FLASH SALE – Join our Cookgroup!

Join our cook group at the lowest price we’ve ever offered it. We’re closing access to new members in August!

We wanted to apologize that we goofed up last week. When we changed our business and domain name, many of you tried to join our cook group when we were doing a $129 special for 6 months, but couldn’t because it was happening during the same time we were changing our name.We goofed.

But now we have an even better deal, for $99 (65% discount) you can join our cook group for 6 months and get access to:

Why our Cookgroup is different

  • Access to our admins whenever you need help from anything from setting up proxies and b0ts, to info on what are the top shoes to cop.
  • A friendly down to earth discord community where everyone is helping each other.
  • Top monitors and scrapers not just for sneakers but also many retail items. If theres a possibility to resell it on eBay or Stock X we got you covered.
  • Use coupon code JULY99 at checkout
  • Offer ends July 25 at midnight EST! This is the last time we’ll offer this discount!

This time only we are also offering a 14 day guarantee so if you join our group in the first 14 days and are unhappy, just let us know and we’ll send you the full amount of money back.

Select “6 months” and use code JULY99 at checkout

We’ve never offered access this low and we will not be offering access this low again. As a matter of fact after 3 months of having our cook group open we’re going to shut access at the end of August as the group is almost full.

Once again, to redeem this offer go to our Winners Circle page, select “6 months” use code JULY99 at checkout.

Keep on hustlin,

– Chris (@_TCTK_)

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