Hey guys, and welcome back to another month filled with profitable shoes that you can easily flip and make some money! Members of our very own Winner̵7;s Circle cook group have been making tens of thousands of dollars worth of profit every month during the summer, and I’m sure that the rest of the year will be no different.

There is literally nothing else like our newly updated Shoe Bot Secrets out in the public that breaks down exactly how sneaker plugs do what they do. Written by our expert Winner’s Circle Cook Group admin Alex Smith who has experience of getting up to over 50 pairs per release using bots, these are secrets that everyone has been waiting on…

Anyway, enough self-promotion, let’s get into the sneakers.

1. Nike Dunk Low Georgetown

Nike dunk low georgetown sneaker for reselling with great value

Release Date: September 2nd

Retail: $100

Peak Resell: $200

Potential Profit: $100

Kicking off the month with the shoe model of 2021, the Dunk Low. This time, releasing in a ‘Georgetown’ colourway which consists of midnight navy, white and grey. Stock should be quite good across the world, with the smallest sizes available likely to be worth the most on the secondary market. However, in my opinion, all sizes are worth picking up if you have the opportunity.


2. Nike Air Jordan 4 Golf Military Blue

Air Jordan 4 Golf Military Blue release date and high resale value

Release Date: September 3rd

Retail: $220

Peak Resell: $350

Potential Profit: $130

Jordan 4 Golf shoes, and Jordan Golf shoes in general have become extremely popular in the past few years. This military blue colourway has some of the strongest demand I’ve ever seen for a golf shoe, and with the final release of these on the 3rd in the USA (Europe and Asia was the end of last month), most of the stock is on the market however the price is still very high. The bigger sizes will perform best, and I’d recommend staying away from anything smaller than a size 10.

3. Nike Dunk Low University Red

nike dunk low white university red profitable sneaker reselling game

Release Date: September 7th

Retail: $100

Peak Resell: $175

Potential Profit: $75

To the surprise of nobody, another Dunk Low will be releasing this month, in a classic red and white colourway. As with all non-SB Dunk Lows that have been released this year, stock should be quite good, and the smaller sizes should perform best, however, all sizes are a go as they will all have good profit.


4. Nike Air Jordan 1 KO Billie Eilish

billie eilish air jordan 1 ko sneaker for reselling with great profits

Release Date: September 9th

Retail: $175?

Peak Resell: $300~

Potential Profit: $125

Popstar Billie Eilish’s first collaboration on a shoe with Nike will be releasing on September 9th. The colourway is in a classic Billie Eilish ‘slime green’, which she has been seen wearing for years. The Jordan 1 KO isn’t exactly the most popular silhouette, and the colourway isn’t the easiest to pull off, however just because of Eilish’s following, I’d be surprised if there was not any sort of resell on them. The smallest sizes should perform best for this shoe.


5. Nike Dunk High Sports Specialities

nike dunk high sports specialties sneaker for high resale value

Release Date: September 10th

Retail: $110

Peak Resell: $200

Potential Profit: $90

Another Dunk release, however this time in the High silhouette. This Sports Specialities colourway is being made by Nike to honour the hat brand by the same name. Expect the stock to be medium to high, with all sizes going for roughly the same on the aftermarket – definitely worth going for to resell.


If you managed to cop just one pair of each shoe listed here, it would cost you around $705. If you sold at peak resell value, you would receive roughly $1225. That would leave you with $520 in net profit – not bad just for buying and selling a few pairs of shoes this month. This article will be updated throughout the month with any updates we receive on other new profitable releases.



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Alex W. Smith

Alex is a sneaker collector turned reseller. As a reseller he has supplied some of the top stores in Europe with sought after shoes. He is the leader of Winner's Circle and has taught hundreds of people how to begin and scale their reselling business.


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