The rise of Pokemon cards on the resell market

In recent years you must be associating the phrase “resell”; with sneakers and hype culture but recently thanks to the Pokemon cards collection it has been given a new meaning.

The nostalgic craze is relentless, which might explain why the Pokemon card took an unexpected turn in 2020 and the resale price of the trading cards skyrocketed, especially the rare ones.

Pokemon cards, which first debuted in 1998, skyrocketed in value in 2020 during the pandemic. Items that were previously stuffed inside binders by kids in the 1990s may now fetch as much as a home.

Caleb King, a University of North Georgia student, was able to sell his Pokemon cards for almost $80,000, according to a Fox News article. Amazingly, the young adult only paid $4,000 for a portion of his collection in 2016 which means a 180 percent rise in value.

Pokemon Cards On StockX

Pokemon on StockX
Comparison of Price Rises Between Categories on StockX. Via Consolecreatures

Pokemon cards are available for purchase on StockX. StockX is an auction/sale platform that goes above and beyond to verify the authenticity of a wide range of products, with a focus on shoes, artwork, and other highly sought-after symbols of modernity. 

The trading card sales rose by 4,000 percent in 2020 during the pandemic, from sports cards to Pokemon cards this was an all-time high but it didn’t stop there. 

In 2021 the prices of the Pokemon cards were increased by 300 percent when compared to 2020 prices. There was an overall spike in the market and the trading cards market for basketball increased by 250percent, football cards increased by 200 percent, and baseball by 130percent.

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The most increase in prices was seen in Pokemon cards and this could be because many millennials and generation Z wanted to go down childhood memories during the pandemic and wanted to get their hands on the cards causing the prices to spike.

Let check out some of the current prices of Pokemon cards on StockX

Pokemon Cards Prices Ranging From $600-$3,750. Via StockX
Pokemon Cards Prices Ranging From $600-$3,750. Via StockX

Charizard The Prince Of Pokemon

Charizard took over fans’ hearts when the first English Base Set arrived in the United States in 1999, and booster packs could easily be purchased with weekly allowance or pocket money.

But now Charizard is one of the most hyped Pokemon in terms of resale thanks to some die-hard fans of Pokemon like Logan Paul who broke open a $200,000 1st Edition Base Set Booster Box, Pulling the Famous 1st Edition Charizard in the process.

After Logan Paul wore the Charizard card necklace on his fight against Floyd Mayweather the worth of this card increased compared to when he purchased the PSA 10 Charizard from Gray of Pawn Star for $150,000.

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Logan Paul with charizard
Logan Paul With His Charizard Necklace. Via Secondout

To trade Pokemon on StockX Charizard would be a great option if you’re looking forward to making some profits. For example, you can make profits with the Charizard Holo 2016 Pokemon TCG XY Evolution 11/108 that goes around for $380 which had a peak resell of $2400 on StockX.

You can get your hands on this card by copping an XY Evolution Elite Trainer Box for around $140 for 8 Booster Packs and the Kanto Power collection 2020 with 10 XY Evolution Booster Packs.

Charizard and Evolution Box
Charizard Holo 2016 Pokemon TCG XY Evolution and Elite Trainer Box. Via StockX

Charizard 2021 TCG Sword & Shield Shining Fates SV107/SV122

Charizard 2021 TCG
Charizard 2021 TCG Sword & Shield Shining Fates SV107/SV122. Via StockX

The Shiny Charizard VMAX is also one of the valued cards in the Pokémon Shining Fates special edition which has an average resale price of $700 on StockX which was introduced in February of 2021.

The famous Charizard is seen in its shimmering form, surrounded by flames. The card is one of the 122 cards featured in the Shining Fates set’s Shiny Vault and you can find this card by getting your hands on: 

Are Pokemon Cards Still Profitable on StockX?

Pokemon on StockX
Pokemon Cards on StockX. Via Slashgear

We can not rule out the fact that Pokemon Cards are now being bought and sold on StockX which means that the market for Pokemon cards is here to stay and is going to be profitable in one way or another.

If we compare it with the sneakers market, companies like Nike, Adidas, and many others keep the sneaker world busy with hundreds of weekly releases and trends capable of altering attention and prices from one instant to another.

Pokemon trading cards can’t rely on the same cycle that fuels the resale of Nike and Yeezy sneakers. Therefore the bubble that was created in 2020 might be because of circumstances ranging from nostalgia to lockdown and Logan Paul.

The bubble seems to burst now as the prices that once spiked have dropped now on StockX. The 2016 Holo Charizard that would resell for $2400 dropped to $380 on StockX.

Pokemon cards are still profitable but don’t expect steady profits since there have been major fluctuations in prices.

Bonus: How To Sell Pokemon Cards On StockX

Pokemon Collection. Via Nssmag

Before you sell on StockX make sure your Pokemon Card is PSA graded. The better the grade the better the resale value. You can get your Pokemon card graded from

How to sell on StockX:

  • To sell your trading card, simply search for the essential qualities of the card, and the StockX database will build a product page for the card you want to sell.
  • Remember that all cards must be graded, either PSA or BGS, and the slabs must be in good condition with no cracks or major scratches.
  • When you decide on a card you want to sell, you can either set your Ask price to let buyers know how much you’re prepared to sell it for, or you may accept the highest Bid that a buyer has made.
  • You will receive a shipping label with each sale confirmation to send your trading card to StockX. Check out Trading Card Shipping Guide for additional details on how to send your card to StockX.
  • Your payout will be in action after your trading card has been certified as genuine, and the trading card will be on its way to the buyer!
  •  Remove your card from your PSA before mailing if it is registered with PSA inventory.

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