Ah, sneaker restocks… a favorite occasion especially for teenagers making cash in the fast-growing footwear reselling business. This is when big companies put fan-favorite models back on the shelves. If you’re lucky and know what you’re doing, you can grab a pair of kicks during a restock that can sell for 10x the retail price.

This month, August 2019, has been restock season like we’ve never seen before, with 2 of the biggest restocks we’ve ever seen to go down in sneaker history: Yeezy Day and SNEAKRS day.

Yeezy Day 2019

At the beginning of August, Adidas and Yeezy brand announced the ‘Yeezy Day’ which made hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world extremely happy.

yeezy day restock 2019 news picture kanye
Image from Getty/Gotham of Mr. West.

We sympathize with the many that sat for hours at their screens to leave empty handed, despite the dozens of models of Yeezys online with varying amounts of resale value.

If you’re interested in what this event could mean for Adidas and its Yeezy brand, check out our post here where we deep dive into an overview of what went down on Yeezy Day.

Playing the game of quality over quantity was Nike for its anniversary restock, but it seemed like even less people won on this one.


Yet another historic restock event in August 2019 was Nike SNEAKRS Day ‘19.

August 8th was the day, as you can see on Nike SNEAKRS Day ‘19 official page ,that set the sneaker world on fire.

Although this was an EU specific event, there were clever people in the US using advanced tactics that we discuss in our Hypemaster Playbook that allow you to still participate in overseas drops.

This is the second SNEAKRS anniversary restock.

In 2018, Nike took to some mystery to announce 8 highly coveted models to release on August 8th 2018.

Nike sneakrs day restock models
Nike’s cryptic announcement of the models to be included in SNEAKRS day.

The models that were (supposedly) all available on this day were:

  1. As Tinker Intended: Air Jordan 3 “Tinker”
  2. Rameses: The mascot for UNC, so this ended up being the  $1000+ Air Jordan 1 Off White “UNC”
  3. “⚫️” symbolic of Off-White’s Vapormax in Black, ~ $1000 in resale value
  4. Chi-Town: Don C’s Air Jodan 312
  5. Japanese characters :  Atmos x Nike Air Max 1 “Animal Pack” collaboration.
  6. “⚪️” symbolic of Off-White’s Vapormax in Black
  7. Chinese characters: Atmos Nike Air Max 95  “Animal Pack” collaboration.
  8. ????: Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 1/97

A similar mess ensued as compared to Yeezy day, with a lot of losers, but some very happy winners as these shoes were all worth tons of money on the aftermarket and either made the buyers a quick and tidy profit or saved them tons of money compared to having to buy them for retail.

SNEAKRS Day 2019

nike sneakrs day 2019 launch page
From Nike’s official Launch page for SNEAKRS DAY

Also slated for August 8th, SNEAKRS day 2019 was set to include some of this year’s hottest models, possibly including:

  1. Nike x Sacai Collection

    nike sacai blazer release date official image
    From News.nike.com https://news.nike.com/news/how-to-get-the-nike-x-sacai-ldwaffle-and-blazer-mid-official-images-release-date

  2. Off -White x Nike Air Force 1 Low

    moma off white air force 1 retail resale flight club price
    A size 10 of these MoMA Off-White AF 1’s fetching $12,000+ on Flight Club in early June 2019

  3. Nike Air Max 1 x Parra

    pic sneaker news release 2019 sb parra nike
    Pic from sneakernews.com

  4. Nike Air Jordan 1 “Nigel Sylvester”

    Nike air jordan 1 nrg sylvester nigel 2018
    Nike Air Jordan 1 NRG Nigel Sylvester. From Nike.com

  5. Cactus Plant Flea Market Vapormax

    cactus plant flea market jordan stockx nike vapormax price resale
    Prices for the CPFM on StockX in May 2019

…and more surprises than 2018, with less confirmations and more mystery, with the potential of $2000+ resale models like the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1’s to come as well.

nike sneakrs day 2019 august 8th tag
The access granting SNEAKRS Tag for 2019

In exciting scavenger hunt style, physical participation in cities like London led users to retailers like Brick Lane where they would find their prize.

The Drop Date made a good write up on this to give you an idea of what kind of in person process Nike uses for major cities that are the best for reselling sneakers.

Nike Adapt BB Air Mag Restock

official image snkrs nike adapt bb hyper air mag lacing 2019
via Nike.com

Aside from these bulk drops, Nike and Adidas are throwing out restocks of hyped individual models as well this month.

First, we have the Nike Adapt BB Air Mag restock, scheduled for Wednesday, August 14th.

So why are we so excited about this particular restock?

 Nike Adapt BB Air Mag model has managed to net $300-400 profits on all of its recolors. This isn’t that high of a margin but if you’re looking to hit consistent earnings from reselling shoes, it’s quite valuable.

With its retail price of $350, it’s considered expensive but the $600-700 resale price makes it cheap. In a way… So, why is it so popular?

stockx bb mag price 2019
From StockX, the August 2019 price of the BB Mags.

What’s interesting is that the Nike Adapt BB Air Mag is one of the freshest sneakers this year with its first iteration being released early in 2019.

On top of the homage to one of the most expensive sneakers of all time, the Air Mag, famous NBA stars like Jason Tatum and Kyle Kuzma promoted this pair of kicks back in January which greatly contributed to its growing popularity.

In a hilarious video interview, you can hear Kyle Kuzma comparing the laceless Nike Adapt BB Air Mag to the famed Kobe Bryant signature sneakers. As we know Kobe was, and still is, Kuzma’s idol so the interview conducted by LakerNation was quite enjoyable for all of us sneakerheads who enjoy NBA basketball.

kyle kuzma adapt bb sneakers la lakers
Kuzma wearing and performing well in the Adapt BB’s from earlier in 2019. From Tim Warner, Getty Images.

The model looks like something that dropped from the future and I believe the aesthetics were made like that intentionally. Namely, it brings us one step closer to the self-lacing tech from the Back to the Future 2 classic. Although not as perfect or magical as it appeared in the movie, these sneakers really make you feel like you’re wearing cybernetic implants on your feet.

stockx bb mag price data
Statistics from StockX

The profit margin is currently sitting at 62.9% but experts predict it’s gonna drastically increase in the following months or perhaps even weeks.


It’s gonna be tough to capitalize on these opportunities in the future when they happen in real time–however, if you manage to get your hands on our highly-reviewed Hypemaster Playbook, the process will become a lot easier.

Additionally, as of mid August, Yeezy is set to restock a fan favorite, its OG Wave Runner 700–we’ve got a whole article on that drop here.

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If you already own some of the kicks we just talked about,  we’d love to discuss them with you in the comment section below. Whatever the case may be, we wish you all the best in hunting for the latest shoe restocks in August 2019!

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