Sneaker proxies meaning, importance, and best practices

Remember the days when you could just use a high-end bot and let it do all the work with almost no problems? Well, those days are long gone as retailers have started cracking down on bots with stringent protection measures. Today, our topic is sneaker proxies explained and their importance in 2021.

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Before we explain the importance of sneaker proxies in 2021, let us first answer the question, what are sneaker proxies exactly?

Sneaker Proxies Explained

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Via IP Royal

Sneaker bots are add-ons to your bots that drastically improve their performance. Whether you want to cop a single pair personally or multiples to resell, a bot can help you do so by going around a sneaker website’s defenses.

Simply put, a proxy is an intermediary that hides your real identity and covers the fact that you’re using a bot in a way that is completely legal.

Through these proxies, bot mitigation tools are left ineffective if done right. They hide your IP address and prevent sneaker websites from banning you.

Without a proxy, a website would detect an unusual number of checkouts from one address, this indicates to them that a bot is being used and they instantly ban that ID. A proxy goes around this by pinging multiple locations, hiding your true identity.

However, not all proxies are made equal.

Types of Proxies

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Best Proxy Review

There are two main kinds of proxies that you’ll be able to purchase at different prices.

  1. Residential proxies
  2. Datacenter Proxies

Both these proxies hide your IP address, however, differ in the way that they do so.

A residential proxy hides your real identity by assigning you another IP address that belongs to another location. A data center proxy, on the other hand, assigns you an IP address of a company or data center that’s associated with that IP address.

Datacenter proxies do well to hide your IP address, however, websites are getting better at identifying and blocking these proxies.

That’s where residential proxies come in. They assign you an IP address that’s associated with an actual residential address. Making it close to impossible to identify and block. These usually cost more but are also more effective when used with sneaker bots.

Datacenter vs Residual Proxy | Which is Better For Reselling?

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From Stupid Proxy

The answer here is clear. Residual proxies are superior as they seem more genuine to sneaker websites and are much less likely to get banned. Although they cost more, residual proxies are worth the extra money, here’s why:

  • Legitimacy: Residential proxies are better able to fool websites into thinking they’re real customers. Making you less prone to bans.
  • Range: These proxies allow you to choose from a wide range of geographical locations, ideal for international releases.

Importance of Sneaker Proxies In 2021

importance of sneaker proxies 2021 AIO bot sneaker proxies explained
AIO bot

In 2021, bot protection measures are more severe than ever. Making it almost impossible to be an effective reseller with a lucrative business without the use of proxies.

The competition is also well aware of this so you’ll definitely need one if you want to buy multiple sneakers.

Many have speculated that proxies are now even more important than bots in 2021. But we would argue that both of them go hand-in-hand for a successful reselling career.

So why are sneaker proxies so important?

  • Protection From Bans: Since residential proxies allow websites to track real IP addresses, you’re able to cop a lot more sneakers without getting banned.
  • Anonymity: Since your traffic goes through an intermediary server, all of your browsing data and shopping habits are protected.
  • Extra protection: Since buying and selling involves your credit card data on the internet, this puts you in a risk of getting this information stolen. Residential proxies eliminate this risk.


If you want to be a sneaker reseller in 2021, good sneaker proxies are a must-have. Otherwise, your bots may frequently get banned and not cop enough sneakers to be worth their price.

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Mohammad Yousaf

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