Learn about the Air Jordan Retro 11 25th Anniversary Jubilee history, resale details, fake vs real and more in this full guide.

Jordan Brand celebrated 25 years of one of its most iconic sneakers ever, the Air Jordan Jubilee 11.

The Air Jordan 11 25th Anniversary “Jubilee” Release Date was on December 12th for a retail price of $220.

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Before we estimate resale for this iconic sneaker, let me walk you through its history to show you what makes the AJ11 so special.


Air Jordan 11 | The Favorite Child

schematics sketch air jordan 11
Schematics from the great designer Tinker Hatfield of the Air Jordan 11 (via Sneaker News)

The Air Jordan 11 Mid may be the most popular today but the Low is just as important. Since these are widely considered Michael Jordan’s favorite sneakers, it makes the AJ11 pretty special.

Michael Jordan wore these sneakers after his return for the 1995-1996 season. However, before that, Tinker Hatfield had to design them with the intention of making them special.

Hatfield wanted them to be different than any other Air Jordan, thus choosing nylon initially as a base material. That, however, was obviously a bad idea so they decided to go with patent leather.

Hatfield wanted the Jordan 11 to resemble a beautiful convertible, elegant and flamboyant. Apart from the leather, it also included a lightweight midsole, air sole unit, and a carbon fiber plate.

The sneakers were first released in 1995. The Mid was released in 3 colorways for $125 while the 2 Lows retailed for $115. There were also only 5 pairs made exclusively for Michael Jordan’s “Space Jam” movie.

The Air Jordan 11 25th Anniversary Jubilee celebrates the birth of an icon and 25 years of the AJ11’s success.


Air Jordan Jubilee 11 25th Anniversary Closer Look

A full view of the Jubilee 11s from Sneaker Bar Detroit

Retail Price: $220

Estimated Resell: $270

Release Date: December/12/2020


The Air Jordan Jubilee 11 stays true to the original with its almost entirely blacked out upper which is constructed with pure patent leather. The base of the sneaker is ballistic mesh which distinguishes itself nicely from the shiny patent leather.

The real beauty of this sneaker, however, is in the details and what it says.

A small metallic silver Jump-Man sits in between the laces system while the eyelets spell out “JORDAN” with printed graphics.

Further details include a metallic silver “23” insignia on the heel and a similarly constructed Jump-Man on the rear sides of each sneaker.

A white midsole elevated with Zoom technology and a translucent outsole with a barely visible Jump-Man completes the look.

Jubilee 11 Side View – Nike
Jubilee 11 Hover View – Nike
Jubilee 11 Rear View – Nike
Jubilee 11 Outsole -Nike


Estimated Resell Value

To estimate its resale value, let’s head over to StockX.

Since this was a highly anticipated release, these sold out quickly and hit a initial resale value of around $400 for certain sizes at the peak, a $180 profit above its retail price.

stockx data resale price jubilee 11
The Jubilee 11 showing a consolidating resale value of around $300 consistently for the year to date in September 2021

A current average resale price in late 2021 sits at roughly $300 according to StockX sales data, so gross profits are around $80 per pair. If you sell on websites such as eBay that offer fee waivers, profits may even be higher.

Some shoes rise in value as an alternative asset as we describe in this post. 

sotheby's jordan 11 jubilee price
Sotheby’s, the high end auction house, is now incorporating rare Jordans like the Jubilee 11s

It’s pretty big news that Sotheby’s is selling Jubilee 11’s on their site for a premium over the StockX price.

This could be bullish news for the future resale value of these. Keep a lookout in the holiday season to see if this model rises in price which it very well could.

Where to Buy the Jubilee 11

These kicks were available to buy at select retailers and Nike.com on December the 12th. The retail price is confirmed at $220 for Men.

The Air Jordan Jubilee 11 25th Anniversary StockX link can be accessed here.

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Real vs Fake

Avoid sites like DHGate completely and any description that mentions UA so you can always buy real shoes and not fakes

When buying a desirable shoe online, you always have to be on the lookout for fakes.

One of the biggest red flags of whether or not your Jubilee 11 is real is the price.

Secondly, you have to make note of the minor details of the shoe that only authentic versions have, such as correct stitching, consistent paint and quality feel of materials, and strangely enough smell is a factor as well (Fakes tend to have a strong chemical smell when new).


Air Jordan Jubilee 11 25th Anniversary

Retail Price: $220

Resell value: $270-$300 (current)

Release Date: Saturday, December 12th 2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS

                       (Resale) StockX , eBay, GOAT

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