All the basketball fans ears are going to pick up when i tell them that two of Russel Westbrook’s favorite sneaker silhouettes are coming in together to impact our sneaker community.

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Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m talking about none other than the Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack which is releasing on October 2nd for a retail price of $425.

Now some might say, “Hold Up! $425 for Converse?!”. But my dear sneakerheads, this isn’t just your average day of the mill high top converse sneakers. These are the culmination of Russel Westbrook’s favorite silhouettes.  

And what’s better? You’re getting two sneakers in this pack so, in a way, you’re paying the market competitive price per sneaker. Now if that isn’t something to celebrate then i don’t know what is!  

The reason why i’m so excited about the Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack is because of the moniker itself. Mr. Westbrook, the king of the rim, is an explosive and dominant personality on the court.  

Every time he jumps up in the air, I feel bad for the rim man! Westbrook plays like he has nothing to lose and as he grows older, my man only gets stronger. And in order to do him, justice Air Jordan and Converse came together to release this significant pack.  

Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack – The Details 

From the get-go, this pack is no ordinary deliverable. It has two of the biggest names in the sneaker industry working together. And moreover, this isn’t your easy-on-the-eye kind of stuff that you look for. It’s dark, it’s gritty, and it’s bound to dominate.  

When you wear these sneakers, you’re going to get the nod. How long has it been since you got the nod? Well if you cop one of these, the minute you put them on, the whole block will be bobbing their heads.  


The Air Jordan 16 features a chain-link detailing on its leather shroud which is reminiscent to the chain nets where all the greats started their journey from, while the Converse Chuck 70 is covered in white leather, which resembles the worn-out pain on the concrete.  


Air Jordan 16 is style primarily in black but it’s the details that make the deal for me. The silver circular studs, the tonal embroidered hits of Westbrook’s signature insignia on the lateral rear, and the “Why Not?” phrase on the heels.  

Moving back to the Converse Chuck 70 which is primarily covered in a white worn-out cement colorway, we see the silver studs making their way up through the heels, along with the embroidered chains on the laterals and the “Why Not?” phrase stitched into the shoelaces. The sneaker is finished off with an off-white sole.  

Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack – Where to Buy 

The Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack is releasing on October 2nd for a retail price of $425 exclusively on the SNKRS. We know, we know that the chances of getting struck by lightning are often greater than getting the holy “GOT ‘EM” screen but hey, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! 

Now if you have been on a losing streak with SNKRS, it’s time you saw our Winner’s Circle. I won’t give away much, but you can check it out for yourself and also see what the people have to say. Who knows, you might actually cop the Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack. 

Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack – Resale Price 

Now the resale prediction on Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack is truly going to be interesting. If we take a look at the StockX listing of the Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack, there is a great disconnection between the Bid and the Ask price.  

On average, the Ask price is around $1000 while the Bid price is roughly around $550. A $450 is what makes or breaks the market equilibria. But there’s one thing that I do know, Russel Westbrook fans would be willing to pay top-dollar for these sneakers.  

And since it has the Air Jordan affiliation along with Converses’’, I expect that the resale price of the Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack is going to be around $600-$700.  


Sneaker: Russell Westbrook Air Jordan 16 Why Not Converse Pack 

Release Date: October 2nd, 2020 

Retail Price: $425 

Resale Price: $600-$700 

Well, that’s all it from me today, boys and girls. See you all on the next one! 

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