Discover the Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice Barely Orange, its Background, Release Date and average resale value.

Starting off October, the Air Jordan 1 Mid colors are all over the place. The latest one is the Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice with a price of $110 which was released on October the 3rd. Keep reading to know all about it!

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The Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice Barely Orange has definitely been profitable but before we go into details, let me walk you through some background info!

Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS | On The Rise

Image From House of Heat

Love them or hate them, exclusivity will always be a thing as it’s an ideal marketing strategy. Selling to a particular group is economic and more effective for companies.

As a result, we get fire sneakers that come in either men’s or women’s exclusive sizes. Although it may be annoying for some, there are pretty simple ways around this problem. All you have to do is move up 1.5 sizes going from women’s to men’s.

Anyway, the whole exclusive thing is frowned upon as some of them are actually quite nice and a lot of men want to get their hands on them!

The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Multi-Color Lightbulb and Tie Dye are some examples of highly sought-after women exclusives. Interestingly, the Air Jordan 1 Mids became more popular than ever before, likely surpassing the Jordan 1 Lows in terms of popularity and resale value.

If you’re looking to invest in sneakers for the future, I don’t recommend sleeping on the Air Jordan 1 Mids.

This popularity also drives up the resale value, making resellers hundreds in profits.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice Barely Orange | A Closer Look

Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice Barely Orange Side View
Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice Barely Orange Side View

Retail Price: $110

Average Resell: $300

Release Date: October 3rd, 2020 

Colorway: Barely Orange/Black-White

This Air Jordan 1 Mid was released in women’s sizes and proved that it the mids been one of the most experimental silhouettes to date. Nike has thrown a myriad of shades and materials at it and surprisingly, the Mids were on the rise in 2020 and continue to be popular in 2021.

The upper on this colorway features 3 color tones that include pastel orange, light yellow, a jet black on the overlays. Titular barely orange hues appear on the toes, scuff guards, eye stays, and on the heel overlays that are contrasted by Jordan Wings motifs.

A pastel yellow hue presents itself onto the side panels while a jet black shade provides contrast on the collars, side Swooshes, perforated toe boxes, and throats. Black tongues wear off-white tongue tags contrasted by black Jump-Man logos while interiors also indulge in a dark shade with an off-white Jump-Man.

Clean white midsoles and Barely Orange outsoles finish off the design.

Take a closer look at these high-definition images.



Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice Barely Orange Outsole
Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice Barely Orange Side View Outsole

Resale Value

Women’s exclusive Air Jordan 1s are on the rise and many of the colorways are starting to sell out even in women’s sizes. The larger sizes especially are relatively hyped and resell for good profits.

air jordan 1 mid guava ice barely orange air jordan 1 mid guava ice barely orange
The Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice showing a significant appreciation in value over time

To get your money back on StockX, you would have needed to sell them for at least $135. That means that at this sneaker’s peak resale value, resellers earned pure profits of around $225 while average profits earned were around $190 per pair. Very decent for this silhouette!

Interestingly ever since releasing, these Jordan 1 Mid increased in value over the months starting from December of 2020. This could be an indication that the Jordan 1 Mids tend to rise in value over time.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange | Where to Buy

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange was released at select retailers and They were available on October the 3rd 2020 for a retail price of $110. The Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice restock also happened on January 13th of 2021 via a few retailers such as

You can cop them today on StockX

Real vs Fake

Popular colorways, especially this Air Jordan 1 Mid have a lot of fakes on the market but thankfully, there are plenty of signs that you can use to identify a fake.

The first and foremost thing you should assess is the price. if it seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Jordan 1 Mid fakes are also notorious for having weird fonts on the Wings logos. Compare them with authenticated sneakers to find discrepancies.

Next up, you should check the actual side Swooshes for quality issues. Usually, a fake will have an improperly attached Swoosh as well as stitching with improper weightage and shapes (different lengths and thicknesses). You can also check the other logos for discrepancies such as on the tongues.

Checking the stitching is very important, even the ones on the midsoles. If the stitching is not uniform and varies in length and thickness, you may have a fake on your hands.

All in all, if you want to quickly identify whether a sneaker is authentic or not, check its tags, stitching, patches, and logos to see whether they’re in line with other authentic models.

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HYPEMETER GOOD2 e1611117498839 air jordan 1 mid guava ice barely orange

  • Air Jordan 1 Mid Guava Ice Barely Orange
  • Retail Price: $110
  • Average Resell: $300
  • Release Date: October/03/2020
  • Style Code: BQ6472 800
  • Where to Buy: (Retail)
  • (Resale) StockX
  • GOAT
  • Flight Club 

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