Discover the hyped streetwear and sneakers by OFF-WHITE, their resale values, and the story behind their prestige in modern fashion.

Few brands are as hyped (and profitable) as Virgil Abloh’s “OFF-WHITE”—a man who arguably stole Kanye West’s dream job of being Louise Vuitton’s artistic director.

Even though Virgil used to work for Kanye, his artistic prowess elevated him to even more prestigious heights. He was also an appointee of Kanye as creative director for the brand DONDA as well as artistic director for Kanye’s collaborative album with Jay-Z.

With time, however, he emulated or even surpassed his mentor and became a fashion powerhouse in the process.

Celebrities particularly have taken a liking to OFF-WHITE’s products and are often spotted rocking a pair of sneakers or apparel at various high-profile events.

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OFF WHITE Arrows Face Mask Black_White
Streetwear: OFF WHITE Arrows Face Mask Black_White

In 2021, this brand is still considered one of the hottest on the planet, surpassing even Nike on a recent list by the ‘editorialist’.

To see how special this brand remains, let me walk you through how Virgil Abloh raised this brand from the ground up, and afterward, we’ll also check out some of their products on the secondary market!

OFF-WHITE | How They Became The Hottest Brand On The Planet

After receiving his master’s in Architecture in 2006, Abloh ventured off to pursue a career in design and eventually, ended up creating Pyrex Vision.

Unlike OFF-WHITE, this brand was considered by many as unauthentic and stirred up some controversy. After closing it down, Virgil quickly started another company in 2014 known as OFF-WHITE.

The name is inspired by the grey area between black and white which translates into the fusion of streetwear and premium fashionwear.

Converse X Chuck 70s
Streetwear: Converse X Chuck 70s

Abloh created something that was original and appealed to celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike and with his price-skimming strategy and exciting collaborations, gave the brand a reputable name that was often associated with the elites of society.

To check out how hyped some of his products can be, let’s head on over to GOAT.

List of the best Streetwear Items for reselling

OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 High Chicago

  • Retail Price: $190
  • Average Resell: $5,000+
  • Release Date: Monday, 11th September 2017

This Air Jordan was released as part of Virgil and Nike’s “The 10” collection and featured various original Nike and Jordan sneakers with Abloh’s own take on each of them. This ended up being 2017’s most hyped collaboration and is sitting golden on the secondary markets.

OFF WHITE X Air Jordan 1 High Chicago
Off-White x Air Jordan 1 High Chicago Side View
Streetwear: OFF WHITE X Air Jordan 1 High Chicago

The design features typical leather construction with white side panels, toe boxes, and classic tongues.

Laces come with OFF-WHITE’s signature labels with black leather side Swooshes seemingly attached by blue stitching. Aged yellowing midsoles with “AIR” branding and red outsoles finish off the design.

On websites such as GOAT, these sneakers carry a whopping price tag of over $5,000 per pair! While this Jordan 1 may be one of the most hyped, most OFF-WHITE x Nike/Jordan collaborations are quite lucrative and continue to be highly anticipated by fans worldwide.

Off-White Mona Lisa Hoodie White

  • Retail Price: $565
  • Average Resale: $350
  • Release Date: SS21
Off White Mona Lisa Hoodie White
Streetwear: Off White Mona Lisa Hoodie White

Virgil’s infatuation with Leonardo Davinci’s finest is evident from the various Mona Lisa paintings you’ll find. This piece, in particular, was released recently with the painting printed across the chest and “OFF” placed just above in typical fashion.

The sleeves of the hoodie feature OFF-WHITE’s classic zebra stripes while a plain white hood completes the look.

Surprisingly, most off-white hoodies, because of their sky-high price tags, aren’t too profitable. These in particular are reselling for discounted prices of up to $150!

Off-White Thermo Men Sweatshirt

  • Retail Price: $585
  • Average Resell: $350
  • Release Date: FW19
Off White Thermo Men Sweatshirt Black
Streetwear: Off White Thermo Men Sweatshirt Black

This sweatshirt features a black hue with printed graphics across the chest with Off-White branding and the signature zebra stripes across the sleeves.

Similar to the hoodies, these retailed for a very high price of $585 and are selling for discounted prices on GOAT. While these items may not be good for resale, you’ll probably benefit from buying them for these prices!

Off-White x Nike Shorts White

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $130
  • Release Date: Friday, July 23rd, 2021/SS21
Off White X Nike Shorts White
Streetwear: Off White X Nike Shorts White

These relatively plain shorts feature a white shade with minimal branding.


Collaborations with Nike are seemingly always profitable but with a price tag of $100, there are not a lot of margins to be excited about.

Overall, Off-White sneakers may be the hottest on the market right now but streetwear can sometimes lag behind regarding resale potential.

Despite its high retail price tags, OFF-WHITE remains one of the hottest brands in 2021 because of its appeal to celebrities.

You can buy more OFF-WHITE hoodies, t-shirts, socks, and sneakers here on GOAT.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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