Off-White x Nike Dunk Low

9/10/off-white-dunk-low-green-on-feet-pic-e1571265181542.jpg" alt="off-white-dunk-low-green-on-feet-pic" width="700" height="491" /> The Pine Green colorway of the upcoming OW Dunks from Modern Notoriety.

Virgil Abloh has recently announced that he has collabed with Nike yet again for a fresh take on the Nike Dunks, a skateboarding shoe. With the release date rumored to be sometime this month, we are here to educate you on everything you need to know about the shoes.

Nike SB Dunk: What makes them special ?

The Nike Dunks were first introduced in 1985 by designer Peter Moore. It soon caught the eyes of many due to its various colorways that mimicked Nike’s biggest college basketball partners. First introduced as a college basketball shoe, it went on to become popular amongst skaters mainly for the support it offered them. Famous colorways like the Nike Dunk SB Low Staple NYC Pigeon now resell for upwards of an eye-watering $18,600+.


Nike Dunk SB Low Staple NYC Pigeon via StockX

A modern mastermind: Virgil Abloh

Virgil Abloh has been making waves in the sneaker industry ever since recreating Nike’s “The Ten” collection in 2017. The shoes were immediate sell-outs, and most now go for over a thousand dollars.


off white virgil abloh the ten collection
“The Ten”- Source

Now, Virgil Abloh has teamed up yet again with Nike for his take on the Nike dunks, which has seen significant rise in hype from the start of the year.

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Nike SB Dunk Low x Off-White /Virgil Abloh Details and On Feet Pictures

From @hanzuying on IG

The Off-White Nike Dunks are rumored to release this month, with three colorways already confirmed by Virgil Abloh himself.

The colorways are Michigan, University red, and Pine Green.

off-white-dunk-low-michigan-on-feet-2019 off-white-dunk-low-pine-green-on-feet-2019 off-white-dunk-low-university-red-on-feet-2019

All of these on foot pics are from @hanzuying.

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The shoes have Off-White branding on the side and a double lacing system that is sure to turn heads.

From, a debut of the dunks from Paris fashion week which shows a UNC colorway that’s not yet confirmed.

Famous graffiti artist Futura also has a share of the design, with his iconic “FL” (Futura Laboratories) placed on the heels, as well as his signature on the translucent outsoles and insoles, and his landmark style of type used alongside Off-White font Helvetica.

From hypebeast.

Resale Value: Off-White SB Dunks

Virgil Abloh has been notorious among sneaker-heads for creating a new shoe just by slapping on a zip-tie and some Off-White branding, without actually doing anything on the shoes.

However, as far as resellers are concerned, these shoes generate hype, which in turn generates more resale value, and thus more money.

With the 3 shoes selling over $2000 USD pre-sale each, it’s safe to say that these are a must cop for sneaker resellers.

Current StockX prices as of mid October 2019.

A retail price of $170 USD means that a profit of 10x or more will be likely–definitely a shoe that fuels six figure teenage resellers making up the billion dollar sneaker pie.

Furthermore, sightings of celebrities rocking the shoes are helping to generate even more hype for the shoes which will increase the resale value by a significant amount.

The three shoes are very likely to retain their high resale price ($2000 USD) after their release, which makes them extremely profitable.

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Stock Number

From @hanzuying on IG.

One thing that is an indicator of whether or not a shoe will resell is the stock number, i.e. the number of pairs to be released.

It seems that each color has an equal stock of 34,000 pairs each, which in the world of sneakers, is quite low.

With likely millions of people going for them, only a fraction will win, and having a competitive edge is a must as you can’t just cross your fingers hoping to get them, you need a real strategy.

Release Date: Off-White x Nike dunk lows

All three are expected to have a release date in October 2019.

We will update this article if we find out news about the exact release date.

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As of press time, we have not received a release date on the three shoes.

Knowing Virgil and his past drops, the shoes will probably drop via shock drop, i.e. at a random time or even location.

The shoes will definitely sell out in an insanely short amount of time, like all Off-White x Nike shoes do.

How to buy: Off-White x Nike dunk lows

Usually, you can walk into any shoe store and pick up a pair of Nike dunks, but this is not so with the exclusive Off-White x Nike dunks.

As the details have not been confirmed, we can only give our best bet that these shoes will be available through the Nike SNKRS app, as well as through raffles by various stores.

Expect these shoes to be extremely limited and thus, hard to get, driving up the resale value.

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Good luck guys!

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