2018 has been an amazing year for sneaker fans and resellers alike, and at not even halfway through at the time of this writing, we have already seen a shocking amount of high resale price sneakers that those with the correct knowledge were able to profit off of.

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Here’s a list of the very best.

With the exception of the Balenciagas, each of these shoes had a retail price tag around $200.

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Justin Timberlake Air Jordan 3

Justin timberlake superbowl sb 52 2018 shoes ebay
Some prices that eBay resellers were commanding of this $200 pair of shoes.

The first significantly expensive shoe this year came early on and was a surprise release, just like some of the best shoes to drop like the Red Octobers in 2014 which went into the five figure range.

A number of lucky individuals were able to take advantage of this occasion and were able to receive a 10x or 1000% return on their investment, which is incredibly not just for shoes but for anything else business related.

Justin Timberlake wore these shoes at the Superbowl, and they were the first Nike Jordan shoes of their kind to have a swoosh mark on the side in addition to being a Retro 3.

Although Nike was one of the first shoes this year to hit the four figure comma level pricetag on the resale market, Adidas and Yeezy were quick to follow with this next shoe.

Yeezy 500 Desert Rat “Super Moon”

Kim Kardashian Desert rat 500
Kim Kardashian wearing an early pair of the Desert rat 500. From YeezyTalkWorldwide on Twitter.

Kanye has been pushing the boundaries in everything he does, and in that sense he is a true artist, one who isn’t afraid to be bold.

As shocking and controversial as the original Kanye West x Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost high was, Kanye pushed the boundaries even further by bringing shoe silhouettes that are normally seen as ugly and made it into its whole trend.

One of the first to capture the “Dad shoe” trend that is catching on quickly in 2018 was the Yeezy 500 Desert Rat.

Hitting resale values comfortably over $1000 and at a retail of just $220, the “Super Moon Yellow” Yeezy Desert Rat was a hot commodity, mostly due to its heavy marketing from both the Kardashians and Ye’s social media and paparazzi photos.

Pharrell Human Race Holi Festival Pack

The rainbow cloud shoe: Adidas x Pharrell "Holi" NMD HU Trail
The rainbow cloud shoe: Adidas x Pharrell “Holi” NMD HU Trail. From https://sneakerbardetroit.com/adidas-nmd-hu-trail-holi-ac7034-release-date/

Another musician/designer to strike a deal with Adidas is Pharrell Williams, who this year released a loud series of shoes in tie dye colors paying homage to the Indian Holi Festival of Colors.

Although these didn’t command the highest prices, they fetched highs of $600+ which was more than double what their retail price was.

Off-White Air Jordan 1 “White”

The Nike Air Jordan 1 Off-White 2018 in White by Virgil Abloh. Via Sneakernews.com

Fashion designer Virgil Abloh was appointed as the head designer of Louis Vuitton’s menswear line in March of 2018, and this may have been due to LV noticing Abloh’s golden touch on other brands, particularly with Nike.

Virgil’s brand Off-White is a staple in the streetwear world despite its relatively new presence.

The Off-White Air Jordan 1 in all white released in Europe and was lucrative for resellers who cashed in over $1500, leaving a juicy margin over its $190 pricetag.

Off-White Vapormax

Air Vapormax "Off-white" white 2018
Air Vapormax “Off-white” white 2018. From Highsnobiety.com

Another hot Off-White shoe to hit the market this year was the Nike Air Vapormax.

Even if you missed this pair, which fetched $1000 at its peak at a $250 retail, you’ll have many more opportunities to get one or multiple pairs (I have a friend who got 6 pairs of the Vapormax’s on the release day at retail using the insider techniques taught in the Hypemaster Playbook.), just sign up for our free email list at the bottom of this article that begins with a preview of the Hypemaster Playbook.

Jordan Retro 1 High Think 16 (“Pass the Torch”)

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Think 16 Pass the torch
Air Jordan 1 Pass the Torch from stockx.com

All that glitters isn’t gold, but for these shiny chrome finished Jordans, people were paying up as if it was a real precious metal.

These unique limited release sneakers had a retail price of $160 but were still one of the pricier shoes to release to date.

Not all expensive shoes look like they are worth what you paid for them if you’re an ordinary person out of the loop, but these shoes are certainly flashy enough to justify the pricetag for a lot of people.

Balenciaga Triple S “Bred” Red and Black

balenciaga triple s bred 01 960x640 1

Continuing the trend that Kanye West may have started (it’s debatable who was first), the Balenciaga Triple S is probably the king of “dad shoes” and is uglier by most people’s standards.

Not only do these kicks weigh a whopping 0.8kg (2 pounds), they hit the wallet heavily too at a retail price of nearly $900.

Even with the astronomical price tag, these black and red (“Bred”) sneakers sold out quickly, leaving some fans paying $1400-$1500 to get their hands on these chunky things.

Jordan Retro 1 Satin Shattered Backboard.

Screen Shot 2018 05 04 at 3.11.02 PM

It’s an interesting phenomenon when Nike releases a pair of shoes that’s meant only for girls, but guys want them too.

Keep an eye out for the next time this happens, because it may cause a similar frenzy particularly in the Women’s sizes that are large enough to be average men’s shoes.

The Satin Shattered Backboard Nike Air Jordan Retro 1’s are the most recent example of this trend of wanting what you can’t have, and the market was red hot enough to make it to this list of the most expensive shoes to release to date.


These are just a handful of the top hottest shoes with the highest resale value that hit the market so far in 2018.

With more models and exciting news to come, you should look forward to profiting off of many releases. For a more extensive list of releases, check out this post on the top money making sneakers of Q2 2018 and subscribe below to our email list which includes a free preview of the Hypemaster Playbook.

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