Taking a piece of the billion dollar pie of the sneaker after market is a jump that some people made from all walks of life. Some have made enough to pay their monthly student loans, mortgage to supplement their job, others are people of all ages, including teenagers like Alex who have made significant amounts with the correct knowledge.

It̵7;s a common objection for those who resell other items, but not shoes, to wonder:

How is it actually possible to make $1,000 or even $10,000 every month selling shoes?

This objection is understandable, but with simple math and real life examples, you can easily overcome this objection and see what opportunity lies for those in the know.

Thankfully, enough people will remain ignorant of the sneaker resale market–some people won’t even stick through this article or even read through the rest of the website or read the Hypemaster Playbook, and they’ll continue on with their lives, wondering how to change their career or make money as an entrepreneur.

For those who are open minded and curious, we kindly ask that you read on and it’s up to you whether or not you want to share this info or keep it secret, because as you’ll see, the money can be enough to replace your current salary!

Whether you are a fan of the sneakers and the fashion or not, here were 11 of the best opportunities (that were actually in reach for most, unlike these super expensive kicks) to profit from these rare works of wearable art this year, with 4 from Adidas and 8 from Nike:

1. Nike Air Jordan Retro 1 Off-White : Chicago, UNC, White

Nike Air Jordan Off-White Chicago black red
Nike Air Jordan Off-White “Chicago”, the most profitable shoe of the past year

3 times is a charm, and a triplet is what Nike and their Air Jordan 1 model has done every single time with a collaboration with the brand Off-White.

Its trinity of colors in red, white, and baby blue all had peak resale values of over $1,000 per pair on top of the $190 retail price tag.

The biggest winner of this collection is the Air Jordan 1 Chicago x Off-White, which would have been a sold investment even if you overpaid for resale a few months ago.

In gains that absolutely crushed the stock market, the Air Jordan 1 Chicago Off-White gave returns of 1000%, with a price rise of 100% in just the past few months alone, according to the “stock market for sneakers”, StockX. You can even browse eBay and see the numbers for yourself.

It’s a possibility that the other colors of all white and UNC Blue will follow suit and rise in value over time, as they’re currently reselling below $1,000 which was their peak resale value.

2. Justin Timberlake Nike Air Jordan 3 “Superbowl”

Justin timberlake superbowl sb 52 2018 shoes ebay
Some prices that eBay resellers were commanding of this $200 pair of shoes in February when they released.

It’s estimated that in 2018 it cost $5 million for a 30 second ad (according to Sports Illustrated).

Companies aren’t just burning millions every second for no reason, the amount of eyeballs and hype surrounding the popular American Football championship is worth the high price tag.

In a somewhat subliminal advertising effort, Nike sponsored Justin Timberlake’s halftime show by giving him a pair of shoes that drove sneakerheads crazy–a brand new version of the Air Jordan 3’s.

Price tags hit $2000+ initially as a surprise drop coincided with the halftime show, and all it took was having the Nike SNKRS app and quick action to capitalize on this profitable shoe opportunity.

Although prices have since dropped, it’s worth knowing the hype and still puts this shoe on this best of list.


3. Chuck Taylor Converse x Off-White

2018 Chuck Taylor Off White Resale
From StockX, resale data for the ultra hyped Chuck Taylor x Off-White

Many don’t know to this day, but Converse is actually owned by Nike since the acquisition on July 9 2003 , implementing technology and expanding distribution for the classic brand.

It’s not surprising that a custom pair of Chuck Taylors, which are solidified as a fashion staple, ended up on the list when it was released in limited quantities and attached to the Off-White name.

At a price tag of just $130, you can still make nearly 10x on your original investment per pair purchased, which would surely give you enough left over to keep a pair or two if you knew how to get multiple pairs.


4. Adidas x Pharrell Human Race “Holi” : Blank Canvas, Pink Glow, Black

yeezy mafila Pharrell NMD HU Trail 2018 Blank Canvas
Pharrell NMD HU Trail 2018 Blank Canvas, the most profitable of the Human Races in longer term 2018. Courtesy Yeezy Mafia.

Pharrell Williams is a recording artist whose eye for trend and swag goes well beyond music.

With close friends in the fashion world like Nigo of BAPE, Pharrell doesn’t just do clothing unless it’s hype.

The Pharrell Human Race x Adidas is no exception, with recent iterations dropping in many pairs during January and February of 2018, with price ranges peaking at more than double the retail price of $250 for a nice profit.

5. Nike Air Jordan 1 NRG Metallic Gold

The 2018 Metallic Gold Air Jordan 1 OG NRG
Sneakernews.com provided the image of this rare and shiny 2018 Metallic Gold Air Jordan 1, one of the few Jordans that look expensive even for those who don’t know about shoes.

Most shoes that sneakerheads like and pay plenty of money for shoes that pretty much look like much cheaper versions of the shoes to the outsider.

In rare cases however, the shoe looks expensive to everyone, and in the case of the Air Jordan 1 Gold Metallic NRG, with its shiny gold and patent leather, the shoe certainly looks what it cost.

Price highs of $900-$1000 were seen last year when they dropped at Complexcon, contributing to a five figure month for shoe resellers at the end of last year.

6. Adidas Dame 4 “Bape”: Black, Red, Camo

The Bape x Adidas Dame 4 Camo
The Bape x Adidas Dame 4 dropped in February 2018, here we see it in the popular green camo variation.

Japanese streetwear brand BAPE has long been in the spotlight with its signature camo, and to throw it on a sweet pair of celebrity endorsed shoes is certainly recipe for success and a high price tag.

A nickname of NBA All Star Damian Lillard, the Dame branded Adidas Bape shoes came out in not just one but 3 colors, with people paying up to triple the retail price of $150 to snag a pair from the few that knew how to get them.

