Off-White x Nike has been one of the most popular (and expensive!) collaborations that sneakerheads have had the pleasure of seeing over the last few years. From the Air Jordan 1 to the Nike Dunk Low, Nike and Off-White have pushed the boundaries of creativity. Today, we’re taking a look at the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Light Green Spark”.

Image of Off-White storefront via Unsplash.
Image of Off-White storefront via Unsplash.

Before we take a closer look at the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Light Green Spark” we are going to take a look at two similar pairs and analyze how they performed on the resell market.

Nike Dunk Low Off-White ‘Pine Green’

  • Retail Price: $170
  • Average Resell Price: $945
  • Colorway: White, Pine Green
  • Release Date: Friday, December 20, 2019
  • Style Code: CT0856-100
Image of the Nike Dunk Low Off-White 'Pine Green' via StockX.
Image of the Nike Dunk Low Off-White ‘Pine Green’ via StockX.

This Dunk Low is comprised of a white leather upper with pine green overlays. A unique secondary lacing system, zip-ties, and signature Off-White text on the sides complete the design.

You can see just from the image how Off-White was able to redesign a sneaker while maintaining its frame. The Off-White look is almost one that appears as if it is currently under construction.

All of the sneakers contain the pull tag from Off-White, which sparks a debate amongst sneakerheads about whether or not you remove the tag. You can see the red cord throughout the upper of the sneaker, just adding to the “currently still designing” aspect.

This sneaker obviously generated a ton of hype and had an above-average retail value of $170, compared to other Nike Dunk Lows, of course. Despite that, the sneaker instantly sold out and now resells for hundreds and hundreds in profit.

In fact, if you were able to purchase a pair of the Nike Dunk Low Off-White ‘Pine Green’ for retail, you are probably set for about $700 in pure profit, after fees and such.

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Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White ‘Volt’

  • Retail Price: $170
  • Average Resell Price: $1,030
  • Colorway: Volt, Hyper Jade, Cone Black
  • Release Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • Style Code: AO4606-700
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White 'Volt' via StockX.
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White ‘Volt’ via StockX.

This AF1 comes with a volt upper, black Nike “Swoosh”, volt midsole, and volt sole. 

Obviously, this sneaker brings a much brighter green than the Dunk Low we just saw, but this pair is closer in color to the Air Force 1 ‘Light Green Spark’

This pair definitely doesn’t go unnoticed on the street and is definitely a statement piece in any outfit. Although the colorway is very loud, this sneaker resells incredibly well.

With the same retail price as the Nike Dunk Low Off-White ‘Pine Green’, this pair resells for just over $1,000! If you were able to purchase this pair for retail, you’d be making about $800 in pure profit!

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Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White ‘Light Green Spark’

  • Retail Price: $160
  • Estimated Resell Price: $2,000
  • Colorway: Light Green Spark, Metallic Silver
  • Release Date: Unkown (potential Shock Drop)
  • Style Code: DX1419-300
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White 'Light Green Spark' via StockX.
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White ‘Light Green Spark’ via StockX.

The Off-White™ x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Light Green Spark” features bright and bold green leather uppers paired with stitched-on metallic Swooshes that switch up the otherwise completely green upper.

Further details on the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White ‘Light Green Spark’ includes exposed stitching, “NIKE AIR” embroidered at the rear, “SHOELACES” marked laces and the customary zip-tie tag.

Finishing up the design of the shoe are matching AF1 sole units containing the “AIR” text.

The sneakers are expected to release this summer via a shock drop.

What is a Shock Drop?

Shock Drops are the simplest: They alert users to immediate drops at local boutiques via push notifications, where they purchase the shoe from a storefront. Step-by-step guide users are prompted with after finding the SNKRS Stash feature in the app.

It usually takes place in the morning, around 9-12 am but can be totally unpredictable. You can never really prepare yourself enough for a shock drop, and most of it is just hoping and praying.

Shock drops may seem unfair, but they are utilized to try and prevent bots and create an even playing field for everyone who is trying to purchase a pair.

Where to buy the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 for resell

We believe this pair will resell for around $2,000.

If you are not able to purchase for retail, which you probably won’t be, definitely check out two of the most trusted reselling sources in the game:

  • GOAT: An online app where sellers can list their sneakers for market prices, and buyers can either place bids or accept the seller’s price. Sellers ship their pairs to the GOAT warehouse, where they are then authenticated and shipped out to the buyers.
  • Flight Club: Both a website and physical store(s) where sellers can give their shoes in to be sold in consignment, where Flight Club will take a percentage off of the sale.


hypemeter hype Off-White x Nike Air Force 1

This, of course, comes as no surprise as we anticipate this sneaker will average $2,000 in resell value. If you are able to purchase for retail, and there won’t be many people who are able to do so, you are in for a massive profit.

Every reseller should stay on high alert for this pair and make sure you are constantly updating yourself on the latest news regarding the Nike Air Force 1 Low Off-White ‘Light Green Spark’

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Nike still make Off-White?

Nike and Off-White revealed in March 2022 that they have decided to continue their partnership despite the passing of designer Virgil Abloh. The designs will continue to be released on Nike SNKRS in accordance with Abloh’s wishes, and Nike will be working with his wife Shannon Abloh to bring more designs to the market.

What is Virgil Abloh known for?

Abloh was best known for being Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director and the CEO of the streetwear label Off-White—but his talent extended way beyond the world of fashion. Abloh was also an architect, engineer, DJ, and musician.

Why are Air Force 1’s so popular?

The classic yet stylish look, proportions, availability, comfort, and wearability all factor into the Air Force 1s popularity. Air Force 1s look great with most casual outfits and have a rich history that appeals to sneaker fanatics

How can you tell if Nikes are fake?

Every pair of authentic Nike shoes comes with an SKU number that is identical to the SKU number on their box. If the numbers are missing or do not match, they are likely fakes. Check the tongue label. Often, fake Nike manufacturers put outdated sizing labels on the inside of the shoe.

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