Nike Dunks have always been very profitable; in 2022, they have been known as “unbrickable” shoes. However, that title may be in question in 2022. Today, we go through the best Nike Dunks of 2022, including a collaboration!

Stay tuned for all the details! Also, check out our article on the Best Nike Dunk Highs!

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Other Nike models, especially Air Jordans, may have surpassed the Nike Dunks when it comes to profitability, but these kicks are still killing in on the primary market. On the other hand, the secondary market performance of Nike Dunks for resellers has changed a bit.

The Dunks used to be in 2020 and early 2021 that just would not brick, but you will need to be more careful today when picking up a pair to resell.

Before we go through the best Nike Dunks of 2022, let me walk you through its history and how resale has changed for the silhouette.

Nike Dunks: History and Resale in 2022

Nike Dunks High Resale Value Indicating a Gradual Fall
Nike Dunk High Resale Value Indicating a Gradual Fall Via StockX

The Nike Dunk is one of the most sought-after designs on the market right now because of its straightforward style, harmonious color blocking, and exceptional adaptability in terms of shape and style.

The Dunk has seen a full-force rebirth in the years 2020 and 2021, far outstripping its original use as a collegiate basketball shoe and becoming a skateboarding mainstay.

The Dunk’s amazing capacity to meld art, fashion, music, and popular culture into a cohesive whole has, nonetheless, continually served as a shoe for several subcultures throughout the world.

The Dunk’s history follows a branching pattern rather than a straight path. This has added so much depth to its story. However, today we will be focusing on just the Dunks rather than the SB Dunks that were made for skateboarding.

The Air Force 1, the Terminator, the Air Jordan 1, and the Legend were all used to create the Nike Dunk High, a high-top basketball shoe that was introduced in August 1985. The Legend assisted in the creation of the Dunk’s molds, while the AJ-1 and Terminator were combined to make the upper.

 The AF-1 served as the inspiration for the Dunk’s general design and the outsole. The Nike Dunk’s forerunners contributed to the ultimate design of the silhouette, but the history of the shoe’s initial introduction is what gives it its special appeal.

The 1985 launching of the shoe was in line with the heyday of basketball, which had Michael Jordan as its shining star, and this was no coincidence.

However, the sneaker fell short in recent years and into the shadow of the more popular Air Jordan until the Hypebeasts discovered them. In 2020, the Dunks were at an all-time high with great releases like the Dunk Low Syracuse and must-have collaborations like the Kasina Nike Dunk Low.

Unfortunately for resellers, Nike made too many of them, and they’re actually starting to sit on shelves. From yielding profits of over $100 easily, regular Nike Dunk releases barely break even with some releases.

Thankfully, there are some releases that you should keep your eyes on, especially the best Nike Dunks of 2022 here on this list.

Nike Dunk Low Gym Red

  • Retail Price: $105
  • Average Resell: $215
  • Release Date: Monday, December 5th, 2022
  • Colorway: Gym Red/White
  • Style Code: DN1431-101
Nike Dunk Low Gym Red Quarter View
Nike Dunk Low Gym Red Quarter View

The buzz around these sneakers grew as Nike kept releasing new OG Dunk Low iterations. The following Nike model features the “Gym Red” color blocking that has already been seen on a number of Jordan and Nike models.

On October 19, 2022, at 7.30 p.m., Dunk Low was released and sold through Nike and several specialized retail stores.

On the overlays, toe boxes, and eyelets of the Nike Dunk Low “Gym Red,” gym red contrasts with the shoe’s white basis. The shoe’s standout features are the tongue flap and heel counter logo inserts in university gold.

The perforated toe boxes, throats, and traditional laces remain black, while branding can also be seen on the heel tabs. Complementing the design are clean white midsoles, while Gym Red outsoles finish off the design as a final nod to the famed campaign.

These sneakers are currently on sale on the secondary market for a very impressive $210+ resale price tag which in 2022, is no easy task for a regular Nike Dunk.

If interested in copping the best Nike Dunks of 2022, join our Winner’s Circle!

Nike Dunk Low UCLA

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $150
  • Release Date: Tuesday, October 25th, 2022
  • Style Code: DD1391-402
Nike Dunk Low UCLA Quarter View
Nike Dunk Low UCLA Quarter View

Nike added another varsity-inspired low-top classic to its line, and this time it is honoring the UCLA Bruins. The Golden State Warriors fans will be drawn to this Nike Dunk Low’s college-inspired color.

This sneaker’s uppers are made of premium leather in a combination of navy blue and vivid golden tones. University Gold embellishes the perforated toe boxes, side panels, and collar underlays, while Blue Jay adorns the toes, eye stays, and heel overlays.

Additionally, the throats have a soft golden glow and coordinating laces that merge in. Gold-colored throats with Blue Jay liners, matching tags, and Blue Jay Nike Air branding around them.

Coming to the sock liners and interiors that also don the Blue Jay hue, they lead down to matching into additional Nike branding on the inserts. Dark blue side Swooshes, white midsoles, and blue outsoles complete the look.

These are not the most profitable Nike Dunks out there, but they are also hyped and one of the best colors to come out this year. The average selling price is $150 per pair on websites such as StockX.

CLOT x Nike Dunk High Flux

  • Retail Price: $150
  • Average Resell: $200
  • Release Date: Friday, March 18th, 2022
  • Style Code: DH4444-900
Clot x Nike Dunk High Flux Quarter View
Clot x Nike Dunk High Flux Quarter View

This partnership was motivated by constant motion, or “Change,” as well as by the Yin-Yan theory. The upper is silver, which the designer claims are a combination of the opposites of the color spectrum, black and white.

