When it comes to the Billion Dollar pie, the early bird gets the worm. This saying is particularly true when it comes to sneakers, which can sell out mere seconds after the release time. It̵7;s not a secret, many of the best resellers are using the newest sneaker bots (here’s one offering free beta keys for a short time)  to get the hottest shoes like Off-White, Yeezys, Jordans, New Balance, and even Supreme

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For those who didn’t know already, selling sneakers above retail for profit is a common practice due to classic supply and demand economic laws for limited shoes.

A lot of hate is tossed towards the reselling community because of it, but no protest will stop this practice from happening. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Benjamin Kickz showing off his success through sneaker reselling. -Image via business insider
Benjamin Kickz showing off his success through sneaker reselling: Image via business insider

Kids like Benjamin Kickz and competitor Rashed Belhasa of Money Kicks are making a ton of money capitalizing simply off of sneaker reselling. This is America isn’t it? The land of entrepreneurship. Selling sneakers is one of the best ways to learn entrepreneurial skills, but you must educate yourself first, especially in areas like how to purchase shoes that sell out faster than anyone can fill in a credit card number.

Most online sneaker retailers will still sell shoes at a first come, first serve basis. In the earlier days of internet based sneaker releases, simply logging on to the online retailer at the exact release time and going through the motions of a checkout was enough to secure yourself a pair.

Eventually, as the buying side became more saturated, a few innovative people decided to virtually guarantee their chances of winning a pair of shoe by completing the checkout process faster than anyone could type.

The only way to beat a human is to be a computer. To do this, they would run a program known as a sneaker bot.

Sneaker Bots

I initially didn’t want to spend the money on sneaker bots, but after multiple times of pressing my luck by logging on to the website exactly at the release time and getting shut down 98% of the time, I decided to do the research on how to use sneaker bots to “cop” rare shoes like Yeezys and limited Jordans.

Sneaker bot could potentially increase your income by a wide margin compared to manual practices.
Sneaker bots could potentially increase your income by a wide margin compared to manual practices.

As mentioned briefly before, a sneaker bot is a program that uses previously loaded information to quickly and automatically make a purchase on a website that sells sneakers, exactly at the release time.

When using a sneaker bot, your odds of securing yourself a pair is greatly increased as you’ll be putting in information faster than any human can type, which will make you an early bird at the shoe drop.

Unfortunately, using a sneaker bot isn’t as simple as buying the program and letting it do its magic.

There are a few hurdles you need to jump if you want to incorporate botting in your shoe copping strategy.

Although the price of a bot, which will run you a couple hundred dollars, will probably scare you away initially as it did for me, you will soon realize that the return on investment is much greater than the cost as using a bot can make you thousands of dollars a month and pay itself off entirely in one weekend.

So let’s get to the chase. Here I will break down the necessary steps to use a bot to nearly guarantee your purchase of one or possibly multiple of a rare pair of shoes like the Yeezy Boost or another Jordan model.

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Step 1: Know your bots

There are many bots out there. Some simply auto fill your information and you’ll have to do the rest, and these are known as auto fill bots. These bots are very cheap ($10-20) and are often simply chrome extensions.

Although they may save you a few seconds, my experience is that they’re not worth the money and some of them don’t even work.

Another type of bot, which is also commonly just a Google Chrome extension is an add to cart bot. Instead of logging into the website, finding the shoe, and clicking the add to cart button, this bot will automatically put your shoe and size of choice directly into your shopping cart, shaving off precious seconds in the checkout process.

These kind of bots also fall on the cheaper side of under $30 or even free if you know the right person, but they don’t always guarantee success.

Although both of the bots mentioned above can increase your chances when it comes to securing a pair of highly desirable shoes, if you want to be a pro at reselling sneakers, you don’t want a cheap bot that simply fills out your info or throws shoes in your shopping cart using a chrome extension. What you want is a bot that is a full on program that will perform the checkout process completely for you. This is known as an auto check out bot.

Before I describe the process of buying your own sneaker bot, it’s worth mentioning that there are auto check out services out there that are essentially selling space on their bot/program that is buying sneakers. These are auto check out services, and to use them it is as simple as paying them along with some information.

Although I have had success with these services, like RSVP Kingz and DoubleUpKicks, it is better to have more control over your personal information and in the long run it’s cheaper to pay more up front to have your own sneaker bot for buying shoes.

