Following a strong debut in 2017 with The Ten Collection, Off-White x Nike Jordan has commanded resale values of up to 10x their original investments, contributing to the insane billion dollar resale market of sneakers. With such a strong market and hype, it’s worth gathering a knowledge base of why the Off-White Nike shoes are as valuable as they are by understanding exactly what makes them special.

That’s why we’ve put together this post as the ultimate resource for those who want to know all about these shoes by mastermind designer Virgil Abloh.

We’ll start with some history, go into the insane resale value and why exactly the prices are what they are, give some tips on how to buy and more. Also be sure to check out our exclusive, limited Hypemaster Playbook which is the ultimate business guide to copping and flipping valuable shoes like the Off-Whites, Yeezys, Jordans and more.

Without further ado, let’s kick off this guide, starting with a little bit of a history lesson (trust us, you’ll like this way more than school, and unlike college, it’ll actually make you money):

Virgil Abloh’s Off-White x Nike Jordan: Brief History

virgil abloh ten nike
Virgil Abloh Masterminding “The Ten”. Image from

The Off-White Nike Jordans are the brainchild of American visionary Virgil Abloh.

Interestingly, his education is a world away from fashion: Abloh holds degrees in civil engineering from University of Wisconsin and in architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology (Source: Wikipedia).

Perhaps it was his formally educated design mind mixed with creativity that the streetwear world needed so badly and resonated with in a way that nothing ever had before. He was also luck to have a highly reputable connection from the very start: the rapper, genius and true artist Mr. Kanye West.

Kanye West and Virgil Abloh

kanye west virgil abloh louis vuitton hug
Ye and Abloh sharing a bromantic moment at a Louis Vuitton Runway show. From @highsnobiety on Instagram.

Real Recognize Real: this phrase couldn’t be more true when it comes to the partnership between Kanye West and Virgil Abloh.

West was one of the first to see Abloh’s talent, and together they had a partnership with Ye’s brand DONDA in 2011.

With Virgil taking the role of artistic director, the two minds got along quite well and created true works of art in the form of clothing and designs.

Both of them were also formerly associated with Fendi, proving that they were well received in the Italian designer world which is one of the capitals of fashion.

Quickly after this partnership, Abloh went off on his own, forming Off-White in Milan, Italy, which was founded in 2012.

The Founding of Off-White

The Off-White Logo
The Off-White Logo is an icon in itself. From the company’s website.

From the beginning, it was crystal clear that Abloh had a gift for the streetwear world that no one had ever seen before.

He was able to take ordinary clothes, put a slight twist on them, sell them with extraordinary pricetags, and on top of all that, to do it with swagger–this is what streetwear is all about.

Abloh made his streetwear debut with his Pyrex Vision brand.

The PYREX printed sportswear and flannel shirts were well received, particularly by celebrities.

OFF-WHITE was founded shortly after as his flagship streetwear/luxury brand (here’s why streetwear is the new luxury and why you should pay attention to this).

After a few years of clothing, the brand started to make its own footwear, which sold but didn’t sell as well as it could have. For this reason, Nike footwear was the ideal partner for Off White.

Off White Nike Partnership

Abloh nike designer off white
A genius at work. From Nike

A win-win situation happened when Abloh decided to ink a deal with the swoosh brand.

This partnership, which is only 1 year old, is now one of the hottest in recent shoes history, and has these models selling out for seconds then going for insane dollar amounts on platforms like eBay and GOAT.

We saw the Ten drop as a debut, and again it was a huge success that set the tone for all other future Off-White Nike shoes to be true icons and celebrity favorites.

So much interest was generated in this debut that Nike actually issued an apology to the public of how quickly the shoes sold out.

Of course, there were winners who got at least one if not multiple pairs of the shoes on the drop using advanced tactics like this one we discuss about how to participate in the Draw and Nike SNKRS.

The Off White Converses were supposed to be part of the Ten, but didn’t release until later, and even at a relatively low retail price of $130, sold out in seconds and were on the market for over $1000.

Such hype is due to the design which has since been copied by many.

A Unique Design

vapormax off white 2017 the ten
The iconic Off-White Nike Vapormax 2017, part of the Ten collection. From Nike.

Familiar yet not at the same time plus instantly recognizable characteristics are ingredients to the recipe of Virgil’s design of the Off-White Nike shoes, as he describes in his lecture to the Harvard graduate School of Design.

Mildly deconstructed elements in simple tones of black and white make the shoe a total classic, while bold elements like neon zip ties and “AIR” printed boldly on the soles make the shoes undoubtedly Virgil Abloh.

Construction style components and colors are a nod to Abloh’s architectural background, while the silhouette remains pure Nike.

In 2018, we saw more colorful designs with the insanely valuable Serena WIlliams Air Max 97 pictured below and the recent Blazer “Spooky Pack”, and we look forward to seeing many more drops of this brand which is contributing the rise in interest and price in the sneaker resale market.

The clearest proof of the success of the collaboration and the design is in the resale value:

Serena williams off white august 2018 resale values ebay
Serena Williams Off-white August 2018 resale values, from The retail was just $190.

There’s really no other market like this which is why there are so many self made winners in this billion dollar pie.

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Off-White Nike Resale Value

When it comes to reselling shoes in 2018, Off-White arguably has the most attention.

No other shoe across the board has historically had such insane resale value compared to Off-White Nike Jordans.

