July was a decent month for shoe resellers and investors across America and the world who are fans of rare shoes like Nike Jordan and Adidas.

High priced models released last month, like the Air Max 1/ Air Spiridon collab with Parra, and the Off White Presto in Black – two of the best sneakers of the year.

August 2018 is a hotter month for resellers, with more models that will give a much higher return on investment for those who have the techniques and skills to acquire at least one pair of shoes for the retail price straight from the source.

We’re in the last month of the summer sneaker releases, so let’s make it count!

The wrap up is looking good for the back to school season.

Here are the best limited release sneakers that will command resale value in the month of August 2018:

1 – Off White x Nike Air Presto (White) – Friday August 3rd 2018

stockx off white nike jordan
The Off-White Nike Air Presto in white, from StockX.com

Retail – $160

Peak Resell – $750

Potential Profit – $590

Here we have the first release of August, an important one for sneaker resellers and fans worldwide.

Hype for the fashion brand OFF-WHITE is at an all time high right now, with the last Off White Prestos in black that released a few days ago at the time of this writing at the end of July holding a steady resell price of around $750.

It’s no wonder they command such value: they are a unique and beautiful shoe, featuring Virgil Abloh’s distinct styling and deconstruction of the shoe.

We can basically guarantee that these sneakers will not resell for below for under $650, and can see highs close to $1000 on top of the retail price tag of $160.

This is an easy way to make 4 times your money, just by buying a pair of sneakers, and knowing the correct channels to sell them, often very quickly.

Good luck buying these at retail however– they will sell out in seconds, and only those in the know with multiple techniques will be able to grab at least one pair.

2 – adidas Futurecraft 4D x Invincible – Saturday August 4th 2018

Adidas Futurecraft 4D Invincible stockx
Early pairs of the Adidas Futurecraft 4D Invincible selling for thousands – stockx.com

Retail – $300

Peak Resell – $2000

Potential Profit – $1700

It’s a dream of every reseller to make over $1000 in profit with one shoe release.

Well, wouldn’t you like to make nearly $2000 in one sale?

I definitely would!

With this pair, it is not only possible, but already happening for those who have the connect to secure early pairs.

Taiwanese brand Invincible are combining with adidas’ newest shoe silhouette/technology, Futurecraft 4D.

However, unless you live in Taiwan, the chances of you copping this shoe are slim to none, as they are beings released in a pop up shop on Saturday 4th August.

I can’t lie, I’m tempted to go on a ‘holiday’ to Taiwan just to cop these beautiful sneakers!

However, you may have a plug in Taiwan that might hook you up. I’d recommend reading our paid guide, the Hypemaster’s playbook for how to go about getting a plug.

It’s also worth having the extensive knowledge base that you can be aware of releases like this if you happen to be in the area where these location specific sneaker releases occur.

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3 – Nike Air Force 1 x Travis Scott “Sail” – Friday August 10 208

travis scott air force 1 low release sail price
From Nike.com, rapper Travis Scott has a clean but flashy take on the classic Air Force 1 Low

Retail – $150

Peak Resell – $300

Potential Profit – $150

Travis Scott, the celebrity artist is arguably in the peak of the limelight right now. In addition to being a new father of a daughter with uber-celeb Kylie Kardashian, he recently dropped a new album called Astroworld that received much publicity and acclaim.

Riding the wave of the spotlight even more, he is re-releasing another pair of Nike Air Force 1’s that sold out instantly and commanded a huge price tag at the end of last year.

This specific model, the “Sail” color of Nike’s Air Force 1 has multiple checks that the wearer can customize for a unique look. Don’t be surprised if you take an L on this one, but it’s worth a shot for sure!

4 – Adidas NMD “Printed Series” NYC- Saturday August 11 2018

Adidas nmd nyc printed
Adidas NMD NYC is debuting a printed series

Retail – $150

Peak Resell – $300

Potential Profit – $150

The Adidas NMD is one of the most comfortable and coveted models made by the brand.

With its boost technology and clean look, it is a daily staple trainer for sneakerheads everywhere.

For the first time ever, a bold printed series is releasing that is NYC themed in limited quantities. The hype surrounding the release in combination with the low amount of shoes dropping is the perfect recipe for a 100% return on investment for those who want to flip these.

4 – Jordan Legacy 312 ‘Trainer 3 Medicine Ball’ – Saturday August 11 2018

nike jordan medicine ball 312 goat
The sneaker that is a hybrid of many different models- the Nike Air Jordan “312” – goat.com

Retail – $160

Peak Resell – $350

Potential Profit – $190

The maker of the ‘Just Don’ clothing line, Don C is also the man behind one of the most sought after Jordan models in 2018 – the Jordan Legacy 312.

