Today I bring you something different but is very relevant to society today. We have to make peace with the fact that times have changed and so has our way of life.

The Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19 is now a global pandemic that has brought world economies to their knees. It has changed how we function in society, how we live and breathe.

It was inevitable that this new way of life would creep into fashion realm.

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This Multi-Billion Dollar market is expected to grow to $6 Billion Dollars by 2025. Even amidst the outbreak, it is going strong and will thrive after the dust hast settled and hopefully when everything goes back to normal.

Coming to the business side. A lot of re-sellers have taken the opportunity of to make a quick buck by flipping various house hold items for a profit.

The main gist of this topic is how face masks have gained value. However, I’m going to discuss some other items that are now selling for way higher due to the Virus to prove how really anything can make you a good amount of money of you can adapt.

Household Items

COSTCO Long Lines Household Items Corona Virus

Panic driven buying spree outside COSTCO

Due to the incredibly high demand for basic house hold items, stock is at an all-time low. So much so that various chains have shut down due being sold out.

In order for a free/mix market economy to function, prices have to rise to meet the demand. Thus what we’re seeing today are very high price surges that are rocking nations internationally.

Amazon has currently closed its pantry due to being out of stock because of high demand. They promised to open warehouses.

However, currently civilians are facing problems finding normal household items. Various individuals have bought items in bulk and flipped for a quick profit.


Via ebay

As you can see, prices are sky high even for toilet paper. Medical face masks and alcohol based hand sanitizers are items most sought after and sold for higher prices due to the demand.

Not much is different in the fashion world as I’ll prove below for various face masks especially those by OFF WHITE.

OFF WHITE seems to be leading the charge of taking designer face masks resale values to new levels.

OFF White Logo Face Mask Black/White (SS19)

OFF WHITE Logo Face Mask Black White SS19

Retail Price: $105

Peak Resell: $220

Season: SS19

Color: Black/White

People are beginning to realize the gravity of the situation and how risky it is to contract the virus. They’re starting to protect themselves and many desire to do so in style.

As a result, the data speaks for itself. Prices for OFF WHITE face masks have instantly skyrocketed within the past few months as tensions increased.

OFF WHITE Logo Face Mask White Black Resale

Via StockX

It’s astonishing at how profitable these suddenly have become during the past month alone.

According to StockX, the prices have just now surged and the trade range is between $185-$255. The peak potential profit which you may earn now is $115 per pair. That’s great resale for face masks.

OFF WHITE Arrows Face Mask SS19 Fuchsia

OFF WHITE Arrows Face Mask White Fuchsia SS19

Retail Price: $105

Peak Resell: $150

Season: SS19

Color: White/Fuchsia

Similar increase in demand and resale value happened with this variant. The trade range is now between $137-$163 and the peak potential profit is $45.

Now that may not sound like a lot. However, the resale value before the pandemic was declared was abysmal.

OFF WHITE Arrow Face Mask Fuchsi Resale

Via StockX

Only 2 Months prior, the resale value was around only $60. If you had been re-selling these face masks, it would not have been very lucrative at all. Now however, all that has changed.

OFF WHITE Arrows Face Mask Black SS19

OFF WHITE Arrows Face Mask Black Fuchsia SS19

Retail Price: $105

Peak Resell: $278

Season: SS19

Color: Black/Fuchsia

The same story here guys. The trade range going on right now is between $230-$278 according to StockX. These are doing even better than the previous colors, possibly due to being the favorites.

They’re all showing a similar and very obvious indication. Face masks have become very profitable because of the Corona Virus outbreak. The pattern of sales is almost identical for most of these.

What to Do about it?

Well guys I’m not the ethical police to help you distinguish right from wrong. I can however, tell you that face masks may make you a quick profit, especially those from OFF WHITE.

Prices in a free/mix market will largely depend on the forces of demand and supply. For a surge in demand to reach a balanced equilibrium, there needs to be a raise in prices to match it.

That’s how it goes. Otherwise, there will be shortages! So if you’re thinking of re-selling OFF WHITE face masks, conceptually, the market decides the prices any way.

There’s no ethical dilemma here in my opinion.

Unless you’re holding all the toilet paper or generic medical face masks just to sell for a profit. That may be a totally-not-cool move.

Are Face Masks Really That Effective?/ Other Ways to Stay Safe

According to various studies, Face masks really aren’t that helpful. There are a few reasons for that as explained by David Heymann, a health care professional at WHO.

He discourages their use and says face mask may be used improperly, or particles may penetrate it easily. Thus, causing infections.

The most important way you can protect yourself is through social distancing and isolation. Stay at home!

Other ways range from using plastic or medical gloves. Using an alcohol based hand sanitizer (at least 60%). You can check out the full list of preventative measure by WHO here.


It is a difficult time for us all, but we can make it through together. If you really want to make a profit selling Off WHITE face masks.

The new OFF WHITE SS20 releases at select retailers and the OFF WHITE Official website for $105. You can also buy it at re-seller website such as StockX.

For information about sneaker re-selling, the Hypemaster Playbook could be your best friend. You really should read it to elevate your re-selling game to the next level!

Also take a look at our SFS cook book for insider knowledge.

Stay safe everyone!

Signing off.

Take your reselling game to the next level


Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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