Unlike any other website, six figure sneakerhead not only provides a release guide but also a resale guide. What this means is that we go out of our way to cover all the latest drops and tell our readers whether they’re worth the resale or not, and if they are worth the resale then we also provide the readers with a price range.

Like stocks, sneakers can be accurately priced too. And we take pride in being one of the best. Our writers evaluate historical data of every shoe model in order to inform you about the resale value of upcoming drops.

In this article, we’ll cover how well we at six-figure sneakerhead have covered the drops in terms of resale value and accuracy. So sit back and enjoy.

Nike Lebron 17 Graffiti 


We covered this article on the 28th of May and the Lebron 17 Graffiti was released on the 5th of June. At that time on StockX, the price was artificially inflated to the north of $500 but we guided our readers on being aware of this false resale value.

graffiti resale

According to the use, the price range would most likely be between $250-$280 once the shoe got closer to the release date, and that is exactly what happened. As we can see right now, the average resale value is $259. Moreover, the resale value is also falling towards the retail price – which we also predicted on the 28th of May.

Jordan 13 Retro Flint 2020


When we covered this sneaker back in May, there was so much hype about the sneaker before its release. The resale value was going through the roof as some pairs were being sold for even $500 when the retail value was $190.

flint resale

One of our chief writers, Mohommed Yousaf, correctly evaluated the bubble in the market and advised that the actual resale value of the sneaker is likely to fluctuate around $250 when it releases. And as we can see in the Sales chart, that’s exactly what has been happening ever since the Jordan 13 Retro Flint dropped on the 30th of May.

Jordan 1 Retro High Tie Dye (W)


Jordan 1 Retro Tie Dye was probably the hottest drop of the season by Jordan for the ladies. My inbox is filled with people asking about this sneaker and I don’t blame them – it looks sick. Most complain that Nike should’ve released this in Men’s sizing as well and hey, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on these as well.

tie dye resale

Now I predicted at the start of June that the resale price of this is likely going to be in the upper echelons of $350-$400 and what can I say? I was right. Look at the Sales data! Some sales have crossed the $400 barrier but now that the hype’s reducing, the resale value is settling down to the mid $300’s.

Nike Space Hippie 04 Crimson


Nike’s innovative recycled space hippie collection has been in the news for quite a while now and with a day till its release, I’m glad to say that we were right yet again. We predicted a week ago that the resale value of the Crimson was likely to be in the $250-$350 regions. And looking at the sales data, we see that most of the sales took place in that region.

04 resale

Some lucky early sellers were able to get up to $400 but as we get closer to the release date the resale value is dropping closer to the mid $200s.

Adidas Nite Jogger


They say a penny saved is a penny earned. And at six-figure sneakerhead, we follow that philosophy close to our heart. Not only do we advise you about money makers but we also advise you against flops. Some shoes, no matter the, the hype just don’t sell well.

An example of this is the Adidas Nite Jogger. Whilst the runners love them, the resellers don’t. Simply because there doesn’t exist a market for them. We predicted that the Adidas Nite Jogger would have zero resale value in both colorways: Triple Black and Triple White.

And taking a quick look at StockX, we see that not a single resale has been made ever since the sneaker was released. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, “You’re Welcome!”.


We hope that you understand that we place a whole lot of effort into predicting the resale value. These aren’t just numbers that we derive through mid-air. The whole reason why we go through this is to provide you with actual value.

The sneaker resale game is tough and merciless. Whilst there is an opportunity for a whole load of profits to be made, there’s also a greater opportunity of losing your money. The one way to counter this is by following a set of practices that have shown success in the past and present.

Our Hypemaster Playbook was curated very carefully. Each aspect of the sneaker resale game is talked about in detail within this guide. This guide will teach you the fundamentals of identifying hot drops and then converting them into a sale for a profit.

Moreover, if you want additional help and tips, you can always join our cook group. A place where we share valuable insider information with our most devoted and successful followers.

Lastly, make sure that you follow us on Instagram for all the latest shock drops and resale value guides.

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Haider first discovered the sneaker market a few years back by accident and has ever since been intrigued by how the market flows and moves. His favorite sneaker is the Jordan 1.


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