The name 312 refers to its hybrid design of different shoe models: the Air Jordan 1 and 3, and the Nike Air Alpha Force 2.

Past releases in other colors earlier this year proved successful, which is why we remain confident about the resale price, as they had over 200% resell at their peak.

The ‘Medicine Ball’ version will be releasing along with 2 other colors, ‘Hot Lava’ and ‘Force Volt’, which will also hold at least some resale value.

Make sure to buy these on August 11, as they will be an easy flip and a fast sale!

5 – Air Vapormax 95 Neon – Thursday August 16 2018

Nike Air Max 95 with an Air Vapormax Sole (Neon Colourway
For the first time ever, we see a Nike Air Max 95 with an Air Vapormax Sole (Neon Colourway) – highsnobiety.com

Retail – $190

Peak Resell – $275

Potential Profit – $85

Nike’s new trend that is proving a smash hit for both shoe fans and resellers alike in 2018 is putting 2 different silhouettes together and creating a new shoe.

Some beautiful new models have been created, such as the Air Vapormax Plus and the Sean Wotherspoon Air Max 97/1.

The Air Vapormax 95 Neon is a highly anticipated blend that is debuting in August.

It will have the classic yellow and black neon upper of the Air Max 95, with the extremely comfortable and futuristic Vapormax air unit.

Make sure to grab a pair, whether it’s for personal or reselling!

5 – KITH x Converse x Coca Cola Chuck Taylor Pack- Saturday August 18 2018

ronnie fieg chuck taylor kith coca cola converse 2018
From KITH creator Ronnie Fieg, the Coca Cola Converse Chuck Taylor

Retail – $150

Peak Resell – $300+

Potential Profit – $150

StockX Kith Coca Cola Converse Denim 2017
The last time this release happened, it commanded prices in the thousands and still does to this day. (StockX.com)

Chuck Taylor Converses, which many still don’t know are actually owned by Nike, have been a wardrobe staple for years but are gaining popularity, especially in the luxury fashion market this year, most notably with the Off-White Chuck Taylors that went for as high as $2,000, more than 10x the retail price of $130.

NYC Based streetwear brand KITH has done a number of expensive and well designed sneaker releasees that sold out, and this recently announced collaboration with Converse and Coca Cola is no exception.

Even though these will be released in many different colors and quantities on Saturday August 18 2018, they’ll probably sell out quickly so it would be wise to learn the techniques for acquiring a pair so you an greatly increase your chances of getting a pair at the retail price so you can either keep or sell.

5 – adidas NMD Hu Pharrell ‘Solar Pack Red/ Orange’ – Saturday August 18 2018

solar red orange pack Pharrell NMD stockx
The colourful and comfortable Adidas Hu x Pharrell NMD – stockx.com

Retail – $250

Peak Resell – $450

Potential Profit – $200

The multi-talented Pharrell Williams has had a very long and successful relationship with German sportswear giant adidas.

The pair have released multiple models of shoes, that almost always resell, sometimes for eye-wateringly high amounts.

The two colors of this month for Pharrell x adidas’ NMD are expected to create much hype in the bright and bold “Solar Pack” in Orange and Red.

They will be releasing on adidas on the 18th August 2018.

6 – Nike x Off-White x Serena Williams “Queen” Air Max 97 – Monday August 20 2018

Nike Air Max 97 Off White Serena Williams 2018
Nike Air Max 97 Off White Serena Williams 2018 from Hypebae


Retail – $190

Peak Resell – $1500

Potential Profit – $1310

You are absolutely not alone if you want to learn how to buy this pair of Off-White Nikes, let alone any pair.

With the highest average resale value of nearly 10x nearly every time they release, these enviable shoes designed by Virgil Abloh are incredibly profitable and fashionable, so even if you want to keep a pair it’s good to learn how to acquire them for the retail price which is significantly less as you can see in the difference between the retail and peak resell values listed above. This rainbow fade color exclusive to star tennis player Serena Williams is so rare that it’s almost guaranteed that it will sell for above $1,000, if even for a little bit.

*Post release update*

These turned out being one of the most sought after and profitable releases of all of 2018, and they were available on the SNKRS app. Check out the values below on eBay:

Serena williams off white august 2018 resale values ebay
Serena williams off white august 2018 resale values, from ebay.com


7 – Adidas Ultraboost ‘A Kind of Guise’ – Saturday August 25 2018

new adidas ultraboost kind of guise
Adidas Ultra Boost has a new look with Kind of Guise–from Adidas.com

Retail – $250

Peak Resell – $750

Potential Profit – $500

Rather than blending old models and making hybrids like Nike is, Adidas is pushing the boundaries and creating hype with innovation of new variations of presently successful shoe models.

