Good morning, good evening. Good day to you wherever you are on the globe. Today I̵7;m coming here to talk to you about a DOPE pair of sneakers. If you’re any fan of Nike SB and 4/20 themed releases, you gotta stay tuned to hear about these coming up – the Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough”.

Originally these sneakers were scheduled to be in stock on the Nike SNKRS app Monday, April 20th 2020. A last minute substitution took place only a few days before the release. Instead of the Strawberry Cough Dunks, a new 420 or “Reverse Skunk” Dunk took it’s place. These were an obvious homage to the original Skunk Dunk that released in 2010. Perhaps the 10 year anniversary was a big catalyst for this movement.

Nike SB Dunk High 420 Purple Skunk CW9971 500 Release Date 4
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

The Reverse Skunk is rumored to only have 420 pairs in total that released. This is incredibly tiny for a release. Absolutely impossible to get. To a normal general release sneaker, 420 pairs is about .5% of a normal amount of stock. Therefore resell prices are going off the charts. We’re seeing bids into the $5,000 territory. What’s the last sneaker you’ve seen do that? I may be upset I couldn’t get my hands on a pair but it’s still a cool thing to see in the sneaker community. These will be grails forever.

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If you’re not interested in a history of the sneaker or details, feel free to skip to the end of the post to get more of the valuable release info and site list.

Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough” History and A Detailed View

Oddly enough, the Nike SB Dunk High “Strawberry Cough” is designed by artist Todd Bratrud, who also worked on the classic “Skunk” Dunks and “White Widow” SB Dunk Mid that came around in 2018. Safe to say Mr. Bratrud has an affinity with bud and creates some seriously dope shoes.

Its name is a nod to a popular strain of marijuana. This Nike SB Dunk High features a textured red upper with green hairy suede overlays to look like an actual strawberry. A coughing strawberry logo on the heels and insoles atop a translucent outsole completes the design.

Let’s get a better look at some of the more noteworthy angles of the sneakers. It’s like you can smell em from your screen.

Nike SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough Side View - Via Bigsalemax
Nike SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough Side View – Via Bigsalemax
Nike SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough Side and Rear/Heel View - From Litescape
Nike SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough Side and Rear/Heel View – From Litescape
Nike SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough Top / Side / Insole - Sneaker Bar Detroit
Nike SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough Top / Side / Insole – Sneaker Bar Detroit

More from Nike SB – Past and Present

In my article I wrote on the Reverse Skunks that took the stage on 4/20 2020, I reminisced on some of the older 4/20 themed releases like the White Widows, Cheech & Chongs, Hemp Pack, and Dog Walker Dunks. Take a look at that blog if you want a more thorough rundown of the Dunks: Weed archive edition.

Resale Anticipation

While we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Strawberry Cough Dunks, let’s speculate on their potential activity on the secondary sneaker market.

The 420 Reverse Skunks are clearly unattainable to the everyday consumer. So what’s the next best thing? Perhaps the shoe that got its thunder stolen – in this case our fruity friend here. 

The good thing about SB Dunks is they’re usually around the $110 price point. Rarely would they ever exceed $140. This leaves more room for profit with buyers easily forking over $200+. Being such a unique shoe and fitting a very decorated theme of sneakers over the years, this should be an excellent shoe in terms of reselling. Looking at all the reselling trends of the 4/20 Dunks I talked about above, if the Strawberry Cough follows those models, it will only get stronger on the market over time.

We’re highly anticipating the drop of the Dunk High Strawberry Cough!

Release Info and conclusion

RELEASE DATE: Friday, September 22nd, 2021
RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, September 26th, 2021 (SNKRS app)
RETAIL POINTS:, StockX, Stadium Goods, GOAT

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What are your thoughts on the Nike SB “Strawberry Cough” Dunk High? Let me know how you think it ranks with other 420 release and themed DunksThank you all, have a powerful week. 

– Erik

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