If you’re a sneaker lover then you’d understand the excitement of getting a classic pair of Jordan sneakers. Authentic Jordan shoes are extremely popular due to their legendary position and extensive history in the sneaker community. But as these sneakers have become more and more popular, the market for fake Jordans has also expanded. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few ways how to tell if Jordan shoes are fake. Read the article till the end!

There are over 30 different Nike Air Jordan pairs, so it isn’t easy to tell the fake pair from the real ones with every release; however, there are general guidelines that you can follow to see for yourself. Now lets go on to see the difference between genuine jordan with the fake pair.

how to spot fake Air jordan shoes: Real vs fake

1. Check the Box and Packaging

Jordan Box - how to tell if jordan shoes are fake or real

Jordan Shoes Box 

Typically, fake pairs have extremely poor-quality boxes. When you look at the box, you’ll see that the fake Jordan pair is often thinner, the print is frequently less visible, and the tag is typically incorrect.

A lot of fake Air Jordan 1 boxes get seriously damaged during shipping from China. Because the fake Air Jordan shoes are delivered one at a time by the firm selling them, the boxes are sometimes also damaged. Due to improper care being given to the wrapping, this often results in the box being harmed.


Real Jordan shoes come with additional accessories like extra laces, shoe inserts, branded tissue paper. You can check all these small details while inspecting the packaging of your shoes. Fake Jordans wont have such accessories or even if they do have, it won’t be of the same material, in fact it will be of some poor quality from which you could figure out the difference.

2. Examine the Quality of Materials

how to tell if jordan shoes are fake or real

Stitching and Craftsmanship

Jordan footwear is known for its fine materials and outstanding craftsmanship. To find the difference you will have to check the leather or synthetic material’s texture when examining a pair of Jordans because quality construction, carefully spaced stitching, flawlessly matched logos, and ideal proportions are hallmarks of Air Jordan footwear. 

Jordans are produced from premium materials that have a smooth, strong, and well-made feel. On the other hand, fake Jordans shoe could have cheap, plastic-like materials, poor stitching, or stains from glue.

how to tell if jordan shoes are fake or real - Stitching and Craftsmanship


Peaks can be seen on the fake Air Jordan pair; one is located directly on the toe box. Toe boxes on Air Jordan 1s should be flat all the way around and should not have a peak in the center.

Additionally, you’ll see that the toe box’s openings have to be arched. On the fake Air Jordans, the holes are often straight and do not have an arch. This is an important thing to look out for with fake Jordans.

Footwear Tongue

Take a look at the tongue tag’s Nike logo on a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers. The Nike logo located on the tongue will be the subject of our next examination. The imitation pair’s curve is often a bit different from the original. On the phony pair of Air Jordan sneakers, the Nike swoosh is likewise less distinct and fuzzy.

The print’s quality is unquestionably worse than that of the original pair of Air Jordan sneakers. The Nike Air lettering often gets chopped off on counterfeit Air Jordan shoes. There should be a little padding or spacing at the bottom of the text and the end of the tag.

Hourglass shape

The heel is the most obvious and straightforward indicator of a counterfeit pair of Jordan 1s. The hourglass curve of the heel seems to have been a challenge for the designers.

The actual pair has an hourglass shape, as you can see in the image below. On the imitation shoe, the heel just slopes straight downward in a rectangle pattern. 

Examine the insole’s Nike logo for durability. The branding on the fake Jordan pair will be of poor quality and seems to be about to fade. After a few uses, it will most certainly start to fade. The branding will remain legible on a genuine pair even after several wears.

3. Inspect the Logo and Branding

On Jordan sneakers, the jumpman logo and other branding components need to be specific, crisp, and well-defined. You can verify the difference by checking if the logos on the shoe are positioned and aligned in accordance with the official branding requirements or not. The logos on counterfeit Jordan sneakers are sometimes uneven or badly designed, with obvious differences in size, form, or placement.

How to tell if jordan shoes are fake or real - Jumpman logo

Instead of being flat on the leather, the Air Jordan Wings logo needs to be embossed. If you run your fingertips over the Air Jordan Wings logo, you should be able to feel it.

To assist the stitchers in finding the panels during assembly, the actual Nike does not include any stitching guidelines. There are several of these tiny assembly instructions on the fake red Nike logo panel.

How to tell if jordan shoes are fake or real - wings logo

4. Look for Serial Numbers and Tags

Original Jordan sneakers can be identified by serial numbers, tags, and labels that include vital details about the item, like the model number, size, and date of manufacture. Examine the details closely and contrast them with the official Jordan sneaker specs. The serial numbers on fake Jordan shoes could be absent or incorrectly positioned, and the tags might seem shoddily constructed or printed incorrectly.

how to tell if jordan shoes are fake or real - tags

5. Verify the Retailer

It’s important to acquire Jordan shoes from authorized dealers or respectable stores. Sellers promising “exclusive deals” on rare Jordan models or very low prices should be avoided. Examine the seller’s track record and client testimonials, and stay away from purchasing from unreliable sources or unapproved third-party sellers.

6. Pricing

The first consideration when purchasing Nike Air Jordan 1s is pricing. The $170 starting price for a Nike Air Jordan 1 high is typical. Prices for Mids and Low tops typically range between $140 and $120.

Unless it is being offered through an authorized Nike retailer, anything less is probably fake Jordan. Your first indication that you have a pair of fake, counterfeit, or illegal B-grade Jordan 1 sneakers is low costs and damaged packaging.

Do not forget that just because the shoes are a little worn, it does not indicate they were original Nikes. Sellers sometimes use the term “slightly used” to attempt to pass off the telltale indications of fake Air Jordan shoes as regular wear and tear.

Jordan Shoes Fake vs Real : General Indications

Cut Lace Keeper: Fake Vs Real
Cut Lace Keeper: Fake Vs Real
Two Stitch Lines On The Grey Nike Thats The Real Deal
How to spot fake jordans
Two Stitch Lines On The Grey Nike That’s The Real Deal
Fake Vs Real Air Jordans 1 Logo
Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Logos
Real Vs Fake Air Jordan 1 Logos

Why is This Such A Serious Issue?

Fake sneakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Almost all silhouettes across companies now have fake counterparts

Let’s be honest. Many crave top-tier sneakers without breaking the bank, leading to a surge in the global counterfeit market. Yet, this trend has dire consequences. Purchasing knockoffs isn’t just about a bargain; it harms legitimate companies. Their reputation suffers, impacting their financial stability and the entire business.

The issue goes beyond the brand itself. The counterfeit landscape has undisclosed repercussions that escape public awareness. Whether you’re sporting fake Nikes or embracing imitation brands, your choices send ripples through the interconnected world.

It’s crucial to grasp the bigger picture. Engaging in the counterfeit market, whether buying or selling, disrupts the beloved sneaker realm. I wish that we all maintain authenticity in the sneaker community we cherish.


Detecting fake Jordan shoes involves extreme care to detail, understanding of identification processes, and a healthy dose of doubt. By following the advice in this guide, you will be able to navigate the sneaker market with confidence and ensure that your Jordan shoes are real. Remember that owning Jordans is about more than just the shoes themselves; it’s also about owning the legacy and authenticity that comes with them.

We hope you took these tips seriously and avoided fake shoes in your reselling career. Counterfeit sneakers are not something that you want to deal with. They are dangerous to the market, and you can get in trouble for selling counterfeit sneakers.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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