brand new collection, also dubbed “Dear Summer” features a total of 50 different colorways. All of which features either a suede/leather or a leather/canvas construction.

From #02 to #49, the colorways are mostly similar. Featuring white and grey uppers with Virgil Abloh’s signature touches such as secondary lacing systems, simplistic bold texts, contrasting zip-ties, and exposed foams.

Each sneaker dons a marbled number of their place among “The 50” on the lateral midsoles. The 01, however, features a white and silver upper with yellow hits on the tongues and yellow soles that somewhat separate it from the others.

The #50, however, is perhaps the most divergent. It features a black leather/canvas mix with metallic silver Swooshes, purple tags, and purple marbled numbers on the midsoles. We’re expecting this sneaker to be the most highly anticipated out of the collection.

Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 [1-10]
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 [11-20]
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 [21-30]
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 [31-40]
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50 [41-50]
Off White Nike Dunk Low The 50

How To Buy For Retail

You can buy these sneakers at Nike SNKRS, rumored release date of Monday, August 9th, 2021. The retail price per pair is set at $150.

Estimated Resale

If there are in fact, 50 different colorways (and not 50 different sneakers), then resale will likely be decent but not as high as the last Nike Dunk Low collaboration.

Using my estimated resell value, expect gross profits of around $200 per pair. For #50, however, it may likely be over $300 per pair.


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