Adidas Yeezys are still one of the most anticipated sneakers on the market, with almost every iteration of every model selling out. Today, we go through a bit of useful information about them.

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How to tie Yeezy Shoe Laces

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How To Tie Yeezy Shoelaces

Starting from the most essential part of owning Yeezy laces, you’ll need to know how to tie them. The interesting part is, you can tie them in different ways, ideal for those that like to personalize the smallest details. Here’s how to do the simplest one:

  1.  This makes the sneaker a bit easier to wear. All you need to do is leave the laces tight enough for a secure fit but loose enough so that you don’t have to untie them every time you put them on. To do so, leave about 20 cm of loose shoe string from either side.
  2. On top of the shoe, stretch the excess shoe lace and pinch the tips and lift it above the sneaker. Then, use your thumb and first couple of fingers and hold the laces together on top of the sneaker, thus leaving the laces side by side and not intertwining.
  3.  Envelop the laces around your index and middle finger on your lower hand by using your upper hand, going down and towards the aglets of the sneaker and then back around to where the wrap began. The wrap should be loose enough to let your fingers slide in or out easily.
  4. Cross the tips over the top of the sneaker and hold them under your thumb
  5. Get your fingers out of the wrap to create an oval loop.
  6. Wrap the extra lace over itself and insert the folded part into the loop.
  7. Tighten the original loop, thus creating another loop and you’re done.

How To Clean Yeezy Shoelaces

How to clean Yeezy shoelaces.
How to clean Yeezy shoelaces. Image via aiobot

You’re probably also wondering how to clean Yeezy shoelaces. Here’s how and it’s pretty simple:

  • Get a bowl and pour in lukewarm water. Add a few drops of cleaning solution and make sure it mixes.
  • Put your Yeezy Shoelaces into the bowl and let it soak for 20 minutes.
  • Afterwards, use a soft bristle brush to gently scrub the laces.
  • Hang them up, let them dry, and you’re done!

Different Variations of Yeezy Shoe laces

white Yeezy Shoelaces
White Yeezy Shoelaces via Slickies

Apart from just plain black Yeezy shoelaces or white Yeezy Shoelaces, you can also buy a myriad of different colors and apply them to your favorite Yeezy sneaker.

You can buy blue, red, orange, purple, and every other color from various retailers online and in-store.

Slickies, for example, is a trusted place where you can buy genuine Yeezy laces for fair prices. Got a pair of plain Black Yeezy 350s? Throw on some orange laces and reveal your wilder side!

Other Cool Ways to Tie Yeezy Shoelaces

Yeezy Shoelaces multicolor yeezy shoelaces
Various colors of Yeezy Shoelaces

The are other cool ways to tie Yeezy shoelaces as well as such:

The Deadstock Look: This is a crowd-pleaser. To lace Yeezys like they’re fresh new gives your aura a luxurious sense. Simply loop the laces together as though they weren’t supposed to be separated and tie them firmly. The look of effortlessness without the effort!

The Loose Goose: It’s a step back from Deadstock. So you loosen the laces to create a floating look. Just don’t make them too long or you’ll wind up tripping. This one won’t give you that foot-in-place feeling, but it will give you an easy look. Just don’t kick anything else since your Yeezy might just go flying.

The casual: So you loosen the laces to the point where they indicate “cool”. Letting the laces dangle carelessly, thread them under the tongue on opposing sides to make them appear shorter and tidier. It’ll appear as if you’re wearing customized laces or a shorter version of the originals, but it’ll be completely unique to you. If you choose to change styles, the extra length will be right there beneath the tongue.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

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