This time around, clothing brand A Kind of Guise will be collaborating with adidas to create their very own Ultraboost.

The futuristic shoe features the usual Adidas primeknit upper, but has many delicate features such as leather detailing and a rippling wave effect throughout inspired by the mediterranean coastline.

It will be releasing in “A Kind of Guise” storefronts in Germany initially, followed by an online release that anyone around the world can participate in on August 25.

Although preorders of the beige color have commanded prices of $750, the price has since dropped quite a bit.

The navy color held strong resale values, so this shows how important it is to know what color to buy:

Ultra Boost 2018 Kind Of guise adidas navy
Adidas Ultra Boost “A Kind of Guise” 2018 in Navy. Retail was $250.

Make sure to pick up this sneaker if you can!

8 – Jordan 3 Retro ‘JTH Bio Beige’ -Saturday August 25 2018

Justin Timberlake Air Jordan 3 "Beige" - stockx.com
Justin Timberlake’s latest shoe, the Justin Timberlake Air Jordan 3 “Beige” – stockx.com

Retail – $200

Peak Resell – $400

Potential Profit – $200

Nike is gladly continuing their now proven-to-be-profitable relationship with American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake (JT).

Here we see another release of the JT version of the Jordan 3, this time in a “Bio Beige” colorway.

Because Timberlake’s name and fame is closely attached to this shoe, it will definitely sell out and have some resell.

This shoe will release on the 28th August 2018, so mark the date in your calendar!

9. Nike Kobe Zoom 1 Protro x UNDEFEATED   – August 24 2018

Nike 2018 Kobe Protro 1 Undefeated
Nike 2018 Kobe Protro 1 Undefeated in green camo–a Los Angeles Exclusive

Retail – $180

Peak Resell – $400-$1000

Potential Profit – $220-$820

In honor of Kobe Bryant and his birthday, which is August 23, Nike and Kobe collaborated again for a Protro shoe model, this time with fashion brand Undefeated.

Because of the combination hype of the streetwear brand Undefeated, Kobe’s 40th birthday, and sweet camouflage colors, and the Los Angeles exclusive location (with even more specific locations like the La Brea Kobe 1 Protro Undefeated), it’s basically guaranteed that this shoe will sell for double, triple, or even more that its retail price.

Update: the Kobe 1 Protro Undefeated La Brea “Yellow Camo” ended up being one of the most expensive shoes of the year, with a resale price hovering consistently around $1000, which is far above its retail price of $180.

Nike 2018 Kobe Protro 1 Undefeated La Brea
The most expensive color from the Los Angeles drop on August 24, the “La Brea” Nike 2018 Kobe Protro 1 Undefeated

10. Dragon Ball Z x adidas ZX 500 RM Son Goku – TBA August 2018

Dragon Ball Z x adidas ZX 500 RM Son Goku
The Dragon Ball Z themed Adidas ZX 500 brings back childhood memories for many. From sneakerfiles.com

Retail – $150

Peak Resell – $250

Potential Profit – $100

Sneakers are deeply ingrained with leisure pop culture, notably Japanese gaming and anime.

Dragon Ball Z was incredibly popular for millenials and maintains its cool factor for the younger Generation X, making it the perfect ingredient for an innovative sneaker.

Adidas recognized and acted on this opportunity to marry the two cultures, and in 2018 will finally be releasing a Dragon Ball Z themed blue and orange colorway of the highly desired and super comfortable Adidas ZX 500.


If you buy just on pair of each of the shoes in this list, in August you will make an estimated $3430 in peak resale value profit (not including the Taiwanese exclusive adidas futurecraft, which would bring your total closer to $5000)…off an initial investment of $2310, which doesn’t have to be done all at once, just $150-$200 at a time then reinvested.

Simply double the amount of pairs you get, and you’re looking at over $8000 in one month, considered a good salary by just about any standards across the US or anywhere in the world.

This month may not have as many sneakers as the past few months, but there is still so much money to be made, not just this month but in the many months and years to come as the shoe resale market is established and over a decade more, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!


If you need more extensive and current help and consultation on how to cop these sneakers, or have any questions regarding the world of reselling, we have recently set up a private Discord forum group where you get insider information on releases, exclusive to those who have purchased the Hypemaster Playbook.

In the Discord group, we’ll share success stories and set goals together–but we’re capping it at a limited amount of members, and you’ll need to apply first before being approved to join so that only the best are in there.

The group is free for those who have the Hypemaster Playbook but also apply to make sure they’re serious, and the price for the premium membership in the Discord, which features advanced site monitoring restock software with push notifications for increased success for rare and profitable models is $40 per month. 

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