These days, getting a pair of Jordan 1s is practically difficult. Let’s not even talk about Yeezys. Gone are the days when commoners would have the opportunity to purchase a sneaker with SNKRS.

Thanks to botters it̵7;s been really difficult to cop limited edition sneakers these days. But, to battle this issue many companies are now promoting the raffle system where everyone would have an equal chance to win.

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The Top 5 Apps

Below we will cover the top 5 apps that you can use to enter the raffle and have a chance to get your hands on the limited-edition sneakers, keep in mind that these are listed in no particular order. For more follow Six Figure Sneakerhead we post about the latest sneaker news and profitable releases.

1, SNS – Sneakers N Stuff

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SNS Raffle listing on the app via SNS

Sneakersnstuff is unsurprisingly at the top of the list of must-have sneaker applications. SNS is frequently one of the first retailers to introduce limited-edition raffles. The good thing about SNS is that its raffles are open for a long period of time and you can enter anytime.

SNS also ships internationally which means you can enter raffles from around the world without worrying about shipping.

But everything comes with drawbacks. To enter raffles on SNS you’ll need to install the app and there is a high probability of you winning if you’re located near the SNS stores compared to those who opt for the online postage raffle.

But there is more! Customers who are unable to win the raffle are given access to uncollected pairs. This is a great option instead of them putting it up for sale on a first come first serve basis because we know the bots get the best of them.

2, SVD – Sivasdescalzo

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Entering a raffle on SVD app Via SVD

Sivasdescalzo, a Spanish retailer, has developed raffles and an app known as SVD in an attempt to battle bots. SVD has made it easy for users to join raffles with just a touch of a button.

To enter you need to simply download the SVD app, create an account, provide identity proof like your ID and you’re good to go.

To keep the botters and multiple entries away SVD assigns a UUID to each computer which is a special 128-bit number to identify the computer so that you’re not able to log in with different accounts for multiple entries or for bots.

The good thing is that SVD accepts credit cards from all over the world and does not pre-authorize them for lottery tickets and you’re alerted 12 hours before to make the purchase which means no risk.


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After winning a raffle on SNKRS – Image Via SNKRS

You’re definitely familiar with Nike’s limited release app if you’re a sneakerhead. Without a doubt that Nike releases some of the hottest kicks that sell within seconds. With the Nike SNKRS app you can now try your luck.

Nike uses a couple of methods when it comes to releases. The first method is when an item is released on SNKRS you add your information and wait for the pending screen where it filters winners and if you win you’re automatically taken to check out.

The other method is when Nike provides you with 10-30 minutes to enter the raffle and then notify you if whether you were successful or not. SNKRS also uses the first come first serve method but we all know that bots beat us to it!

4, Sole Retriever

Nike Phone Screen sneaker apps
App Layout of Sole Retriever via WWD

For sneakerhead, Sole Retriever is one of the best app because you get real-time alerts for each sneaker raffle which helps you to join them faster and keep up to date on all the newest releases and news.

One of the best features that Sole Retriever offers is autofill with custom profiles. This will establish a simple and smooth method for you to enter every sneaker raffle available. This will save you time and increase your chances of winning.

Unfortunately, after you’ve downloaded the app and signed up, you have to wait till your access is approved since Sole Retriever gives access on a rolling basis method to avoid overflow.

5, Footsites (Footlocker, Footaction, Champs)

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Countdown clock after zero it will unlock the outcome of your submission via Footlocker

Every sneakerhead is aware of what footsites bring to the table. To enter raffles through footsites you need to access it via mobile apps. You can use a single account on all of these footsites that will also increase your chance of winning raffles on sites like Footlocker, Footaction & Champs.

Footsite raffles include also include a bonus system in which you may earn “headstarts” or points that boost your chances of getting picked on the day of the raffle winners are announced.

The good thing is that these Footsites offer in-store reservations. When you are selected as a winner you are notified through email but unfortunately, if you’re unable to pick your kicks before 3 pm they are up for sale on a first come first serve basis.


To make it more difficult for individuals and bots to enter, many establishments include restrictions, regulations, or even trivia questions. To prevent having your entry tossed away, keep in mind you don’t enter the same raffle twice.

You may see trivia questions while entering a raffle. These may be difficult to get answers to, but thankfully, companies like Sole Retriever will do so through their mobile app and you increase your chances of winning by answering each question correctly.

If you’re feeling lucky and have had enough with the bots then take your chances with sneaker raffles using the apps we discussed. Also, don’t forget to check out our Hypemaster Playbook if you’re looking forward to selling kicks for profits.

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