Sneakers are gradually being recognized as a separate class of assets due to their immense values and reselling them has frequently been proven as a highly lucrative business. Thus finding out release dates has become crucial for resellers but luckily, there are a lot of options to choose from. Today, we’re going through the Best Ways To Find Sneaker Release Dates.

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Although there are many ways to look for sneaker release dates, which ones are the quickest, most reliable, and the most cost-effective? Let’s find out!

Sneaker Launch Calendars

Pretty much every website that’s associated with sneakers has its very own sneaker launch calendar. There, you can frequently check out all of the release dates that have been confirmed or updated which can be pretty helpful.

Nike adidas yeezy converse sneaker calander via Majestyk Apps
Via Majestyk Apps

First up, and perhaps the best free application for finding out sneaker release dates is the Nike SNKRS app.


Nike SNKRS app commercial saying Your Ultimate Sneaker Source "Introducing The Nike Sneakers App" - Image via SNKRS
Image via Nike

Fewer things are more exciting than a hyped Nike SNKRS exclusive drop or restock. The Nike SNKRS app also notifies you about exciting new releases and shock drops so you can prepare yourself and your bot for a very lucrative copping spree.

There are also more perks associated with having the Nike SNKRS app which is elaborated more deeply in our article. Not only will you get access to information about brand new SNKRS drops but you’ll also get free shipping if you become a member on

Since Nike does have one of the most hyped sneaker releases out there, what better place to look for drops than their very own app?


Grailify app showcase via Smartphonemag
Grailify app From SmartphoneMag

Keeping up with sneaker release dates from all kinds of companies such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, and Puma isn’t easy. However, apps like Grailify do a great job of simplifying and filtering release dates so you’re always updated.

This application keeps an extensive database of thousands upon thousands of sneakers including high-resolution 360° images. The key features of this app include instant notifications about brand new sneaker releases as well as restocks.

As a sneakerhead, brand new releases isn’t all that you should look for as re-stocks can also be quite lucrative, given the right sneaker.

Grailify is free to use and ad-free which is a huge bonus for people that are annoyed by frequent adverts plaguing their screens. You can also get access to important sneaker news and updates regarding the industry.

As a small plus, Grailify also offers a unique feature where you can virtually try on close to a hundred sneakers. This augmented reality feature is a treat for those that can’t decide what sneakers would look better on their feet.

Kicks On Fire

Image on multiple nike releases on Kicks on fire via Softonic
From Softonic

One of the most popular sneaker apps for resellers is Kicks On Fire which offers a lot of valuable information about sneakers. The application is super user-friendly and easy to understand and shows release dates for a whole lot of sneakers. It does miss a few release dates here and there but for the most part, Kicks On Fire is a pretty solid app.

The home screen is divided into various sub-sections including a “what’s popular” page. The name and release dates are clearly stated with high-resolution images when you click on a particular sneaker.

A lot of sneakerheads consider this to be a “Must-Have”, simply because of the simplicity it offers and also the option to buy sneakers. Although I agree with the user-friendly interface, there are still definitely better options out there, let’s move on to something more serious!

Sneaker Monitors

3 different nike sneakers saying got em, indicating a won raffle.
Image via Winners Circle

For those who don’t know, sneaker monitors provide a cheaper alternative (in some cases) to bots that cop sneakers instantly from various raffles online.

It includes a collection of web monitors that inform the user(s) about hyped restocks, releases dates, and cancellations. This gives users an edge over other fans as they have access to instant information, allowing them to secure shock drops and surprise releases easily.

Although they’re still not as effective as bots, a little bit of crucial information can go a long way. The business for these monitors is going well for a reason, they actually help people secure hyped sneakers. Below is a list of a few popular ones that you can check out.

Zephyr Monitors

Zephyr monitor showcase. Image via Zephyr
Image via Zephyr

One of the most popular sneaker monitors is likely Zephyr Monitors and although they’re extremely efficient, it’s going to cost you a lot to get a monthly subscription.

The range of websites that this monitor frequently checks is extremely wide, covering almost every major sneaker retailer under the sun. Some of the websites that they cover include:

Shopify Filtered (Including kith, DSM)
Shopify Filtered EU
Shopify Discounts
Shopify Unfiltered
Shopify No Stock
Adidas US
Adidas CA
Adidas EU
– Pooky
– Shopify checkpoint
– Shopify antibot
Loaded product monitors
Nike US
Nike CA
Nike JP
Nike CN
Nike GB
Nike SG
Nike DE
Nike RU

This Monitor can also connect to a wide range of different bots which can be very useful to a lot of resellers.

The major downside to this Monitor, however, is that it’s exceedingly difficult to use due to the complex interface as well as the mechanics it uses. It will definitely take some getting used to!

Moreover, perhaps the major drawback to subscribing is the whopping price tag of $800 a month! So it’s likely not worth getting on your own and should be paid for by members of any group if you want to maximize your profits. Although they do offer a price match discount from those transferring from a different service, it’s still quite expensive.


image of geej monitor website. Image via geej
Image via geej

geej is a Slack-based monitor group that offers important information regarding restocks and release dates with individual monitors also available. Making it much more affordable for individuals, unlike with the Zephyr Monitor.

The subscription for this service will cost you $60/month which is still quite expensive. It does, however, support the majority of sneaker release websites include a few lesser-known ones. It’s also bot compatible but not required as geej has plenty of users that are doing it manually.

Although this is a cheaper alternative to some other monitors, there still are less costlier alternatives that provide more value with highly effective sneaker monitors.

A Better Alternative

The Winner’s Circle, our SFS Cook Group, offers a great alternative to expensive and complex sneaker monitors. Providing crucial information to members at the fraction of the cost. All while also allowing users access to high-end sneaker monitors and monthly cash giveaways up to $175 USD.

For only $40/month, our cook group has enabled many members to cop multiple sneakers including super-limited Nike SB Dunks and multiple Playstation 5s and graphic cards.

All the information you’ll need is provided right in front of you and every sneaker drop is updated frequently. You’ll never have to search up sneaker releases yourself ever again as this Cook Group will be all that you need. To top it all of, the one-on-one support team is always available and super understanding, catering to the needs of new resellers that need extra guidance.

The Six Figure Sneakerhead Winner’s Circle is also the best way to find sneaker release dates. All the hyped releases, along with important information will be made available as soon as it’s available, including valuable insider knowledge!

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