We don’t whether or not Virgil was deciding between other options before starting the partnership with the Just Do It brand, but the partnership was a victory for all parties involved.

The war between Nike and Adidas is strong, but Nike certainly found a winner with this collaboration: a rough average projects a 300% return, or 3x your money compared to the retail price on these collaborations.

On the low end, the original 2017 “The Ten” collection had shoes at $160 that resold for $500 on average, but on the higher end the Off-White Nike Air Jrodan 1 “Chicago” sold at over 10x its $190 retail price for a 1000% return at a $2,000 profit at its peak market value.

Other hot shoes in the first collection included the Nike React Hyperdunk ($650 current resale), Nike Zoom Vaporfly x Virgil Abloh ($800 current resale value), and the Off-White Air Max 90 ($800 resale value).

2 Unique Ways to Make Money with Off-Whites: Retail and Investing

Getting the Retail Price 

Money is to be made in both securing at retail, and even if you can’t do that or you miss out (although the sections later in our playbook will help), you can invest like you would in the stock market.

By securing the kicks at the retail price, maximum profit can be made because retail is the equivalent of wholesale when it comes to limited sneakers. Although Yeezys were the original winner for most valuable shoe to resell, Off-Whites now take the crown which is why being able to buy at retail price is how you can secure top dollar.

Having trouble getting the shoes from websites like because they sell out in seconds, or the servers are crashing?

Well, these models have been releasing with such frequency and will continue to release so you can try then try again until you succeed.

In the meantime, browse our blog for more tips, or try our second method mentioned below.

Even if you can’t secure at retail, you can ensure money through well-timed and knowledge driven investment techniques.

Make money through investing

Rare sneakers like the Off-White Jordans are assets, and just like any other asset, they hold value and can rise and fall due to trends and timing.

Many newbies have the issue of selling for too low of a price or not knowing how to price in such a way that they make the most money. For advice on this issue, check out this article about 3 of the best tips for to get top dollar when selling your rare shoes.

Here are two examples that you could have invested in even after they sold out for retail and made a healthy profit: the Off White UNC 1 and the Chicago 1.

Both of these shoes had 3 elements that you can use to profit as an investor:

  • A huge spike following the release date
  • A steep drop about 1 or 2 months following the release
  • A rise in value that sometimes returns to the same or a higher price than the resale price during the release date

The Off-White Air Jordan 1 Chicago is a good example of the volatility that we can see in the sneaker resale market. Here are some photos that give example of the 3 elements mentioned (all images below from

Spike during the release date

Off white jordan 1 chicago stockx price
The Off-White Jordan 1 Chicago had prices over $2,000 for a massive profit over its $190 retail following its release date

People who bought for retail and sold at peak resale made the most money.

Drop shortly after –this is where you could have invested for half the price of peak resale

Off White Jordan 1 CHicago resale price stockx 2018
A few months after the release, the resale price was cut in half.

If you had a spare $1200 or so, you could have bought this shoe model at much less than most people paid, and if you held on, you will have made money as you can see below in the final element of this trend we’re describing. In the case of these shoes, the drop happened 3 months after the release.

Rise in resale value

Off white jordan 1 chicago current resale value stockx
A return to the original resale price of over $2,000 recently happened as it does with the hottest shoes.

Here is where you sell for profit, in this case, for a nice $1,000 per pair if you bought at the dip, even if you couldn’t buy for retail. Check out the bottom of the picture, from, to see that in some instances people were paying a whopping $3,000+ for a single pair, making that seller some serious dough.

Notice how the current resale is above the average, and may dip again:

Off white jordan resale value
StockX has great tools for understanding prices

With expert knowledge, you can do the same with any other shoe model that has a high margin over the retail–this is one of the secrets of top six figure sneaker resellers.

Some final tips

Virgil Abloh headshot nike
Virgil Abloh telling you to be patient when it comes to his shoes. From

One tip: Patience !

Once you have the knowledge, you need to exercise patience until the shoes rise to the price that you expect them to. The greatest investors of all time like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger preach patience for a reason, the same reason that made them both billionaires.

A word of warning: patience doesn’t mean waiting too long, it just means waiting until the timing is right.

You’ll know when the timing is right only by using the right tools.

Use tools for realistic advice

You can’t just pick a number out of a hat to use as a price. You need to use tools.

One excellent tool is, which has charts just like the stock market full of historical data and many different shoe models to compare with.

Simply watch the trends on StockX and follow the traditional rules of investing: buy when there is fear, sell when there is greed/buy low sell high, and watch for a dip where people fear the resale price is going to the gutter and sell when it’s holiday season or when a celebrity wears/talks about the shoe–any event that might garner attention.

How to Buy: Off-White Nike


Obviously, to make money selling these shoes you first have to learn how to buy them.

Firstly, you can try your best at manual methods (explained here), or brush up your technical skillset and learn how to use sneaker bots. 

Once you’ve done your research with the above techniques, you need to put your knowledge into action.

Pay attention to past and current sneaker news and immerse yourself in the community more deeply.

Dive in and watch the money flow in as you set goals and become an expert, but you need to take the first step.

Start with just one pair

Try first to buy shoes that are not so rare but that will still resell for profit so you can get used to the whole process of buying, receiving, pricing and eventually selling the shoes.

By first starting with one pair, you’ll make a profitable transaction as step one and you’ll no longer be a total newbie.

Then, with your confidence and experience in place, you can buy the Off-White Nikes, which are expert level Hypemaster shoes.

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