Ok, so you’ve gotten your hands on a rare pair of kicks and you̵7;d like to turn around and flip them for cash.

A bunch of questions may come up, but the most pressing question:

Where do I sell them?

Beginners often have no idea that some sneaker marketplaces out there can be really sketchy.

There are pluses and minuses to each of the many platforms, and there are some that you should just straight up avoid.

Here we will review legit websites, including Stadium Goods, GOAT, StockX, and apps to avoid like Flip, as well as classics like eBay.

We will do so by answering the a lot of common questions that beginners have who don’t know which sites to turn to when they’re selling rare shoes.

We’ll rate these sites on a variety of factors like speed, reputation, pricing and other things that are important to know as a seller.

For those ready to dive in to the best guide available for reselling shoes, I encourage you to check out the highly reviewed 5 part Hypemaster Playbook.

Let’s go through a few common questions and some reviews of platforms to avoid and platforms to use.

What are the best authentic resale stores and websites?

There are many legit websites for reselling sneakers. Stadium Goods is one that’s well known and has a good reputation.

Avoid independent sites that are super cheap.

These are likely sites that are based out of Asia and selling fakes/replicas, which not only sucks because it’s not what you wanted, but it can get you in trouble. (example of asian resell site.) These sites will often advertise on Instagram, and follow you if you post hashtags related to shoes or Yeezys etc.

The most legit resale store is Flight Club, and even though some people complain about higher prices, they maintain a loyal customer base because of their solid reputation over many years of always having authentic gear. You can consign to them online, but it’s not guaranteed they’ll accept you. You have a better chance selling your shoes to Flight Club, who take a 20% commission.

Where can I sell my shoes fast?

If speed is what you’re looking for, I recommend eBay for selling on the release day, and the GOAT app if you’re selling shoes past the release day.

From my personal experience, people are scared of fakes on eBay during the weeks or months following the release day, especially when months have passed since the drop, giving manufacturers of replicas more time to perfect their product.

However, don’t dismiss the OG of online reselling entirely–EBay is awesome because you can sell preorders too and get your cash fronted to you to buy your shoes with, once you have an efficient system set up and have the confidence, reputation, and network to secure the shoes in advance or certainly on the release day (advanced strategies like this are discussed in the full 5 part Hypemaster Playbook).

The FLIP App aims to provide the fastest way to sell shoes, claiming you can sell your shoes in 90 minutes, but since it still remains relatively unknown with a small user base, it simply can’t deliver on its promises in a way that’s favorable for someone who wants to get the best price.

Apparently they have raffles on the site too, but negative reviews from the Apple iOS app store like this make one question the raffle’s legitimacy and are no help to its reputation either:

I’m not one to be petty usually, but this is certainly worth it. In August, I entered into a raffle for the Pharrell Williams Human Race NMDs in my size. On the 21st, I won the raffle, and was notified immediately by the FLIP team. I told them my size, and they said they would keep me updated. When I contacted them a month later, they said they were working on obtaining them. In October, they said there was a mixup with the order. In November, they stopped replying. I sent messages to everyone on their team, and I still have gotten no replies. This app is a sinking ship, and don’t throw your money into it. They charge buyers $20 for shipping, and they can’t keep their promises.

flip app
Flip app review

He gave them 1 star.

Perhaps they are addressing these issues and concerns, but for now, even for simply a matter of focus, this is one to avoid.

I want to sell sneakers for cash. What’s the best way?

You can sell your sneakers for cash on Craigslist in the US and Canada, or if you’re in Europe you can find your local marketplaces. Join local Facebook groups and attend sneaker conventions.

Network in the community and you will soon have a client base who may prefer cash, which will be a win win situation and it’s a lot of fun to accept cash when selling shoes. It’s a cool feeling holding thousands of dollars in cash after a few successful sneaker sales, or looking into your shoebox stash of cash and seeing it growing and growing.

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How do I get a shoe appraisal?

If you have a local consignment shop, they will appraise the price of your shoe, but it’ll be a price that’s in their favor, so it’s likely a lowball. It’s best to set the value on your own, but you need to be careful to not price too high such that no one buys, nor should you set the price too low which will eat into your bottom line and hurt you over the course of time even though it will guarantee a fast sale.

stockx yeezys e1510080589100
A look the awesome metrics that StockX provides at first glance

You can appraise the resale value of your shoes by checking StockX, which is the best source, showing detailed history including highs, lows, and averages. Fans of traditional investments and data will absolutely love this site.

EBay Sold/Completed listings will give you a good idea of what your shoes are worth too. You need to toggle the eBay settings to filter listings by Sold and Completed Listings.

ebay sold completed items tool filter
How to use eBay’s filters to see what items have sold based on your search.

Sneaker Resale Market Sites to avoid

Although Kixify has decent reputation and there are good sellers on there, from my personal experience, you will run into more scams, as a lot more people will be requesting odd payment methods like Google Wallet or Chase Quickpay, both payments you should absolutely never send as you probably lost your money and can’t fight to get it back.

Now that cryptocurrency is catching on in 2018, don’t pay in Bitcoin or Ethereum either because, well, the whole point of those forms of currency is a one way transaction.

For this reason, a lot of scammers and fraudsters are using crypto as their preferred payment method. If you’d like to integrate crypto payments into your own online store once you reach a high enough level, feel free after doing your own due diligence.

As long as you’re making money and you know the best places to sell, just keep doing what you’re doing and success will surely come your way.

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