If you are after a new pair of Yeezy 350 v2, 700 or Desert Boot then 2019 has been the year for you!

On top of the upcoming Yeezy 500 Stone, 2019 alone has seen at least 13x pairs of 350 V2 colorways  drop (a few still left to go) and at least 12x colorways  of 700’s (also a few still left to go), the full list of drops and upcoming drops for the Yeezy house is quite formidable.

Not only have we seen drop after drop of new and exciting colorways (both in reflective and non-reflective versions) in the 350 v2 models , a number of incredibly well selling 700 silhouettes but also rumours of the much anticipated 350 v3’s , 451s and Foam Runners.

But if you are a fan of the 500 silhouette then 2019 has not been a great year with only 1x drop so far and 1-2 more expected for the remainder of 2019.

Yeezy 500 “Stone”

The only release we have seen so far this year has been for the Bone White’s back in August and as we mentioned in our article that drop was coincided with the amazing Deadstock August drop aka “Yeezy Day” that treated to fans globally to deadstock array of silhouettes and colorways including: Boost 700 Inertia, YEEZY 500/ YEEZY 700 Salt, 350 V2 triple white,  700 Utility Black, Powerphase Core White/Core Black/Gray, 700 V2 Vanta, 350 V2 Sesame, Boost 700 Analog,  350 V2 Beluga, 700 V2 Tephra, 500 Utility Black/ 500 Supermoon Yellow, 700 Mauve, 350 V2 black, 350 V2 Static, 700 V2 Geode, 350 V2 Lundmark, 350 V2 Semi Frozen, 500 Blush and 350 V2 Antlia!




Full Family Run Bone White 500’s, image via SneakerNews

The insanity that was the August dead stock drop has been followed up by a number 350 v2’s  dropping in a wide variety of colors in both reflective and non-reflective. In 2019 however there really hasn’t been much fanfare or news regarding many new 500’s colorways .

For a shoe that first started appearing on our radars in December 2017 the 500 silhouette has divided Yeezy fans worldwide but has certainly aided in cementing consistent sales for both Adidas and Yeezy.

Are 500’s the best starting point for Yeezy Resale?

Everyone knows that reflective 350 v2’s are where the highest profits are to be made in Yeezy resale.

The average price for resale on reflective’s is sitting at around $700 – $1,000+  (colorway dependent).

The most expensive reflective Yeezys, the Static Blacks, going for 10x retail at a near $2000 profit per pair.

These resale prices are driven by not only the love affair everyone has with the 350 v2 silhouette but also the scarcity in stock numbers of the reflective’s in general. Similar can be said for the nonreflective colorways, whilst not demanding such extreme resale prices as their brothers the reflective’s the overall demand still makes acquiring a pair quite difficult–at this point, you want either expert knowledge or the team effort of a cook group.

Resale Value: Yeezy 500s

on feet yeezy 500 bone white instagram picture
From @cataloko_ on IG, an on foot look at the “Bone White” 500’s, of which the Stones will look quite similar

What about the 500’s though ?

Although not nearly as popular in terms of resale and hype as the 350 v2’s they are still an incredibly popular shoe.

Not selling out as fast as any of the 350 v2 colorways the 500 still reaps a fairly decent profit in terms of resale.

When comparing the two models it is clear that there will always be more profit on the 350 v2 models not matter the colorway – but if you are just starting out in the resale game then acquiring 4-5 pairs of a 500 colorway will still reap you quite a decent profit!

ModelRetailResale (US10)Profit
350 v2 Cloud White (non-reflective)$220$310$90
350 V2 Static (non-Reflective)$220$365$145
500 Bone White$200$270$70
500 Salt$200$280$80

This profit can be escalated even further if you are able to get ahold of 4-5 pairs in smaller runs of the adult sizes. The smaller sizes (US 4, US 5, US 6 and half sizes) have been demanding excellent resale ongoing with each drop of the 500’s.

Naturally acquiring one or even two pairs in the smaller sizes and one or two pairs in your own size will garner you excellent returns, coupled with the increased ease in acquiring pairs of the 500’s compared to the 350 v2’s it might be prudent of you to target these drops for volume where you can!

