Women’s Dunks was on the rise in 2020, along with the rise in regular releases. Although that has somewhat changed, you can still profit from them. In this article, we go through the Best Nike Women’s Dunks For Reselling In 2022. Stick around for all the details! We have recently written an article about the best Nike Dunk Highs to Resell. Due to the current market conditions of the Dunk, you will need to be careful when reselling.

Not all Dunks are created equal, and even with regular releases, unlike in 2020, you cannot cop them blindly and need to do your research. Reselling can be tricky, but thankfully, there are guides out there to help you through your reselling journey.

Check out the Hypemaster Playbook for an in-depth and up-to-date guide on how to build your own reselling empire. Before we get into the list, let’s go over some background information and the current market conditions of women’s Nike Dunks.

Women’s Nike Dunk Lows: History and Resale

In August 1985, Nike introduced the Dunk High, a high-top basketball shoe that combined elements from previous models: the Air Force 1, Terminator, Air Jordan 1, and Legend. The Legend helped create the molds, the AF-1 inspired the upper, and the AJ-1 and Terminator influenced the outsole and overall design. This mix of predecessors gave the Dunk its unique appeal.

The Dunk’s launch in 1985 coincided with the peak of basketball’s popularity, led by Michael Jordan. It was designed to support basketball techniques like pivoting and blocking, making it technically sound. However, it gained fame through “Be True To Your School.” Despite its initial success, it was eventually overshadowed by the Air Jordan 1s.

Nike Women's Dunks for reselling

The resurgence of Dunks came when they gained popularity in the skateboarding community. Simultaneously, sneaker culture was on the rise, gradually boosting the Dunk’s reputation. In 1978, Nike introduced Nike Women, but men’s interest in women’s Nike shoes is a relatively recent development. Sneaker culture has evolved since the 1970s, transforming the industry.

What used to be readily available releases a decade or two ago now sell out quickly. Some colorways are so scarce that men resort to wearing women’s sizes to get them. The hype reached its peak in 2020, with nearly every colorway selling out and reselling at a decent profit. However, Nike’s frequent release of colorways caused resale values to drop. Today, choosing the right colorway is crucial for resale. This is good news for those who just want a pair to wear. Fortunately, some sneakers still hold decent resale value. In this list, we’ll explore a few recent examples.

Nike Dunk Low Gym Red

  • Retail Price: $105
  • Average Resell: $215
  • Release Date: Monday, December 5th, 2022
  • Colorway: Gym Red/White
  • Style Code: DN1431-101

Nike continued to release more OG Dunk Low variations, which increased the frenzy around these shoes. The “Gym Red” color blocking that has previously been featured on a number of Jordan and Nike models is present on the following Nike model. Dunk Low went on sale and was distributed through Nike as well as a number of specialist retail outlets on October 19, 2022, at 7:30 p.m.

Gym red contrasts with the white shoe’s base on the Nike Dunk Low “Gym Red” with matching toe boxes and eyelets. The shoe’s distinguishing characteristics are the university gold logo inlays on the heel counter and tongue flap. The typical laces, perforated toe boxes, and throats are all black, and the heel tabs sport matching Nike branding. Clean white midsoles balance out the design, and Gym Red outsoles, one last homage to the illustrious campaign, completes it. These shoes are already selling for an amazing $210+ on the secondary market, which in 2022 is no small feat for a standard Nike Dunk.

Nike Dunk low Panda Restock 2022

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Estimated Resell: $200
  • Release Date: Wednesday, November 9th, 2022 (Restock)
  • Colorway: White/Black/White
  • Style Code: DD1391-100
Nike Dunk Low Panda

When it originally came out last year, the Nike Dunk Low Panda quickly became popular among the public. Due to the high resale value of these sneakers in women’s sizes, it has proven particularly popular among female sneakerheads. The uppers have a very simple style and are made of smooth leather. With bold black leather overlays atop that, perfectly contrasting white leather underlays that create a neutral background. The toes, Swooshes, heel overlays, and eye stays are all made of black leather, which blends in well with the complementary black laces. Black sock liners and white “Nike” logos are included on the tongue tags.

The “Panda”-like design is completed with crisp white midsoles and black outsoles, which contrast with the black heel tabs and white “Nike” stitching. In women’s sizing, these sneakers are reselling for around $200 per pair, and they’ll continue to resell for that much even after the restock. The Dunk Low Panda has been restocked about 3 times which is a testament to the shoe’s evergreen popularity. The simple Dunks are the ones t always watch out for!

Nike Dunk Low Bronze Eclipse

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Estimated Resell: $160
  • Release Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2021
  • Style Code: DQ4697-800
Nike Dunk Low Bronze Eclipse

The color of this Dunk Low is ideal for the autumn, but it won’t be available until this month, in November. Similar to the “Medium Curry,” the overlays on this Nike Dunk Low bronze eclipse have an orange tint, especially on the toes, eye stays, heel overlays, and heel tabs. On the other hand, the side Swooshes are made of deeper brown leather.

