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In 2019 we’ve seen an explosion from the Yeezy Brand and Adidas. There̵7;s been a profound market correction from the once very exclusive, limited footwear brand. The business mogul that Kanye West is wanted to increase the scale of production and wanted to create a uniform for people across the world.

What better way to start then go from the ground up – sneakers.

West and Adidas have made huge strides in marketing and putting out a product with a relentless demand. The reach of just the word Yeezy alone has become tremendous. I believe everyone is only 1 degree of separation from someone that either owns Yeezy sneakers or at least knows of the brand. My own mother is fully aware of what Yeezy shoes are and associates it with expensive.

That may be another brilliant part of their marketing schemes. Yeezys started off being an instant “sold out” and reselling for thousands of dollars on the secondary market. Now, everyone can still recognize Yeezy with a high price which could also be tied to high quality. Whether this was intentional or not, it has worked out in their favor.

Early adopters of Yeezys have seemed to turn a shoulder on the brand, complaining it has gotten to mainstream.

Yeezys have have been one of the lowest common denominator in the sneaker game. To a fault, folks have been introduced to reselling sneakers through Yeezys which inherently will bother some enthusiasts. I don’t necessarily blame them for this opinion, but that’s an opinion for another time.

Holiday Season 2019 Yeezy Model List

I’ve spoke about Kanye West, Adidas, and the Yeezy signature line before. You can check out my last article on this matter here. Now we’ll discuss some of the upcoming major releases that we will see in the fall/winter season in 2019. There’s a lot to mention we let’s get started.

1. Yeezy 700 “Teal Blue”

adidas yeezy boost 700 teal blue fw2499 1
Image via Sneaker News

The Yeezy 700 will be getting a new colorway, “Teal Blue”, the official release name. Following a common trend with the 700’s, this variant gets a very subtle treatment. Dark tones of gray and blue that encompass everything – the suede and mesh upper, midsole, tongue, and laces. The Teal Blue 700 will be dropping October 19, just around the corner.

2. Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision” & “Stone”

Image via Sneaker News

Next we’ll talk about the Yeezy 500, another recent silhouette from Yeezy to rise.

The 500 was a shoe that dropped and received little to no hype. It was a shoe that made everyone question where the brandwas going and if Kanye had lost his fastball. But like many of his past shoes, it gained more and more popularity and traction. On Yeezy Day, August 2nd of this year, we saw a massive restock in product.

You could have logged to Yeezy Supply and seen any one of about 40 different pairs of Yeezys going live.

I myself logged on and saw multiple pairs of 500’s sitting. While on Stockx we can see prices of over 2x retail, so good deals can still be found.

To me, the 500’s are an excellent money making sneaker. They’ve increased slowly in value over time and if you’re ready on release day, you shouldn’t have any problem scooping them. Remember – Patience saves pockets.

A “Soft Vision” colorway is set to emerge sometime in October. We don’t have an official release date be stayed tuned if these interest you. Be up to date with us as well as any of your other favorite sneaker blogs.

UPDATE: The release date is set for Saturday, November 2nd. Read about the Soft Vision drop here.

adidas yeezy 500 stone FW4839 0
Image via Sneaker News

Additionally, a “Stone” iteration will also be available sometime in November. As you can see, there’s neoprene paneling on the upper instead of the regular mesh. May make a softer, more plush ride. A few new tweaks on a shoe we’ve seen in the past usually catches the interest of curious buyers.

3. Yeezy 380 “Alien”

Yeezy Boost 380 Alien FB6878 on foot 1
Image via Sole Supplier

The Yeezy Boost 380 is a silhouette that has been in the ether for a while now. We’ve gotten to see the curtain pulled back as Kanyehas revealed a lot of details on how the creative process works. Whether that’s through extensive interviews or posting pictures, we’ve been able to see or hear about many sample and concept pieces of footwear.

The next in his catalogue is the 380.

We have word of a November 16th release for the Aliens. The retail price will be $230 – higher than the 350 and 500 price point but below the 700 price point. Either way, it should be an easy sellout so be up on release day. What are your thoughts on this new model?

4. Yeezy 350 v2 Black Restock

Image via Finish Line Blog

Nothing new but next to mark on your calendar will be a black 350 v2 restock. The restock will be in all men’s, kids, and infant sizes. Look at Kanye being inclusive. While these aren’t the “reflective” black 350 v2’s, these are still a popular sneaker and will resell well over their $220 retail price. November 29th will be the release date. Hope you’re not in a food coma from Thanksgiving still!

5. Yeezy 350 v2 “Yecheil”

adidas yezy boost 350 v2 yecheil 2
Image via Sneaker News

What’s being called the 350 “Yecheil” is the next colorway to be added to the long running list of Yeezy 350’s. The nickname comes from the Hebrew language and translates to “May God Live”. If you follow Mr. West at all you know he’s a born-again Christian so you can see the inspiration for this model. Release is slated for December 15th!

6. Yeezy 350 v2 “Yeezreel”

adidas yeezy 350 v2 yeezreel release info 10
Image via Sneaker News

A spin on a shoe we swear we’ve seen before is dubbed the Yeezy 350 “Yeezreel”. The reason I say this is because I’ve written about the 350 “Glow” when it came out in May of this year.

Personal preference, I’m a bigger fan of these versus the glow because of the black texture in the knit. Preference aside, these will still glow in the dark so you can be seen when you inevitably go to flex in the movie theater and put your feet up.

We can’t say we know the inspiration behind this whacky monicker but we’re looking forward to seeing it this December.

7. Yeezy 350 v2 “Yeshaya”

adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 yeshaya
Image via Sneaker News

The last in this trifecta of eccentric 350’s is the “Yeshaya”. Donning a purple and yellow/gold Laker’s esque colorway, this rendition will be available in January 2020, hang in there for updates. How do we feel about these crazy names?

8. Yeezy Basketball

Image via Sneaker News

In other exciting news, we’ll be seeing the FIRST Yeezy basketball shoe which has been in the works for a prolonged amount of time. While there’s still a lot of info left to be distributed, we’re looking forward to seeing a light and a dark colorway sometime this winter.

adidas Yeezy Basketball Black EG1536 Release Date
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

What other questions do we have? Where can the brand go from here? Will this be a boom or bust season for Yeezy?

As always, thank you for reading, it’s much appreciated. Let us know what you have your eyes on this holiday season. Be sure to check out other monthly guides and take a look at the Playbook we have featured.

Enjoy your sneakers!

– Erik

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