Adidas always has a diverse portfolio of sneakers ranging from runners and basketball to cricket and Skate shoes! Today, we go through some of the best Adidas skate shoes for reselling as well as for owning a pair generally, as not all of them are worth reselling.

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Before we head on into the article, let me walk you over a bit of history regarding Adidas and Skate shoes. We’ll also review some of the best skate shoes for reselling.

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Adidas Skate Shoes History

You may not feel the need to get up and leave your seat when you think of Adidas Skateboarding. After all, the illustrious brand is now better recognized for its dominant position in the athleisure sector.

However, there is a lengthy relationship between the skating genre and Adidas skateboarding shoes.

Adidas’ attempts into the counterculture sport began at a crucial period, even if they weren’t exactly front of mind. Adidas was through a period of introspection in 1989. Horst Dassler had abruptly gone away two years earlier.

Worrying times, including some significant financial difficulties, would thereafter occur. The company’s brand, which had emerged as the leader in the athlete-first design movement, became abruptly aimless.

The results of this were declining sales as a result of a decline in the general quality of the products.

Skateboarding was a subculture that was all about defying the status quo. Simply, marketing clothing to skateboarders as a large firm with personnel in suits would be difficult. If they saw you as a representation of the culture they detested, it was harder.

Tough times for Skate Sneakers generates creativity.

Adidas’ actions in reaction to this demonstrated how crucial their change of course was.

The business created a component of its brand exclusively for skateboarding that same year, in 1989. Here, however, there was an exception since Adidas didn’t start out wanting to “enter” the sport. Instead, it encouraged eminent figures from the community to take part.

Some of the names now connected to the company are well-known. Even in the most remote areas outside of sports, Mark Gonzalez is a legend.

For a very long time, Dennis Busenitz has been a complete skateboard blur. Just ask anybody who has ever tried to document his pranks with a camera.

Nora Vasconcellos, one of the newest arrivals, is a well-known name on a worldwide scale and the first female rider for the brand. Paul “Skin” Phillips’ selection by Adidas as squad manager was also crucial to this endeavor.

Adidas identified him as the ideal candidate to head up its still-expanding skateboarding initiatives after seeing his skill and affinity for the scene.

Phillips brings to the company a renowned understanding of both skating and photography. This is another significant way marketing and narrative contribute to Adidas Skateboarding’s mission.

Skateboarding was a logical option for the Three Stripes since it started as a part of the brand’s changing emphasis back towards its athlete-centric beginnings.

Before their committed efforts were successful, Adidas had already established itself as a player in the sport.

Before the 1970s, brands like Vans hadn’t really invested much in the sport. In the meanwhile, skaters’ preferred footwear in 1969 included basketball classics like the Adidas Superstar.

Given the common adage that “shoes are to be battered due to all the riding,” this should be no surprise.

Basketball shoes were a fantastic match for such uses. For riders who didn’t have many better alternatives available on the market, the leather uppers, sturdy midsoles, and reinforced outsoles were the ideal go-to.

Skateboarders often used shoes like the renowned Stan Smith in the early 1990s, even after skating footwear became widely available.

Now, the brand has a slew of skate sneakers that we’ll be going through today.

TKader Sylla Adidas Superstar Adv Purple Gold
Adidas Superstar ADVKader Sylla Dark Purple

Adidas Superstar ADVKader Sylla Dark Purple

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell: $170
  • Release Date: 11/12/2022
  • Style Code: HP8865

Ok, this may not be exactly a skate shoe, but Super Stars are used all over the USA as such.

Ye is no longer one of Adidas’ brand partners, but the German sportswear company hasn’t slowed down when it comes to teaming up on initiatives.

The Three Stripes has collaborated with several organizations, like Palace and Pixar, for new product releases. Now, its skateboarding division is reviewing its relationship with professional skater Kader Sylla.

The two companies have teamed up once again to create a second colorway of the Adidas Superstar ADV after working together earlier in the year.

The native of Studio City adopts a risky strategy with this new release.

In a departure from the covert plan that guided his first proposal, Sylla relies on a strong purple hue to cover the shaggy suede side panels and rubber toe caps of the sneakers. “This release seems larger than the previous, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Regarding the debut, Kader adds, “I attempted to do a color that people aren’t doing much of—there aren’t many purple shoes on the market.

The shoes are additionally embellished with opulent gold embellishments, which can be seen on the tongue banners, the Kader branding next to the stripes, the heel Trefoil emblems, and the lace dubrae.

On the secondary market, these are not extremely profitable, but you could have made a quick buck had you bought them for their retail price of $100.

Adidas Experiment 2 Triple Black (Adidas Skate Shoes)

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $106
  • Release Date: 08/13/2022
  • Style Code: GX4493
Fucking Awesome Adidas Experiment 2 Triple Black Quarter View
Fucking Awesome Adidas Experiment 2 Triple Black Quarter View

Adidas and Fucking Awesome (FA) have reunited to release the Experiment 2 in “Triple Black” after releasing Experiment 1 in “Dust Sand” in 2021.

In keeping with their continuing collaboration, FA and Adidas Skateboarding have given the Experiment 2 from 2021’s thin, leather-covered design an all-black makeover. This is one of our favorite Adidas skate shoes even if the resell value isn’t great.

With the most recent edition, creator Jason Dill brings the past and present together by drawing inspiration from vintage skate sneakers.

The leather top, rubber sole, and textile lining of the “Triple Black” style are all black, with a gold Adidas Originals logo on the heel branding.

It is noteworthy that this pair’s co-branding refrains from using vulgar language on the surface by using a simple “FA” on the tongue together with different country flags.

The Fucking Awesome name is repeatedly debossed on a maroon, terry-lined sock liner, however. In the event that the basic black is too modest, the backup laces match this shade of red.

Although cool and collectible, these sneakers should not be resold as they have no resale value and have even been sold for discounted prices.

Adidas Busenitz Savannah

  • Retail Price: $80
  • Average Resell: $170
  • Style Code: EF8465
Adidas Busenitz Savannah Quarter View
Adidas Busenitz Savannah Quarter View

The Adidas Busenitz are considered some of the best skating shoes on the market. Unfortunately, they’re not nearly as popular as the Nike Dunks.

These feature a light tan suede upper with soft yellow side stripes and ventilations on either side below the branding. ‘Adidas’ branding covers the tongues while white midsoles and outsoles finish off the design.

These have sold for over double their retail prices on the secondary market! Overall we consider these some of the best skate shoes. Even though skate sneakers don’t typically have great resale value like other sneakers such as the nike SB, they are still worth taking a look at, because if you have a plug and can get some of the more popular pairs in bulk you could make a tidy profit.

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