This stunning shoe is entirely covered with lenticular art. The side Swooshes, heel overlays, scuff guards, eye stays, and perforated toe boxes are all covered in metallic silver material.

White midsoles, matching white outsoles, and matching silver laces complete the look.

Clot and Nike go way back with plenty of collaborations, the recent one coming to mind being the CLOT x Nike Air Force collection.

Both of those sneakers were profitable, but due to the high volume, neither of those sneakers are that insanely profitable.

The CLOT x Nike Dunk High Flux on the secondary market is worth around $200, yielding gross profits of around $200 per pair.

Nike Dunk Low Syracuse 2022 Restock

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $560+
  • Release Date: November 2022
  • Colorway: White/Orange
  • Style Code: CU1726-101
Nike Dunk Low Syracuse Quarter View
Nike Dunk Low Syracuse Quarter View

In order to commemorate the Nike Dunk’s 35th anniversary, Nike unveiled the Nike Dunk Low SP Syracuse (2020). 

The Nike Dunk made its debut as a part of the 1985 Nike College Colors initiative, which provided footwear in the school colors of 12 well-known basketball schools so that supporters could fully support their preferred teams.

Nike broke the template for hues used on basketball shoes with the debut of this Syracuse colorway, one of the first collegiate colors.

This famed colorway was seen earlier in 2016 in a Nike Dunk High shape and then in 2020, alongside the Kentucky sneakers, one of the year’s biggest releases.

These sneakers feature white toe boxes, side panels, and heel underlays, while a bright orange tinge covers the toes, eye stays, and heel overlays.

Matching laces blend right into the eye stays, complementing the orange hits on the tongue’s branding. Crisp white midsoles and matching titular outsoles finish off the design.

These sneakers will be restocking in November of 2022 and will likely be extremely profitable. I expect a resale price tag of over $350 even after the restocking.

Nike Dunk Low Kentucky Restock

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $500+
  • Release Date: November 2022
  • Colorway: White/Varsity Royal
  • Style Code: CU1726-100
Nike Dunk Low Kentucky Quarter View
Nike Dunk Low Kentucky Quarter View

Just like the Syracuse colorway, the Kentucky colorway was also released in 2020 and represented one of the original Nike-affiliated colleges back in the day. They will be releasing again this November!

The uppers on this sneaker sport a classic two-tonal design with a Varsity Royal and White color scheme. Dark blue Varsity Royal covers the toes, eye stays, and heel overlays. Clean white perforated toe boxes, white side panels, and collar underlays provide a clean base.

Blue laces complement the matching branding on the tongues, while clean white midsoles and titular outsoles finish off the design.

These original colorways will also be more profitable, and the only colorways that can come close to or surpass the resale of these sneakers are hyped collaboration. Certain Travis Scott colorways come to mind when I think of a very hyped Nike Dunk Low collaboration.

On the secondary market, these sneakers, just like the Kentucky colorway, are extremely profitable and are reselling for multiple times their retail price tag. On websites such as StockX, these kicks are reselling for over a whopping $500 per pair!

You’ll definitely not want to miss out on these two sneakers’ restock.

Nike Dunk Low Setsubun

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $360+
  • Release Date: Sunday, 5th June 2022
  • Style Code: DQ5009-268
Nike Dunk Low Setsubun Quarter View
Nike Dunk Low Setsubun Quarter View

Every year, people of Japanese heritage will celebrate Setsubun, which corresponds to the first day of Spring according to the country’s ancient calendar and is a celebration meant to banish bad luck and the ghosts of the previous year.

Given that folks who take part will throw roasted soybeans out of their doors or toward relatives wearing devil masks, it is frequently referred to as the “Bean-Throwing Festival.” Even though the 2022 celebrations are over, Nike is continuing to respect this yearly custom by creating a unique Dunk Low “Setsubun” colorway. 

The numerous embellishments on the shoe may be used to evoke the spirit of the occasion. On the lateral heel, purple embroidery highlights Tsuno Daishi, the Great Horned Master, who is said to guard against disease and evil.

His horns have been replaced with Nike Swooshes. The insoles have Utagawa Kuniyoshi artwork emblazoned all over them, as you can see if you take them out.

It includes his depiction of the folk hero Kintar in “Kintoki Throwing Beans at Fleeing Demon,” an artwork. Other details on the kicks include cobblestone-like toe boxes and sides, double-stacked purple and brown Nike emblems, and dark brown overlays.

These kicks are also one of the most profitable on this entire list, and they have consistently been selling for over $320 per pair and even up to $400 in some cases.

Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson

  • Retail Price: $130
  • Average Resell: $350+
  • Release Date: Tuesday, July 19th, 2022 (TBC)
  • Style Code: DV2122-400
Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson Quarter View
Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson Quarter View

When Jackie Robinson took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers in his Major League Baseball debut in 1948, he shattered the color barrier in baseball. The Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson pays homage to the legendary baseball player and civil rights campaigner.

The side panels and tiny blue Swooshes on the ventilated toe boxes of the uppers are made of off-white leather. Robinson’s statements are emblazoned on the overlays made of supple blue leather.

“I’m not bothered about your liking or disliking me,.” The insoles include a message that reads, “All I want is that you to treat me as a human being.”

Lighter blue suede. The design is completed with Swooshes, white/blue laces, white midsoles with blue stitching, and black outsoles. The suede Swooshes are another nice touch; many would definitely want one of these in their collection.

On the secondary market, these kicks are worth north of $350 per pair with an average price of $380 per pair on StockX! Thus finishing off this list.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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