Even to this day, $100-$200 per pair is typical after the highs and the hype settled that surrounded the initial release.

7. Adidas Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow

Yeezy 500 super moon yellow 2018
Yeezy 500 “Super Moon Yellow” shows strong price numbers in 2018 on StockX

We needed to include these 2 in the list to show that Yeezy resale is not and will never actually be dead, but it’s simply changing. Due diligence and a good knowledge base is necessary, but as seen by the consistent sales and ongoing demand that remain well over the $200 pricetag, the Yeezy Supermoon Yellow 500 is the best of the Yeezy 500 colors to drop thus far.

The next Yeezy is perhaps the best to have dropped this year, so look out for similar versions and make sure you’re educated like a Hypemaster that gets more than one pair using multiple techniques.

8. Adidas Yeezy 700 Wave Runner : Grey

ebay yeezy 700 wave runner 2018 sales
Sold listings in the middle of 2018 still remain high for the $300 Yeezy Wave Runner 700 “Grey”

With a relatively high retail price of $300, it made sense that some may have doubted a strong resale number for the Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner.

The naysayers were proven wrong as resale prices peaked at over $1,000 per pair and continue to hold strong with a support over $600, more than double your money per pair.

Throughout the year and through the future, this Yeezy 700 Wave Runner in Grey will hold strong as a potentially wearable investment.

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9. Nike Air Jordan 1 Yellow Ochre (also Clay Green, Blue Moon and Track Red)

Yellow Ochre Clay Green Blue red best hand jordan game
4 Jordan 1’s dropped at once in the spring of this year, with the most valuable of these being the “Yellow Ochre” pair. From Sneakernews.com

With a smooth matte suede tone throughout the upper of each shoe, it was a treat that Nike released 3 of these fresh kicks at once in what they named the “Best Hand In The Game” Pack.

Each color had slightly varying rarity, but by far the most limited with the highest price tag was the golden mustard toned “Yellow Ochre” pair.

Highs of $450 were seen, and people are still paying $300-$400 depending on size and source, which is a nice margin over the initial pricetag of $160 for the Yellow Ochre pair.

All other colors still see a margin of about $50-$100, with the Track Red color being more valuable than the Blue Moon and Clay Green colors.

10. Nike Air Jordan 17 Retro Low “Solefly” Lighting

Air Jordan 17 "Solefly" 2002 2018 Release
The Air Jordan Retro 17 Low “Solefly” in a bold lightning yellow color. Image courtesy www.sneakerbardetroit.com

Miami’s world class reputation as a city is partially driven both by its basketball team in addition to its bright and colorful art scene.

With a pair of shoes that checks all the boxes of what makes the city so good, Miami based retailer Solefly released another throwback version of one of the most famous pair of Jordans of the early 2000’s: the Air Jordan Retro 17 Low “Solefly” Lightning.

Aftermarket prices remain at about double the initial retail price of $225 as this shoe will continue to be popular for all sneaker collectors both new and old as a wardrobe staple.

11. Nike Off-White Vapormax 2018

The Nike Air Vapormax x Off-White in both black white 2017 2018
Both the black and white versions of the Nike Air Vapormax x “Off-White” command sky high resale values over their $250 price tag. Sold listings from eBay.

Who would have known that quotation symbols of basic terms, slight deconstruction and some stitching and small patches could add loads of value to an already expensive pair of trainers?

The Air Vapormax is a newer Nike model with eye catching modern technology and appearance which was well received by fans worldwide.

Rare versions of this shoe regularly resell above the retail price, but this version takes the crown of the best Nike Air Vapormax to own to either keep or to flip.

2 different opportunities in the form of 2 different colors happened this year, with similar sky high resale values remaining strong for both black and white.

12. Nike Air Max 97/1 Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon AIr Max 1/97 record price sneakers
The very first early pair of the Sean Wotherspoon AIr Max 1/97 sneakers sold for a record price of nearly $100,000. Source: EBay.com

Last but certainly not least, actually, arguably the hottest shoe to drop all around this year, another truly unique model that we’ve never seen released with tons of hype: the Sean Wotherspoon Nike Air Max 1/ 97.

Possibly setting the tone for many other pastel toned and slightly chunky shoes to come, the hybrid model between a Nike Air Max 1 and a Nike Air Max 97, the corduroy textured and multicolored shoe is certainly attention drawing.

The very first pair available to the public sold for an unbelievable amount at nearly $100,000 on an eBay auction last year, which proved that this shoe certainly deserved to win the 2017 Nike Air Max “Vote Forward” competition that put it into production.


This list didn’t even come close to including all of the opportunities that existed this year–check out all the shoes that dropped in June alone.

And technically, there were 19 shoes in this list, including the multiple colors from the shoes that released.

Add up all the numbers, and you’ll see that if you got just one pair of each of these shoes (which made up about 30% of the shoe flipping opportunities this year), and sold at the correct timing to the right buyer at peak resale, you could have made over $8,000 this year from these examples listed alone. Forget a raise or trying to find a better paying job, shoe money is where it’s at! 😉

We’re only about halfway through the year, and 2018 will continue to remain strong with more and more releases in August and beyond that will be valuable opportunities for those in the know.

With the correct knowledge from the Hypemaster Playbook, readers have reported getting multiple pairs and setting up a sneaker business using the strategies taught.

Even if it isn’t your end goal to be slinging shoes forever, selling sneakers is an excellent vehicle for exercising transferrable skills in entrepreneurship and in life, including customer service, developing relationships and repeat clients, and scaling and intelligent investing.

We’re on a fun ride and we invite you to hop on, feel free to check out the many other blog posts and resources we have as well, subscribe to our email list and get a free preview today if you haven’t already!




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