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So you’re planning to get into the sneaker reselling business. You feel as if you’re able to identify trends and make some nice profits. But all of a sudden, you’re bombarded with information from all fours. And now you’re not so sure about whether or not you want to do this anymore.

Now don’t worry, we have you covered. Today we’ll be uncovering the mystery behind what sneaker botting is and how you can use it to your advantage. Feel free to sign up below to receive tips on how to cop shoes before the sellout.

What is Botting?

In the most basic terms, sneaker botting is using software to help you purchase a shoe before they sell out. What the program does is that it automates the entire check out process and makes more than one purchase through the use of proxy servers.

So the next question you’re likely to ask is, “Wait, how is that legal or is it even legal?”. Well, as you know Nike has its SNKRS app and Adidas has its Yeezysupply, where the latest drops are featured. Now the issue with these apps is that they are under a lot of traffic whenever there is a latest drop.

In order to tackle this issue, the companies create their very own bots that act like real customers. By doing this, they create a backdoor through which these 3rd party bots operate.

Most of these companies which provide you with the bot services aren’t hidden somewhere deep in the dark web but rather they have their own official webpages with listed prices of their services.

Therefore, don’t worry, Sneaker Botting is completely legal.

Which Bot shall I use?

Now, this is an important question and the answer will depend on a variety of factors. Today we will be discussing the Better Nike Bot.

BNB, under its domain, has basically four products:

  1. Better Nike Bot (BNB)

  2. Better Nike Bot – Ultimate

  3. BNB All in One

  4. BNB All in One – Ultimate

Let’s get into the features.

Better Nike Bot

  • You are able to create unlimited NIKE+ accounts but with the Ultimate version, you’ll be able to create them on a daily basis.


  • You gain access to the SNKRS calendar which is basically a guide on which shoe is dropping when. With the calendar, you’re able to create tasks effortlessly. A task is basically a procedure of checking out.


  • The BNB will let you use browser-less checkout which is pretty quick. But the downside is that your failure rate increases.


  • Sometimes, there will be surprised drops so you can set up a keyword monitor that is always on the lookout for the latest drops so that you don’t miss out on a single thing.



·       Create unlimited NIKE+ accounts

·       SNKRS Calendar

·       Browserless checkout

·       Edit bulk tasks

·       Set up Discord notifications

·       Keyword monitor for surprise drops

·       6 months of Free updates



  • Supports multiple websites – not only Nike. Such as Bape, KITH NYC, Adidas, Supreme, and much more.


  • Sneaker websites usually employ captcha requests to discourage bot usage. The AIO bot has manual and automatic captcha solvers so your bot won’t get stuck.


  • For Supreme, the AIO bot has a keyword finder which lets your bot me much quicker.


  • You can edit tasks in bulk which makes management much easier.


·       Multiple website support

·       Manual and Auto captcha solver

·       Keyword finder for Supreme

·       Bulk task editor

·       6 months of Free updates


So if you’re new to the reselling business, you’re obviously worried about the costs involved with the botting process. Here’s a breakdown of the entire procedure

Better Nike Bot and AIO Regular:  $200

Better Nike Bot and AIO Ultimate: $600

Where to purchase?

You can easily purchase either of the bots from Better Nike Bot here.

Is the ultimate version worth it?

Given that there is an additional cost of $400 for upgrading to the ultimate version, you must be wondering whether or not it’s going to add to your revenue.

Here are the features of both the ultimate versions:

BNB – Ultimate

AIO – Ultimate

·       All the features of the regular BNB version.

·       All the features of the regular AIO version.


·       Unlimited Daily Nike+ account creation·       Activate Bot on 3 PCs instead of one.
·       Activate Bot on 3 PCs instead of one.·       Run multiple instances of the Bot
·       Run multiple instances of the Bot·       1 year of Free Updates

·       1 year of Free Updates



The Better Nike Bot is one of the leaders in the market. It has been able to survive this far by keeping up with the sneaker website updates. And this is why it is a staple in a reseller’s inventory.

The BNB works in all regions except China and both the BNB and AIO only work on windows. So far Mac users out there, you’ll have to install a Windows emulator to make this work.

There are different strategies that the Better Nike Bot employs to get you your shoe. These depend on the type of release that Nike is going for such as FLOW, LEO, and DAN. In order to understand these strategies better, I highly encourage you to join our newsletter below and follow our Instagram page.

Now if you’re really serious about the reselling business, then you should definitely check out our Hypemaster Playbook which will, in a sea of information, summarize everything for you in a digestible manner.

Till next time!

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Haider Tahir

Haider first discovered the sneaker market a few years back by accident and has ever since been intrigued by how the market flows and moves. His favorite sneaker is the Jordan 1.


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