Additional details include white throats and titular traditional laces while dotted sock liners in a similar hue blend right in. White midsoles and dark brown outsoles complete the design, which has white inserts with orange “Nike” lettering. On the secondary market, these sneakers are reselling for around $180 per pair, and come to the release date, they will likely resell for around $160 per pair, which is still fairly decent. If interested in copping similar sneakers, join the Winner’s Circle for valuable insider knowledge.

Nike Dunk Low Vintage Green

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $320
  • Release Date: Thursday, March 24th, 2022
  • Style Code: DQ8580-100
Nike Dunk Low Vintage Green

The Nike Dunk Low Vintage Green was released alongside a Navy variant and nods at the good Ol’ Days with its aged design and classic color blocking. These sneakers feature dark green smooth leather on the toes, eye stays, and on the heel overlays. Meanwhile, clean white leather appears on the toe boxes, side panels, and the heel underlays.

The throats are also crisp white while overlaid by aged white laces, leading up to white tongues with tags and green “Nike” branding. Interiors are also green, while sail midsoles give off an aged appearance, and dark green outsoles finish the design. On the secondary market, these kicks were very highly anticipated and resold for over $300 per pair on StockX. Although they’ve been released now, you should definitely keep an eye out for any similar “Vintage” colorways, or even a restock, as these will hold their value.

Nike Dunk Low Vintage Navy

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $290
  • Release Date: Friday, March 4th, 2022
  • Style Code: DD1503-115
Nike Dunk Low Vintage Navy

The Nike Dunk Low Vintage Navy was released a few days after the Green colorway and was almost equally as highly anticipated with a similar resale value. This installment’s upper halves maintain the customary two-tone design. The toe boxes, quarters, tongues, laces, and collars are finished in white, while the Swooshes and internal linings are dark navy.

Smooth leather construction is designed to match the Villanova Wildcats’ color scheme. The midsoles have an exterior that has been slightly yellowed below, giving the shoes a rustic feel. A whole outsole with a matching navy color is stacked underneath it. On the secondary market, these kicks are worth north of $290 per pair and likewise, you should cop them in the future if they ever do restock.

Nike Dunk Low Paisley Blue

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $230
  • Release Date: Friday, February 18th, 2022
  • Style Code: DH4401-101
Nike Dunk Low Paisley Blue

The “Paisley Pack” includes these Nike Dunks as well as other hues. Clean white leather underlays are used on the sides and toe boxes of this Dunk Low, while light blue leather is used on the toes, eye stays, laces, and heel overlays. Swooshes have subtle Nike branding and white Paisley motifs. The pattern is completed with blue outsoles and white midsoles.

On the secondary market, these kicks are reselling on average for over $230 per pair, which is more than twice their retail price. Even the other parts of this pack are highly profitable. For example, the Nike Dunk Low Paisley Orange resells for around $180 per pair. The Paisley Black colorway is also very profitable and resells for north of $240 per pair. If another sneaker gets added to this pack, go for it!

Nike Dunk Low Harvest Moon

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $220
  • Release Date: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2022
  • Colorway: Sail-Harvest Moon
  • Style Code: DD1503-114
Nike Dunk Low Harvest Moon

As new variants of the Dunk continue to appear on what seems like a weekly basis, brand strategy for the Nike family doesn’t seem to be slowing down the quantity of Dunks. The Swoosh has created the Nike Dunk Low “Harvest Moon” colorway for the Winter season, focusing on its female customer base. This Dunk maintains the silhouette’s distinctive two-toned concept with base layers made of leather panels, much like many of the Dunks that have previously been made available to the public.

White is used to decorate the tongues, quarter panels, collars, and perforated toe boxes. Swooshes, overlays, and tongue banners that are colored in the moniker’s shade are placed next to these elements. These sneakers nearly bring to mind the Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” that was released on SNKRS earlier in 2021 just by the way their colors are presented. Radiant midsole components and treads covered in the shoes’ primary color are featured on the bottom portions of the shoe. On the secondary market, this relatively plain colorway is also very profitable and resells for north of $220 per pair on websites like StockX.

Nike Dunk Low Medium Olive

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $190
  • Release Date: Friday, September 9th, 2022
  • Style Code: DD1503-120
Nike Dunk Low Medium Olive

The Dunk is a must-have model for a variety of different markets because of its simple construction, timeless appeal, and well-balanced color-blocking. It was once a forgotten basketball shoe but has since become a skateboarding stalwart and is now a lifestyle staple. This pair of Dunks refrains from doing anything out of the norm, as was done before with the “St. Johns” and the “Syracuse” Dunks.

The eponymous green advances first, dressing the tread, overlays, lacing unit, Swoosh, and other elements. White hues underneath identify the leather basis, tying in with the tongue and nearby midsole finishes. On websites such as StockX, these have been consistently resold for over $180 per pair and will likely hold their value. Simple two-toned color blockings for the Nike Dunks are always a good bet!

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