BOOOO!! ???? Sup all my ghouls and goblins, the Halloween season is upon us, and these releases just keep getting spookier (and profitable) by the day.

So here I give you the Nike Air Force One Low Black Skeleton.

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Official Nike image

Even though my bank account gets more frightened as the weeks go on, but these are a must cop for me. 

Last trick or treat season Nike dropped the AF1 Skeleton in white, this year we’re going black.

Side note: Off-White’s Halloween themed Nike Blazers are chart topping, partially contributing to the hype of anything Halloween related.

Off White Blazer “All Hallow’s Eve” going for over $1000 on Flightclub.

And if you’re like me and want to keep that bank account plentiful, then you should check out our Hypemaster Playbook for all the ins and outs of the reselling game. 

Nike Air Force One Low Black “Skeleton” Release Details

Rear shot from Nike.

Last year Nike dropped the white version on Halloween, this year they’re going to give us a few days to get our costumes together as they are releasing on the 25th of October, Friday, just in time for payday. 

Last year’s white AF1 skeletons are now a hot commodity. Image from

We’ll jump into more intense details at the end, but for now, a detailed look and brief history.

Detailed Look: Nike Air Force One “Skeleton”

Featuring a leather upper, draped in black with a reflective bones print these are truly awesome.

Nike official look at the detailed paint job on the side.

In addition, we can’t forget the glow in the dark outsole which will for sure be an eye catcher while your out trick or treating.

A Nike official shot from the top showing the insole details.

These kicks are literally for everyone, male, female, kid or adult. All sizes will be selling out as soon as they drop.

With a black base, x-ray like skeleton print and a glow in the dark bottom, these must haves will for sure be the talk of your local Halloween party. 

We couldn’t find any early on foot pics for these black ones, which means that stock number is likely low– thus resale value is high.

Resell Value of the Nike Air Force One Low Black “Skeleton”

I know your all not here for my Halloween puns, so lets get to the real reason you’re here, what’s the resale going to be like on the AF1 Skeleton Black? 

Featured on our October’s list for hottest sneaker releases, these AF1 will have plenty of room to make a nice flip. 

Retailing at $130 for adult sizes, the AF1 Skeleton are already selling on sites like Stock X and Goat.

Images from StockX on October 22nd 2019 . Check the current price here.

Being a size 11, my size usually isn’t as profitable as the smaller sizes, but its funny cause these literally sold for $240 today (Oct 14). 

I have been keeping an eye on the sales from various sites the last week and like Michael Myers, they’ve been killing it!!


I see an average of about $200 in resale value as of right now (mid October) which is pretty good for a pair of Air forces. 

This results in a profit per pair of $50-$100+ per pair–getting multiples by using bots like those we have in our private cook group will give you the best chance of becoming a six figure sneakerhead.

The price is likely to go up some time after they release as more people get hip to them and experience mad FOMO.

Additionally, there isn’t as much buzz around about these as of yet, and with the Shattered Backboards coming out the very next day (here’s our release guide on those), you may be able to get multiple pairs manually from different retailers–skip to the end for the sitelist for direct links of where to buy.

Holding for Maximum Resale Profit

The Nike Black AF1 Skeleton are also a good pair to hold until next Halloween as the white Skeleton version is still selling for $225 plus. 

And the fact that October is a super packed month, these may fly under the radar just a bit. 

Considering the performance of the white version of the pair last year, which is now at the $300-$350 level, we could expect a similar rise, making this and many other shoes potentially a better investment than the stock market.

StockX prices of the 2018 all white pairs have risen nicely in the past year.

Nice way to buy in bulk, cash in on a couple and maybe hold a pair or 2 until next halloween. Like Nelly said, give me 2 pair!!

I expect the resell on these will be anywhere from $200-$275 bucks until the holiday, but even more if you can hold them until 2020 Halloween. 

Sizes 7-10 are the ones you should go for and will have the most room for profit. 

Who created the Air Force One?

Here’s some stuff for the sneaker history buffs (having this knowledge actually helps give you a huge edge against other sellers in this billion dollar game).

Man, myth, legend; Bruce Kilgore has created many classic Nikes such as the Air Jordan II, but his best work yet may have been the Air Force One.

Originally a basketball shoe, this sneaker was the very first to use the “Nike Air Technology”.

Available in low, mid, superlow, high and super high, the Nike Air Force One has become a cult classic. 

From the streets to the Hall of Fame, NBA greats such as Charles Barkley, Rasheed Wallace and the one and only Kobe Bryant have donned the Air Force 1 and got major buckets!!

Growing up in the NYC area, the Air Force One was a staple and a must have for everyone stomping around in the early 2000’s.  

Nike Air Force One Origin

Originally produced in 1982 and then re-released in 1986, the air force one has been running around this world longer then I have. 

Honestly, the AF1 just keeps on getting better and better each and every year, you can even customize your own on Nike ID.

Nike loves dropping holiday referenced kicks, especially Halloween, these will be as sick as promised!!

From dunks, to air maxes, air forces all the way to Kyrie’s, Nike has proved time and time again that no matter the holiday; they will DELIVER!! 

So I guess you can call it inevitable that they merged the classic Air Force 1 with All Hallow’s Eve.

2005 air force 1 halloween ebay price

I actually have this pair in my own personal collection.

I purchased them in 2012 and still look like i bought them yesterday.  

The white Skeleton wasn’t too hyped when they dropped, but after they took off. 

     The white version was just as kool as the bottoms we’re glow in the dark, with white leather upper and a skeleton bone print.

All the witches and vampires were flying around in the white pair last year, make sure you don’t miss out on the black!!!

Sitelist for the AF1 Black Skeletons

     The sitelist will show you where to buy these shoes, beyond the known places–The Air Force One Skeleton Black will release on October 25th at 10am sharp via Nike Launch/SNKRS app as usual. 

     For an increased advantage for those who seem to always have tough luck on SNKRS (here’s a list of free tips), you can also find this gem at SNS,, Asphalt Gold and 

     Also be sure to reach out to your local boutiques to see if they may get a shipment, but stay tuned as this page will be updated as the release date nears. 

     If you are super eager and don’t t want to take any chances you can go to Stock X and lock your guaranteed pair in right now for a couple extra bucks. 

     Last year the white was available at Foot Locker so hopefully you can scoop a pair from your local mall, from other stores like Finish Line and Footaction.

All Black Air Force 1 Lows

     In conclusion, the all black low Air Force has gotten a bad rep these last couple years, but with the “What the LA” and “NY” and the AF 1 Skeletons, the low black air force will be back in the forefront where they belong. 

     Nike is also dropping some Halloween themed dunks and some more air forces for japan but in my opinion these are the hottest of them all. 

     If you have any money leftover from all the heat dropped this month these are a must cop for any reseller or even sneakerhead. 

     The Air Force 1 Skeleton Black is a game changer and if it’s your first flip, it can be everything and more for you– DO NOT MISS OUT!

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     In addition feel free to leave a question or comment, I’ll be sure to respond. Thanks for tuning in my fellow sneakerheads, have a safe Halloween!!


PS: Twix is the best candy, dont debate me lol


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