Despite releasing as a basketball dominant in 1985, the Nike Dunk Lows eventually turned into a sneaker staple. Although it’s packed with a simplistic design, Dunk Low’s has suited as one of the most collectible silos and has availed a full-force revival in the years 2020 and 2021. A major reason for its soaring popularity has also been due to Dunk’s incredible ability to bring together music, fashion, pop culture, and art into one seamless shoe. One such shoe is the Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh.

Nike’s high-volume Dunk Lows continue to brace the sneakerdom, and this time it’s come prepared to sweep the sneakerholics off their feet with its plain beauty. Swoosh has been on fire with a slew of themes in 2022, from the Brushstrokes to the web-3 design. One of the most recent surfacing stunners has been the Nike Dunk Low Chenille Swoosh retailing at a price of $120 and released on 27th October. 

With a different initial response, these Dunks now hold a deviating stance. Before we delve into its tales and explore how it faired in the market, let’s take a look at its fellow Nike Dunk Low ‘Wolf Grey Pure Platinum’.

Nike Dunk Low ‘Wolf Grey Pure Platinum’

  • Retail price: $160
  • Resell Price: $198
  • Colorway: White wolf grey/Pure Platinum
  • Release Date: Sunday, October 15th, 2022
  • Style Code: DX3722-001

A Closer look at the Nike Dunk Low ‘Wolf Grey Pure Platinum’

We noticed an uptick in the popularity of these Dunk Lows, with much credit to their ability to fit in the casual to formal space. The low-top construction is decorated with greyscale paint while departing from the conventional Dunk Lows. The silhouette stands a chance to be the most versatile, fitting in the criteria of matching a grey suit and a casual pair of shorts. 

Nike Dunk Low ‘Wolf Grey Pure Platinum’
Nike Dunk Low ‘Wolf Grey Pure Platinum’

Featuring a two-tone grey finish, the runner is colored with a wishy-washy grey on the leather panel and a dark grey tone on the suede overlays. The grey panels are dominated by a combination of nubuck and leather. Some tinge of contrast is noticed on the white leather Swoosh, outlined with a spunk of blue. Some additional details include a collegiate blue insole and thread holding the sneaker tongue tag, dressed in the same.

Despite the dominance of white leather, much like the classic, the sock liner adorns a white mesh. A pair of tan leather runs up the nubuck-covered tongue following the quintessential theme. Rounding up the pair is the perforated toe top, grey midsole, frosty rubber outsole, and an exterior stitch following a unique pattern.

On the secondary market, these eye candy trainers are currently floating around at $198. Let’s look into some anticipation for the Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh.

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Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh

  • Retail price: $120
  • Average resell Price: $152
  • Colorway: Black/Grey/White
  • Release Date: Sunday, October 27th, 2022
  • Style Code: DQ7683-001
Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh Rear Side
Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh

A Closer look at the Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh:

In the past years, the Dunk Low has boasted many signatory elements from leopard print to snakeskin print, but the latest Dunk stands tall with a unique chenille Swoosh, not to be seen on Dunk in a while. The shoe wins over by bringing the Varsity Jacket theme back into the action.

Dressed in a two-tone simple color palette, the trainers sport a stylish appeal, giving out a message ‘basics are classy’. Although the core of the pair banks on the heritage of being two-hued, the unique oversized Swoosh hand down wins overall aesthetics. The fat-bellied black Swoosh is positioned over the midfoot and dresses up in grey bedding. Some signature branding marks the heel, insole, and tongue.

Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh
Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh

The grinding technology steals the show with its design and marks the shoe as a part of the eco-conscious ‘Move to Zero’ line. A full leather build-up with mesh tongue and rubber outsole completes the look. 

Released in men’s version, the iteration is profitable but some of the uncommon sizes have been a disappointment and sold below retail. On the secondary market, the average resale value stands at $152.

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Where to Buy for Resell

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hypemeter profit 3 Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille

Nike Dunk Low Black Chenille Swoosh

  • Retail price: $120
  • Average resell Price: $152
  • Colorway: Black/Grey/White
  • Release Date: Sunday, October 27th, 2022
  • Style Code: DQ7683-001

Where to Buy (Retail)

How does the Nike Dunk Low fit?

They are as roomy as you would want them to be. The Nike Dunk toe box is spacious and will keep you at ease even for long hours of the day. They are always true to size.

How to check the authenticity of Nike Dunk Lows?

There are a number of things that you can do. Check the color tones and compare them with confirmed originals. Check the logos as fakes can usually be a bit off. Also, check the stitching to see if the stitching is uniform, thick, and at an equal distance from each other.

Are Nike Dunks durable?

Nike Dunk Lows use premium leather that can protect against rain, but prolonged exposure can lead to damage and cracks in the leather.

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