Sneaker mystery boxes are basically a gamble that you take in order to get some hyped sneakers out of the box. Now it̵7;s your luck whether you get bricks, deadstock, or high selling sneakers that will actually generate you profit. Many sneakerheads are in for it to make profits.

We’ll discuss some good mystery boxes below so when you decide to purchase one you’re not disappointed and be able to sell your kicks for a profit. If you’re looking for a safe route of reselling sneakers then check out our Hypemaster Playbook, a complete guide to starting your sneaker reselling journey.

What are sneaker mystery boxes and how much do they cost?

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Sneaker mystery boxes are like every other mystery box where the content in the box is a surprise and represent a certain value. With sneaker mystery boxes you receive sneakers from different famous brands some in good quality, some without boxes, and some used as well.

If you’re lucky you might even get a hype sneaker that will actually resell for a greater price than the sneaker mystery box itself.

Now if you’re getting into the reselling game mystery box is one way to go about it because you’re buying in bulk but it’s very risky and you can lose a lot of money. Purchasing sneaker mystery boxes from random websites can lead to bricks and dead stocks that won’t resell.

Sneaker mystery boxes start from as low as $100 and go up to $10k or more. You can see YouTubers unboxing sneaker mystery boxes all the time and here is an example of a Youtuber known as Untied Hawaii who unboxed a mystery box known as “Beater Box” worth $1275 from Sole Supremacy.

Sneaker mystery box unboxing
Untied Hawaii unboxing the $1275 mystery box from Sole Supremacy

What was inside the box? 

  • Lebron 17 Currency $150
  • Air Griffey Max 1 Varsity $170
  • Jordan 1 Pollen $200
  • Dunk Low SB Jpack Bred $480
  • Sunk Low Ceramic 2020 $250
  • Jordan 11 Low Snakeskin $200
  • Ajko High Bred $190
  • Dunk High SB x Atlas $360

He gained $2000 worth of sneakers out of this mystery box giving him a potential profit of $725.

But don’t let sneaker mystery boxes fool you. Many sneakerheads unboxed $4000+ worth of mystery boxes and ended up with dead stock and half the value of the mystery box.

Head down below to check out some of the best websites that actually deliver value in their mystery boxes.

Are Sneaker Mystery Boxes Worth It?


  • A great variety of items under one box.
  • Get a good profit margin if your items are good and have a good resale value
  • Good for unboxing videos on YouTube. (Views on your videos can generate income)
  • Mystery Boxes can be good for your Sneaker Collection


  • You might find nothing of good value and your money can go to waste especially if you were looking forward to reselling them for profit.
  • You will almost never receive your money back
  • There is no guarantee that you will get good products.
  • There can be all bricks and dead stock of sneakers.
  • It’s risky

Reselling with Sneaker Mystery Box?

If you’re new in the sneaker reselling game and want to profit from reselling sneakers, sneaker mystery boxes definitely look like the right choice because why not? So many sneakers in one box but be beware that you might not get lucky or get scammed ending up with bricks and deadstock that won’t resell.

The safe route would be using websites like GOAT and FlightClub where you can buy and sell sneakers. You can always look for bargains and sell them for profit.

If you want to learn more about reselling, check out our Hypemaster Playbook, the ultimate guide to getting you to a six-figure income from reselling sneakers.

The Best Sneaker Mystery Box?

1 – Sole Supremacy

Screen Shot 2021 10 06 at 7.39.57 PM
Sole Supremacy Beater Box

Sole Supremacy is one of the best in the business. Almost every customer has had positive reviews about them and many YouTubers claim that they were able to profit from almost every beater box they purchased from Sole Supremacy.

The problem with Sol Supremacy is that you have to be a member to get your hands on their boxes. That’s pretty much the only drawback to soul supremacy boxes. However, if you can get a membership and cop their boxes, you’re in for a treat.

2 – Sole Steals

Screen Shot 2021 10 06 at 11.36.51 PM

Sole Steals is like Sole Supremacy and is based on a subscription model. Not only you’ll have access to good mystery boxes that will generate you profits (remember sometimes mystery boxes disappoint) but also have access to sneakers that are listed under value which you can profit from whether you plan to resell them or get them for your own collection.

3 – SneakCity

Screen Shot 2021 10 06 at 8.30.49 PM

The YouTuber UntiedHawaii unboxed around 7 mystery boxes from Sneak City and they all were profitable but he believed that the higher tier boxes provide less value and he felt like he wasn’t receiving the full value in a couple of them.

If you spend $3,000 on a mystery box, I believe you should get a little bit more than 10%-15% back.

Take your reselling game to the next level



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