ModelRetailResale (US 5)Profit
500 Bone White$200$420$220
500 Salt$200$469$269
500 Blush$200$682$482


YEEZY 500 Stone

Much like the drop of the Bone Whites earlier this year, the Stone colorway will see release of a full family size run. Not only can you and your bae look great in this colorway but you can also get your little cousin or a friends child a pair also!

A common trend that we are seeing appear in most of the new drops for Yeezy is the full family size run, likely tying in with his how many kids he has of his own, the full family size run is a great way to not only look awesome with your partner but also gives those in the sneaker game an added potential for profit.

adidas yeezy 500 stone FW4839 1

Yeezy Stone 500

Image via SneakerNews

Set to release in late November the 500 Stone will be based on the standard 500 silhouette but in aptly named stone colorway.  An almost cream/bone/khaki white mix is the dominant color in this drop, featuring heavily on the uppers, tongue, heel and midsole.

Stone: an Improvement on Material Quality

However major difference we are going to be seeing is a new material included in this drop – in what used to be a mesh across the tongue, heel and medial panels is now replaced with a neoprene material.

Originally expected to drop in the same materials as previous versions, confirmed images have surfaced recently with this new neoprene material over the tongue, heel and medial sides of the shoe.

adidas yeezy 500 stone FW4839 3

Yeezy Stone 500, neoprene details

Image via HypeBeast

This neoprene material quickly transforms the 500 from what was more of a streetwear/sports wear style shoe to a more fashion forward and almost premium looking sneaker. The remainder of the shoe features the standard premium stone suede, the darker suede mixed with the lighter hue in the neoprene and the gum sole really creates a striking colorway almost akin to the Desert Rat from 2017.

The inclusion of this new material could be pushing the 500’s into a new realm not yet seen, the reasoning behind this inclusion isn’t exactly clear, but it could be the start of an evolution of the 500 into 500 v2 model.


adidas yeezy 500 stone FW4839 2

Yeezy Stone 500, gum sole and suede uppers

Image via HypeBeast


YEEZY 500 Stone Resale Value

As we mentioned in our article on the Bone Whites  demand and resale for the 500 will likely never meet the same levels as that of the 350 v2 (in either reflective or non-reflective). While the overall silhouette is pleasing and the retail price is relatively affordable, the resale will generally sit around the 20%-30% higher than retail.

Early demand will always be strong so if you are able to acquire a pair or two via backdoors or early release than you have a strong chance of making a decent resale.

As with most 500 drops the real money will be in acquiring multiple pairs at bae sizes – aiming for the US 4 to US 6.5 will garner you the highest chances of a strong profit especially if you are able to secure multiples in these sizes. Also don’t forget to look at picking up some pairs in kids/infant sizes, the recent Bone White’s in infants and kids have both been reselling for around $100 – $150 on top of their retail price.

Although it’s early now (late Sept 2019) to see real data yet, there are already some asks on StockX for the Stones.

Release date: November 2019 (TBC)

Retail price: $200 (adults), $130 (kids), $100 (infants)

Resell price: $350 –$450 (US 4 – 6.5 adults), $150 – $170 (kids), $130 – $160 (infant)

YEEZY 500 Stone: Where to buy

Getting yourself or your family a pair of the Stone’s shouldn’t be overly hard – as standard you will be able to secure a pair from;  Yeezy Supply, Adidas.com, SNS, Alike, Mr.Porter, END, NAKED and other YEEZY online retailers through either a raffle system or first come first serve.

Our highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook breaks down how to best develop a business strategy when it comes to buying and selling shoes like this across the varieties of stores and platforms.

A full list of retailers is yet to drop so keep your eyes peeled on the likes of SneakerNews and Solelinks.

Don’t forget to start talking with your local retailers, product will start getting shipped to them in the middle of October so they can start planning their own raffle or sale systems.

The better your relationship is with your local retailer the more likely you will be to know about the drop date and maybe even secure yourself an early pair!

Good luck guys.


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