This final week of August has been filled with shock drops and profitable drops. And the start of September looks the same. On the 1st of September Nike is re-releasing the 2001 classic, Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic for a retail price of $100.  

The Dunk Low Ceramic is featuring alongside the Veneer colorway – which has yet to receive a release date. But for now, on September 1st, skateboarders and streetwear enthusiasts are all keeping a close eye on the Dunk Low Ceramic 

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Feel free to skip to the Conclusion to find out the resale price of the Nike Dunk Low Ceramic. 

Nike Ugly Ducklings 2001 Pack 

Our Ugly Ducklings’ story starts 19 years ago, in 2001, when Nike released the new Pro B line of Dunk Lows which had slightly fatter laces than usual and new materials on the upper – this was a clear skateboard specific line of footwear that released before the official line of Nike SB Dunk footwear.  

In the mid-’80s, thee Dunk, was popular among skateboarders as it created a cult hype amongst them. However, the original intent behind the sneaker was to create sporty basketball shoes. Therefore, the 2001 Pro B line was rather a throwback to that earlier era – as they featured fatter laces and more sturdy and durable materials on the upper. 

Some versions of the Pro B even featured a fatter, padded tongue and a more durable grip-tape upper. After their release, skate shops began stocking them and since then they have become a desired artifact for the Dunk loyalists and fanbase.   

This Ugly Duckling pack gave us three vibrant colorways that are popular even today: ‘Plum’, ‘Veneer’, and ‘Ceramic’. Interesting fact – these three colorways were not an official “Pack” release, but they were grouped together because of their eye-catching color-blocking, exclusivity in Japan, and amazing materials such as suede on the uppers and mesh on the ankle.  

The Ugly Ducklings pack was hardly ugly, but they were against the norm of the day. Moreover, in addition to these three Dunks, another colorful Dunk named Viotech’ which was released in 2002 is often wrongly associated with the Ugly Ducklings.  

Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic – Detailed Look 

19 years later, we are getting a re-release of the 2001 Nike Ugly Ducklings pack. On September 1st, we will be receiving the Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic. Here’s a detailed look on the sneaker:  


The updated release is focused around premium suede uppers that express tri-tone collaborations of “Black/Ceramic/Nori”. The bright orange upper contrasts well with black, the green swoosh, and the white midsole.  


As always, the branding on the Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic comes with the Nike Air tongue tags, a different variant of midfoot Swooshes, embroidered “NIKE” on the rear and printed insoles.   

Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic – Where To Buy 

At the moment the only place that we know of, for sure, that will be featuring the Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic is Nike’s Official Website and StockX.

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Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic – Resale Price  

Alright now that we’re done with all the boring business, it’s time we take a look at whether or not the Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic is worth the read or not.  

The original 2001 Dunk Ceramic has a high value for collectors. On GOAT, it’s currently being resold for $550 (for used) and if it’s new then it can go north of $1000.  

But unfortunately, we don’t see the same happening on the re-release. However, there are still good profits to be made. 

According to our estimates, the resale price of the Nuke Dunk Low Ceramic is likely to be between $350-$500. With a retail price of $100, you’re looking at average profits of $200-$300 after all the processing and seller costs.  


Sneaker: Nike Dunk Low SP Ceramic  

Release Date: 1st September 2020 

Retail Price: $100 

Resale Price: $350-$500 

If you’re unable to get your hands on the Dunk Ceramic, do not worry. Because September is only beginning, and we have a lot of drops to cover. Just like August got really hot right at the end, you can expect the same from September.  

How To Resell Sneakers For Profit

The sneaker resale game is tough and merciless. Whilst there is an opportunity for a whole load of profits to be made, there’s also a greater opportunity of losing your money. The one way to counter this is through following a set of practices that have shown success in the past and present. 

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