Starting as a beginner or even semi-experienced sneaker reseller can be quite intimidating with all these sneakerhead terms being thrown around̵1; like GUA (gift upon arrival), DS (headstock), and Grail (really hyped expensive shoe, often worth thousands) this can feel like learning a foreign language. This is why we will teach you the ins and outs of a sneaker Cook Group so you can better grasp what it is and why it’s helpful to you.

While becoming an expert in all necessary sneaker terminology is certainly critical to peak success in this game, today, we’ll go over one of the most important terms you’ll need to know: Cook Group.

What is a Cook Group?

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A cook group is a term in the sneakerhead community that refers to a collection of individuals led by experts and moderators that have access to tools and insider information with the goal of maximizing their profits.

“Cook” is a slang term that sneaker botters use in reference to successfully checking out pairs using a sneaker bot: “I cooked today’s drop and got 5 pairs !”

One caveat– just like with all paid services, not all cook groups are created equally, so be sure to check out their reviews as well as their tools and community success.

Why should i join a Cook Group?

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Our Winner’s Circle includes all the info you need regarding the newest and best sneaker releases

Although manual copping methods give you quite an edge over the normal person, it’s typically those who know how to use sneaker bots and have access to monitors that end up with multiple pairs of new releases–almost all of whom belong to a cook group.

Having strength in numbers is a true path to success across all business and life realms, with sneakers perhaps being a prime example.

For an analogy, it’s a lot like paying a monthly membership to join a gym so you can work out with better equipment with people around you so you’re more motivated to succeed than if you were to go off on your own.

The cost of joining the gym will pay returns in your increased fitness level.

Joining a cook group will pay off directly by making your money back and more in profits from all the skills you’ve learned.

Let’s go over the top benefits of joining a sneaker cook group next.

Top benefits of joining a sneaker cook group

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Especially for those who are newer to the sneaker game, making the monthly money and time investment of joining a sneaker cook group is basically a no brainer once you consider all the benefits:

1. Access to high end monitors and tools that would be far more expensive on their own

  • Just like with a gym that has expensive equipment that you can use with your membership, cook groups like our Winner’s Circle allow access to monitors and bots worth thousands of dollars.
  • These monitors give you live reminders of the newest releases including shock drops and restocks

2. Higher odds of getting more profitable sneakers

  • The most profitable sneakers such as Off-Whites worth over $1000 in resale value are almost entirely the domain of cook group members and sneaker botters (who often are in a cook group or run one themselves)
  • Although it’s not a guarantee, spending time learning the tips and tricks insiders use will pay off over time with a win.

3. Ability to get multiple pairs

4. Strong community assistance and accountability

  • Simply being part of a community of like minded individuals with the same goal is one of the most important yet often underrate benefits of joining a cook group.
  • Of course, you get the most of a helpful community, especially if you’re a beginner–a lot of the higher end and well known cook groups are notorious for being rude and impatient with beginner questions.

Where do I find sneaker cook groups?

The vast majority of sneaker cook groups are on the Discord app, so create an account with them (it’s free) if you don’t have one already.

If you’re immersed enough in the sneaker community, you’ll likely hear of groups your friends are in and have the opportunity to get an invite, so be sure to ask how your friends like the groups they’re in before jumping in with them. Sometimes it’s better that you and your friends are in different groups so you can get more expanded knowledge by combining both groups– although direct leaks from group to group are not allowed, you guys can share stuff individually with each other.

Sites like will show huge lists of cook groups out there. However, make sure to look for reviews or reputations before joining. Don’t just join one because it’s cheaper than another or if it’s more expensive. It may be hard to find reviews for cook groups without asking around.

Being part of a Winner’s Circle

Our Winner’s Circle is always improving its tools and offerings

In late 2018, we created our own cook group, the Six Figure Sneakerhead Winner’s Circle, with the intention of spreading success and knowledge in an environment that includes experts but is still welcoming and patient to newcomers.

We’ve had many members stick around from the beginning and turn from leaving most releases empty handed to slowly getting more and more pairs than they ever have.

You can check out testimonials and reviews on our Instagram as well as on the product page here.

A lot of the members in our community are also Hypemaster Playbook readers– being armed with this insider guide under your belt not only makes your time in there more efficient but will also give you exclusive perks and discounts.

You can get a peek inside of what we have here — although we, like most cook groups, are not always in stock, so be sure to subscribe to our email list below and follow our Instagram (@sneakerflippers) to get the latest notice of when our Winner’s Circle is in stock as well as reminders of profitable drops and other free insider info.

Check out our other articles like how to win on the SNKRS app to continue to further your knowledge in the sneaker reselling game.


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JV was inspired to start Six Figure Sneakerhead after having more people asking questions than he could answer about sneaker reselling when they saw the success he was having. His intention is to create the top resource for sneaker resale education worldwide and loves to see when customers succeed, and he's always accepting feedback for all offerings which are constantly updated to suit the customer needs and the current times.


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