Step 2: Purchase a high quality, reputable bot

There are many bot options out there, and with a relatively high initial investment of a couple hundred dollars or so, it may be hard to know where to start. My advice is to pick one and follow through with it.

At the end of the day, most of these sneaker bots are the same, however, I would recommend that if you are trying for a specific brand like Nike or Adidas or even Supreme that you would buy a sneaker bot specific to the brand you want. That said, here are the top sneaker bots for securing a rare pair of shoes like Jordans or Yeezys.

Another Nike Bot is one of the most popular bots out there, and for a reason. Just check their Twitter feed for success shout outs. Their customer support is on point as well and they quickly respond to questions and provide great tutorials on how to use their software.

It’s been updated that lately, Better Nike Bot has had more success than ANB–here’s our recent review on BNB.

In 2020, many new bots are being released that have high current success rates. These sneaker bots often sell out and themselves can resell for thousands of dollars more than they cost. These specific bots with the highest success rates along with the best exact sources for the necessary tools to operate these software bots are in the recently updated Hypemaster Playbook.

That said, it’s not a guarantee that their software works every time, and you need to learn how to properly set up other things in order for it to work. I’ll try and quickly go over the necessary prerequisites to running a sneaker program like Another Nike Bot or Heated Sneaks in the rest of this article.

Step 3: Proxies

Ok, now that you have your bot setup, you need to purchase proxies. Before explaining what a proxy is and how it relates to sneakers, it is good to know that if a retailer suspects that you are using a sneaker bot due to patterns that don’t line up with normal human behavior, like rapidly repeating requests for checkout processes, they will ban you from using their website, sometimes permanently. Getting shut down from a retailer is end game for reselling kicks.

Sites ban you based on your IP address, which is what identifies you as a unique internet user on your device/wifi/browser. Once your IP address is banned and is tied to your name and purchasing information, you will never be able to buy shoes from the website again. Using a sneaker bot is almost guaranteed to eventually get the IP address of the user banned, especially as websites are cracking down on bot usage.

The only way to get around this issue is to have different IP addresses, which can be had through the purchase of proxies, so if one gets banned you still have others to use, and your personal IP address is never compromised. Proxies are absolutely necessary if you want to use a sneaker bot to buy shoes. 

Step 4: Links

To use your bot, you’ll have to give it links so it knows where to go to make its purchase. There are backdoor links and early links. You can find these through twitter accounts like Just Fresh Kicks and Heated Sneaks, or you can find them browsing dedicated sneaker communities. Having these links can also help you buy the shoes without the use of sneaker bots as these links put you in a different, much shorter line for the kicks than that of the general public. 

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of how to use sneaker bots to buy rare sneakers like Yeezy’s and Jordans. Although I didn’t go over everything and definitely didn’t go super in depth, as this is meant to be more of a beginner friendly bot guide, this should give you a good base to work off of. Continue to do research online before you decide to buy a bot like Another Nike Bot, but if you do, it may be the best decision you make when it comes to becoming a real deal sneaker plug.

With more Yeezy’s coming out later this year as well as other hot releases coming like the Nike x Off White collection and Pharrell Human Race NMD’s, learning how to use sneaker bots now is something worth learning as it can pay off big time before the year ends.

DISCLAIMER: Although bots are an amazing tool when it comes to buying and selling sneakers, they don’t always work and are expensive. Have more tools under your belt. Check out the post How to Buy Limited Sneakers online: Best Manual Practices for how to secure rare kicks using techniques that are absolutely free.

The full 5 part, highly reviewed and recently updated for 2019 Hypemaster Playbook(which you can get here), in addition to many other areas of shoe flipping knowledge, also discusses all the details of more bots and specific proxies and servers and how to set up your bot for success

Take care and I wish you all the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sneaker bots illegal?

While there are no laws about owning or using a bot, they are violating terms and conditions for most sites. Improper use of a bot can result in a page ban if you are not careful.

Are sneaker bots safe?

Sneaker bots are safe to own, buy and resell, but using one can be just as safe as unsafe depending on your knowledge about them. It’s highly recommended to get educated about how to use a bot before actually stepping in and using it since this could lead to a site ban.

Are sneaker bots free?

There are some bots that you can get for free, but the chances of you getting banned from sites with this tool are higher the likelihood of you getting a pair of shoes with this bot.

Do Sneaker Bots really work?

Sneaker bot is the number one tool in reselling, without one, it is hard to make a living as the raffle system prevents you from getting multiple pairs of shoes. Sneaker bots do work, but you won’t find much success with a free one.

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