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We̵7;ll begin by talking a little bit about the background of the app/website!

Suplexed provides buyers and sellers of sneakers, streetwear, and other collectible goods with price aggregation and comparison tools via a mobile app and website.

Currently, Suplexed offers product and price information on a wide array of brands including Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Jordan, Yeezy, Off-White, and more from online marketplaces such as StockX, GOAT, eBay, Flight Club, and Stadium Goods.

Suplexed was founded in 2017 by Chicago-based entrepreneur Alan Wehbi, a professional seller of sneakers, tickets, and other high-demand consumer goods when he saw the need for a price comparison tool to help buyers and sellers find the best online deals for high-end sneakers. 

Wehbi partnered with co-founder Can “Jon” Cinar, an Istanbul-based software engineer, to design and build the app and companion websites.

With well over 200K downloads and a 4.8 star average (on the Apple store), Suplexed has certainly been making huge waves in the sneaker game, so how can you use it to increase your profit?

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Image via Google Play

So after learning about what Suplexed is, you’re probably asking, “How do I use the app?”

When you first open the application, you’re met with the home page where there are a couple of options.

First, you have the option to browse. Here you have different parameters that you can use to search for sneakers, streetwear, or collectibles. Taking a look at the image below you’ll see that you can search by model, size, and price.

One of the many awesome features of this app is there is a button that allows you to search for shoes that are currently selling for under retail!

You also have the option to look at top sellers. If you are a reseller, this is a great place to look for the sneakers that are selling the most.

Suplexed takes data from StockX, Goat, Flight Club, and Stadium Goods. These are the leaders in the sneaker game in terms of online sales! Learning what is selling right now could be huge when thinking about what shoes to invest in.

Another useful feature for all sneakerheads is the release calendar. Press this button to see all the newest releases and when they are scheduled to drop!

Image via Suplexed

One of the coolest features on the app is the ability to connect StockX and Goat accounts. 

You can actually link your resell accounts to the app, and get live updates about what sneakers are selling for on other platforms.

This is an absolute game-changer for those of you who feel like you might not be getting enough profit for all of the work you are putting in. Not only can this help you change your selling price, but this app could also change your primary selling platform.

You can actually set alarms on the app that will give you notifications every time something changes in the market of the sneaker that you set. For example, say you had a size 9 Travis Scott 1 and you wanted top dollar for it.

You could set an alarm on the app to get notifications every time a pair is bought/offered and you would be able to set your price accordingly.

Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 11.39.26 AM 1
Image via Suplexed

The reason that Suplexed has been used by hundreds of thousands of sneakerheads is primarily due to the price aggregating feature. 

This allows anyone to instantly see prices of any sneaker, from the 4 massive databases that Suplexed pulls information from.

Taking a look at the photo below, you can see Suplexed has all of the prices listed for the Adidas Yeezy 350 Zyon, a recently released pair.

Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 11.45.42 AM
Image via Suplexed

You can see that if you had a US size 8, Flight Club might be the best place to sell your pair whereas StockX is the best place to buy.

You can also see that on the left (on the website, different for the application) there is a button that says “Find on eBay”

You can click this button and it will automatically redirect you to eBay’s site where, in this case, the Yeezy 350 Zyon will come up. This will show you tons of pairs from different sellers using the eBay platform.

If you take another look at the photo above, you’ll see there are two other options to read prices: Offers and Reseller View.

Now if you click offers you’ll see what price people are prepared to buy the shoe at. Suplexed can only pull this data from StockX and Goat because Flight Club and Stadium Goods do not have an offer system.

The offer prices are in yellow below, you’ll see they are lower than the selling prices because buyers are always looking for the lowest price possible!

Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 11.48.22 AM
Image via Suplexed

If you are a reseller, you will LOVE the final feature we’ll be discussing.

It is an absolute game-changer and will most definitely help you rack up profits!

The Reseller View on Suplexed allows you to see what the payout would be if you were to sell on that platform. We’ll continue to use the Yeezy 350 Zyon as an example.

Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 11.56.32 AM
Image via Suplexed

If you scroll up to take a look at the Yeezy prices without the reseller view, you’ll see the prices that you would see on the app. However, if you are selling, those companies take percentages of the sale, which may turn you away from their platform.

For example, if at first glance it looked like you were making more of Flight Club than StockX, you might sell on Flight Club. But once you get your payment you might realize that they took much more of the profit for themselves than StockX did, leaving you with less cash.

With the reseller view, you can see exactly how much you will make after all fees. This will allow you to truly pick the best platform/service to sell your kicks on! Take a look:

Screen Shot 2020 07 23 at 11.58.20 AM
Image via Suplexed

If you haven’t already downloaded Suplexed or visited their website, I cannot stress it enough!

Suplexed is currently a hidden gem in the sneaker market and if you are able to capitalize right now, you’ll be on your way to making massive profits.

With all those little features like live alerts and being able to connect StockX/Goat accounts, Suplexed is the next big thing.

I hope you at least give the app a chance and see what it can do for you. Whether you are a reseller or just a sneakerhead looking to maximize your collection, Suplexed is the place to do it!

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Image via Suplexed


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