Discover the hottest Arctic Pink Jordan 1 sneakers throughout the brand’s history, a future potential hit, and their resale values!

The Jordan 1 is an iconic model regardless of the colorway it’s dressed in, whether it’s the highs, mids, or lows. The Arctic Pink colorway is one that is mostly directed towards children and women, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t money to be made!

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Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Arctic Pink Gum’ (W)

  • Retail Price: $90
  • Average Resell Price: $115
  • Release Date: July 20th, 2021
  • Style Code: DC0774-601
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Image via SneakerNews

This sneaker is very much a skating sneaker, as shown with the gum soles. The Arctic Pink really complements the white/gum and creates a very toned-down sneaker.

This casual sneaker bears an Arctic Pink leather upper, white swoosh, and Jordan brand accents, with sturdy and durable outsoles.

Currently, the resell value on these is a bit all over the place, with the all-time trade range being $99 – $135. We can pretty safely estimate that if you’re able to market them well, you can probably secure about $115 for these sneakers.

With a retail of $90, you may be able to cop a few pairs and be in for quite a decent profit!

Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘White Black Light Arctic Pink’ (GS)

  • Retail Price: $90
  • Average Resell Price: $200
  • Release Date: October 1st, 2020
  • Style Code: 555112-103
Jordan 1 Mid PS "White / Light Arctic Pink / Black" - Stadium Goods
Image via Stadium Goods

As resellers, we tend to be a bit off-put with sneakers that are only released in small sizes. What we should be focused on, are the profits that these sneakers can bring in!

Again, like all of the sneakers in this article, this Jordan 1 Mid bears the arctic pink colorway throughout the shoe. Without leather throughout the design, black and white paneling, and the iconic Jordan logos, it’s no surprise this sneaker did well on the market.

With a retail of $90, this sneaker is selling for about $200 on platforms. With over 5,000 sales, this is a great example of how the arctic pink colorway can be a massive hit!

Air Jordan 1 Low ‘Light Arctic Pink’ (GS)

  • Retail Price: $75
  • Average Resell Price: $150
  • Release Date: April 1st, 2021
  • Style Code: 554723-601
Air Jordan 1 Low Light Arctic Pink GS 554723-601 |
Image via SneakerNews

This sneaker dons a crisp leather base with the light arctic pink becoming an eye-catching factor. The black and white accents complement the sneakers as a whole and the Jordan details complete the pair.

With the low retail price of $75, the sneakers leave a lot of room for profit. With an average sale price of $150, you’re close to doubling your money if you get your hands on a pair for retail!

How to Spot Fakes

With sneakers like these, the chances of there being a large fraudulent market are low. Although these pairs do bring in decent profits, it’s not nearly enough for companies to mass-produce fake pairs.

That being said, it’s still important to know how to generally spot fake sneakers:

  • Price – if it’s too good to be true, it probably is
  • Jordan/Nike logos – this is the most common places where companies will get lazy!
  • Sneaker tags – everything should be centered and all the information should be correct

What’s Next?

There aren’t any foreseeable arctic pink releases, but don’t let that discourage you! This colorway has been a hit for a few years and shows no signs of stopping!

Keep your eyes peeled and your fingers fast because more releases will be coming, and more people will have woken up to the potential profits!

Thanks for tuning into this SFS article on the Air Jordan 1 Arctic Pink, we hope you enjoyed it!

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