7/">2017 wrapped up super strong, marking the growth of the $1 billion after market share for individual reselling sneakers, but it is getting more and more competitive to do so in 2018.

Check out posts like this beginner’s guide and keep reading on to learn to flip shoes like a boss!

With so many new models releasing, including the most Yeezy’s to release in history in a year, it is hard knowing which models are worth reselling. A lot of newbies are also coming on and saturating the market with their offers. Fakes also are becoming significantly better and more convincing, giving fear to some buyers.

However, with the correct research, and with Jordans becoming harder to buy in 2018, you will profit from the correct knowledge, and learn how to flip like a pro.

As a newbie, you should not ignore this information. Yes, this isn’t 2014 anymore, where every Jordan that dropped was worth a $100 profit each weekend, and where $20,000 Yeezy’s were flowing hot through the market. Fortunately, with the correct knowledge, one can still profitably participate in 2017 and onwards.

Before you go and pull the trigger on a release, you need to put in the necessary research to know if you’re buying a winner or not. A lot of people jump in and get way too excited and impatient and they go out and buy the first pair of kicks that they see, then they try and sell them and either lose money or are unable to sell them. It’s because they’re buying the wrong kicks.

You need to buy what people want so that you know that it will sell.

Always put your money in sure bets, minimizing your risk to practically nothing.

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That said, here are a few tips on how to know which shoes are worth reselling this year:

1. Check the ratings on sneaker news websites

  • Websites like Kicks on Fire and Sneakernews have ratings out of 5 or 10. Kicks with high ratings are likely to have resale value. Also, check the comments sections of such websites and see what kind of stuff people are saying. Be on the lookout for fire emojis, people drooling over the kicks, and speaking in a tone of desperate envy and desire. Some people even comment that they are expecting to pay resale price (a usually significant markup over retail) for the shoes. All of these are good signs that you’ll be buying something that will sell for a good price.
  • You can also look at hot sneaker or fashion Instagram accounts and judge by the likes and comments of an upcoming release whether or not a model is worth buying to flip.

2. Go on eBay to research preorders

  • Simply search the model that you’re thinking about buying, name + “preorder”, and you will see listings. Gauge the amount of listings, if it’s more than 10 or so, that’s a good sign. If the prices are all pretty much the same and more than $50 over retail, it’s worth buying the shoes.
  • Expert tip: you can toggle the filters on eBay to show which listings have actually sold.
ebay sold completed listing tool
How to use eBay sold/completed listing tool

3. Immerse yourself in the community and network!

  • Talk to people . You’ll start to get an idea of hot shoes. You can also become a personal hookup for someone that needs shoes and know for sure that it’s worth buying a pair to resell because you have a guaranteed customer.

You’ll want to have a good idea of the sneakerhead culture and history, so it would be worth building up a good knowledge data base all about kicks that those who respect sneakers like if you want to get to the next level in the shoe business.

Let’s take a moment a follow these steps to find a good preorder that you can flip today.

Since I have been selling sneakers for a while, I have a decent idea of what shoes are hot or not. Asking around in the community, I had heard a lot of talk about the Jordan 1 “Game Royal” releasing on March 24 2018.

Let’s have a look at the rating from sneakernews.com:

Air Jordan 1 "Game Royal" 2018
Air Jordan 1 “Game Royal” 2018 rating from Sneakernews.com

4.36 out of 5 is pretty hot, so that’s a good sign. But a high rating doesn’t always mean resale value.

I like flipping Air Jordan 1’s because at $160, they have a low retail price for Jordans, so there is a higher margin when you are often selling on platforms like eBay or Stockx that will take an average 10% cut. Air Jordan 1’s also have a lot of hype around them since they’re the first Jordan shoes to release so they command attention when a brand new color drops.

Ok, let’s check the market value on eBay, by typing in the model name + preorder, which in this case is Air Jordan 1 Game Royal.

At the current time of this writing, it’s about 1 month before its release of March 24 2018:

2018 air jordan 1 game royal
Preorders of the 2018 Air Jordan 1 on eBay.

Cool! There are tons of preorders already present on eBay, even one month before the release day. It looks like the average price is around $300, and that there are plenty of listings and bidding action on pairs before the release day.

Doing continued preorder research during the beginning of the week that the shoes will drop is a necessary strategy in this business. It will give you a good idea of whether or not it is worth it to try to secure a certain pair of shoes.

Now we see how getting 1 pair of shoes can easily secure one over $100 in profit!

Do this every weekend and it can pull you in an extra $400-500 per month part time, enough to cover a car payment or a student loan. Imagine being able to get multiple of these shoes, and doing it every weekend.

This article is just a taste of the advanced strategies that are discussed in the exclusive 5 part Hypemaster Playbook, recently updated for 2018, where you can learn to become a sneaker flipping master. You can use these tools to resell sneakers in 2018 and beyond!

Tools and resources are only getting better and with enough consistency and effort, one can scale business to higher and higher levels! (for more inspiration: Check out the post The Journey to over $10,000 per month reselling sneakers).

2019 is full of amazing releases, like multiple Air Jordan 1’s in addition to Off Whites and Travis Scotts hat will sell for huge amounts of profit, as well as a number of $1000+ shoes that are laid out in this post on Top Sneakers with increased resale value in 2019.

Well that’s it guys, and as always, good luck and I wish you all the best!

Take care,


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JV was inspired to start Six Figure Sneakerhead after having more people asking questions than he could answer about sneaker reselling when they saw the success he was having. His intention is to create the top resource for sneaker resale education worldwide and loves to see when customers succeed, and he's always accepting feedback for all offerings which are constantly updated to suit the customer needs and the current times.

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  1. Marcus

    Is the guide still available

    1. admin

      Yes! On this page is the link to buy.

  2. Vic

    Awesome article JVG!
    How does this Pre-order work? For example, if I’m unable to get the shoes on the release day, how do I explain this to my costumer? Also, how do I make sure I sell the shoes as quickly as possible? Thank you very much for all your help!

    1. JVG

      For new sellers,preorders sell best on eBay, but if you develop close connections with customers you can sell preorders directly to them .

      Try to only sell preorders that you’re sure you’re going to get, like if you already won a raffle and are just waiting to buy.

      If for some reason you are unable to get the shoes on release day, just refund the customer.

      Take care man!