Stadium Goods claims to be a premium aftermarket where they provide you with sneakers and streetwear that are no longer available on official stores. This mainly happens when these items are sold out immediately after release due to high demand and limited supply. So if you’re searching for a limited-edition sneaker that you were unable to purchase due to limited supply, Stadium Goods got you covered.

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They also have strong claims about quality on their website that all their products are authentic and before purchasing from a trusted seller the product is reviewed for its quality and standards before they are listed on the website. Stadium Goods also guarantees that all products are genuine and unworn unless stated otherwise.

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If you’re not interested in buying and more into reselling sneakers, Stadium Goods can be a good option for you! There are multiple reasons which might attract many resellers to sell on Stadium Goods:

  • Stadium Goods claims to market your products and sell them on different platforms like eBay, Farfetch and Amazon so that your product gets more reach so that the chances for sale increases. This means they are not limited to one platform even though Stadium Good itself attracts a decent amount of traffic.
  • It also sells and ship to more than 180 countries which means you don’t have to worry about border limitations, inventory management or shipping since they will do it all for you making shipping and payments fasters since they keep an inventory on-hand.
  • Stadium Goods will also market your product through emails, organic social media and paid social media with full time dedicated support system that will be by your side throughout the process.

How To?

Stadium Goods takes a 20% commission for every sale you make, for example, if you sell your sneakers with Stadium Good for $300, you will receive $240 when your item sells and it’s a very easy process to start selling. (Don’t forget you’ll have to be in the U.S in order to sell through Stadium Good)

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Via Stadium Goods

Is It Worth It To Sell With Stadium Goods?

You might get some mixed reviews about this because some people had a good experience with them and some just won’t ever use their services again. Many customers claimed that the product was not as new as it was promised since they claim on their website that every pair is checked thoroughly and many had size issues which mean customers had to bear the shipping back costs etc.

The same is the case with selling on Stadium Goods, some are satisfied with the services and some are done with it. Some reviews by the users:


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Stadium Goods is a good platform to buy and sell sneakers but due to its exchange policies, buyers and sellers both sometimes have to bear a loss of at least 10% even if the return is accepted and refunds are in the form of store credits that can be only spent on Stadium Goods.

Buyers and sellers who have visited their physical stores’ vouch that the company is good and provides good customer services but in current times visiting physical stores are not preferred by people therefore Stadium Goods should improve their policies that are fair and benefit all parties.

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