Many people who are into the sneaker flipping business are now also getting into a different game of flipping cards. With sneakers, you might be able to buy a limited number of pairs, which you might later flip for profit, but with cards, you can get a much higher volume according to your budget.

You might be thinking, Why does a piece of plastic card worth so much? We all indeed have this question at some point, but some people would pay good money for these things, maybe because it’s their hobby to collect or they need that retro edition card just to add to their personal collection or for the Nostalgia.

Buying sports cards is more of a gamble these days. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a high-value signature card in the pack of cards, or you’ll end up with the basic ones.

What are NBA panini cards?

Panini is an Italian company founded in 1961. The company produces many products like books, comics magazines and the relevant of them all, trading cards.

NBA Panini cards are NBA licensed trading cards featuring pictures of rising stars and famous players like Kobe Bryant. Some of them are shiny with different color grades and patterns which hold more value, like LeBron James’s special signed card. Panini has different types of cards under different categories like:

  • Panini Prizm Basketball Cards (Most Profitable)


  • Panini Select Basketball Cards


  • Panini Flawless

    Panini Flawless

  • National Treasure Basketball Hobby Box

    2019 20 Panini National Treasures Basketball Hobby

  • And Many more


NBA Panini Cards Resale Value on StockX and Grading?

Before diving into these trading cards’ resale value, it is important that they are PSA approved. You send your cards to PSA, and they grade your card based on its condition and quality and then grade it accordingly. PSA 10 means that the card is in the best condition, and this will add more value to the card, but only if it’s a profitable card like this one:

s l640 1
Via e-bay
Zion Williamson Panini Prizm Card – PSA 10 Grade Gem Mint


Resale Value on StockX

StockX has various NBA Panini cards listed, and there is no fixed resale value of any product. The prices vary depending on the cards’ grades, popularity the card has, and the retro models are priced higher. For example, the Zion Williamson PSA 10 Grade Rookie Silver has an average resale price of $995 on StockX, and the same card’s basic version from Draft Picks has an average resale price of $54.

Some NBA Panini Cards Listed on StockX
Some NBA Panini Cards Listed on StockX


Feeling lucky? You can also test your luck by purchasing hobby boxes from StockX, and if you’re lucky, you might get one of the rare cards that would go on sale for thousands of dollars and even recover the money you spent on the hobby box or might even generate profit over that. Do check for authenticity before purchasing!

Different prices for different versions, The Draft Picks go for relatively less and have a low resale price, while hobby boxes have high resale prices due to their chance of getting something unique from the box.


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