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Its been 18 months since our last update to our Hypemaster Reloaded Playbook and wow how much has changed in the sneakerworld.

NFTs have come and gone, Sneaker botting has gotten even harder, and in-person old school type flips are coming back in style!

Hypemaster Playbook 2022 Edition
Hypemaster Playbook 2022

We’re happy to announce we’ve completely redone our Hypemaster Playbook, now called the Hypemaster Playbook Reloaded! by far the biggest update we’ve ever done to the playbook.

Hypemaster Playbook 2022 Edition, 400+ page Sneaker Reselling Guide!

For our special fans from our blog and email list we are doing an extra discount of 50% off using code HYPE50, but hurry the sale ends Aug 11th at midnight!

What’s new in the 2022 edition of Hypemaster Playbook

  • Most importantly: We’ve updated our sneaker reselling guide with all the current top shoes, of course many classics learn more to see the pairs we chose.
  • We’ve rewritten the entire botting guide with the latest tactics so you don’t fall behind. Unfortunately many of the botting tools and tactics from previous versions.
  • We’ve added an entire section of NFTs and how you can take advantage of the current bear market in crypto to gain a cheap entry point. Learn to see NFTs we chose
  • Christopher Michaels (@_TCTK_#5727), has added over a dozen videos to go with the Hypemaster Playbook, showing you everything from understanding bids on StockX, to how to setup bots without getting banned, and tons of other information.
  • We went back to the basics and improved many of our original “low fi” tactics that still work in 2022 for those of you who are not as technical or enjoy doing things the more old school style with a plug.
  • How to take advantage of the economic slowdown to get sneakers on the resale market at a fantastic price.

Learn more about our Hypemaster Playbook Reloaded 2022 Edition by clicking here, and remember use code HYPE50 to get 50% off the Playbook, but that offer ends Aug 11th and won’t be back.

Take your reselling game to the next level


Freddy Lansky

Freddy Lansky

Freddy Lansky is the new owner of Sneaker Flippers, although new to the sneaker reselling community he is learning fast. His favorite sneaker is the Nike Panda Dunk Low in Black color way.


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